Hi there, this is not a story, if you want a story, please go look at something else. This is my personal opinions on the conspiracy theory inside the show 'Gravity Falls'. I've found it interesting for a while, but just now decided to write something.


This is a very obvious place to hide things. I've watched and paused the intro many times and this is what I've found:

-while the three are investigating a big-foot print; there is a stroke of lightning for just a second. It is possible that it's just Mabel's umbrella, but it could also be a shadow of a wing.

-During the part with the trees and the shadows; for a very split second, if one looks to the right of the screen, a large man is visible for JUST a smidgeon of a second! Could it be big-foot, gruncle Stan, the mysterious author?

-Blendin Blandin is seen in the pictures collage. HE IS VERY IMPORTANT! He has been seen in the first three episodes as well as the fourth.

1: behind the attacking giant gnome

2: at the dock with a calculator

3: in the bushes when the local kook speaks

At the end of episode four, he is told to go back and get all the anomalies that Dipper and Mabel dropped when they time-traveled

1: Mabel dropped her flower

2: Dipper dropped calculator

3: Dipper's shoe fell off

Now it all makes sense!

-Right close to the end when it shows the postcard again; there is a very faint whisper that at first sounds like nothing, but then it sounds like "I am still here". Could this be the author? Will he be revealed soon, or has he already been seen, just not revealed?

-At the same end part as mentioned above; if played backwards, it says "three letters back" (Seriously! Check youtube!)

-Right after the postcard at the end; a page from the book comes up to reveal a triangle man surrounded by a circle of different symbols. Along with it, to the right is a jumble of letters that don't look like much, but if translated 'three letters back' from the alphabet reveal 'Stan is not what he seems'.

List of symbols surrounding triangle man

-pine tree

-backwards 'C' fish

-bag of ice

-a question mark

-seeing eye glasses

-a stitched up heart

-shooting star


-six-fingered hand


I've found an explanation for each of these;

-Dipper's hat

-Grunkle Stan's hat

-Wendy is often seen with ice

-Soos's shirt

-Fat cop's glasses

-Robbie's sweatshirt

-Mabel's sweatshirt

-Mabel's other sweatshirt

-Dipper's book cover

-lil' Gideon

These could be the key players in the conspiracy!

End note: sorry this was so short, but if you have anything else you've spotted, please put it in the comments. I'll read them all and make another chapter, crediting you of curse!