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Chapter: 5

I look at Bella as the tears fall from her eyes. "A half a million dollars? You mean to tell me that, that's all my daughter—YOUR granddaughter—is worth?"

Renee smirks as she looks at Bella. "Shouldn't you be more upset with your 'boy toy' coming on to me?"

Bella shakes her head at her. "I heard what you said. Even if I didn't hear it for myself, I trust Edward with my whole heart. I trust him with my life and River's too."

I smile weakly at Bella hearing the truth of her words, but I can hear the hurt because of Renee's actions too.

"Well, too bad, your 'boy toy' will be arrested for assault, and that will lead to him losing his job," Renee almost sings out.

Bella's eyes go to mine and I shake my head. "No, James was on private property and we had a restraining order."

Renee chuckles at me. "Are you really that stupid to fall for that one, Isabella? I mean really, your Uncle James has broken bones caused by him," Renee says as she points to me. "How can you allow a violent person to be around River? It's one thing to allow that—so called father—of yours around her, but now him too? I will make sure you lose her Isabella. You better start doing as you are told."

Bella closes her eyes. "I think it's time you left Renee," I say, but Renee again just smirks.

"This is a public place I have every right to come here and see my brother-in-law." Her head snaps to Bella as she speaks. "But don't worry. I will take care of River, just like I did you. I'm sure she will love all the things that you got. This time next year, she'll no longer remember who you are. Hell, she may even be the daughter I always wanted, but seeing that she came out of you, that will be doubtful.

"You're nothing but a stupid little whorish girl, who opens her legs to the highest paying guy. I'll tell you what, I'll even get some guys lined up if you want and you can show River what a dirty slut she really has for a mother."

As I turn to drag the bitch away, Bella moves toward Renee and goes to hit her, but her fist hits the side of my jaw instead.

"Bella, calm down, this is what she wants." I look to see that Jessica has wrapped her arms around, Bella pulling her back, as Bella looks at Renee full of rage.

"Oh, thank you dear, stupid, slutty, child, for making this so much easier for me. This is going to be a complete pleasure and even more fun for me now. Ta-ta for now," Renee says, before she walks away chuckling loudly.

Bella looks at me and Jessica lets her go and she starts to sob as she walks into my arms.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you." I rub my chin and my other hand rubs Bella's back.

"I know you didn't. I'm okay," I say softly to her.

"Are you going to get into trouble because of me?" I look to Jessica who is clearly very angry.

"No, he attacked you, Jessica, and River. He entered our home, and hurt you. I'll be taken in for questing, but that's all. Don't worry about me."

"She's supposed to be my mother, she's meant to protect me." I sigh and see Jessica wave her cell at me over Bella shoulder. I look at her a little confused and she mouths words to me, "I got it all on video." I give her a questioningly look and she waves her hand toward the direction Renee went. "I videotaped you talking to Renee." I smile and close my eyes kissing the top of Bella head.

"I want River, can we go get her?" Bella turns and asks Jessica. Jessica nods her head and takes a hold of one of Bella's arms.

"Bella, I need to make a few phone calls. If I don't see you before you leave, I'll come by and see you tomorrow. I don't want you to worry about this." Jessica hugs Bella to her and I smile a little at the fact that I'm not the only one that seems to be breaking rules when it comes to Bella. There really must be something about this girl.

"Hey, Lil mama, let's go get our baby girl." I walk her down to Carlisle's office knowing that's where she is.

As soon as we open the door, River calls to us, "Mama, Dada." I smile as I walk Bella through the door to her. Bella sits on the seat and River hugs her and I take the time to look Bella over. I didn't do it before as Renee being there took up much of my attention. If I'd have saw then what I see now, I really don't think I could've stopped myself from killing Renee. I close my eyes seeing just how badly bruised Bella's face and neck look. I pull her to me and kiss her head.

As I pull her close, I hear her murmured cry of discomfort. I look at her with question in my eyes.

Bella shakes her head at me. "Please not now, later?" I nod my head at her pleading and gently hold her again. It's only a few moments before Charlie comes in with two more police officers.

"Edward, they need to question you now, but we need to get it done down at the station." I nod my head at him. "Sweetie, they need your statement too." I watch as the worry comes over Charlie's face. "I can't sit in here with you, because I'm a witness too. But I'm sure Esme will sit with you, and Carlisle. I can sit with River?" Charlie makes his whole statement sound as if he asked a question.

"So, I am being taken to the station with Edward?" I hear the fear in Bella's voice and almost fall to my knees to plead with them not to take her there.

"No, they are going to question you here, in Carlisle's office." Bella looks to me and all I can see is a girl that is clearly afraid and lost.

"We'll be fine. We'll get through this, Lil' Mama." I kiss her with all my love and for the first time, I really don't care who's watching us. "I'll be back by your side soon." I stand up and walk over to the officers who nod their heads and they walk out with me.

I'm questioned for over two hours. In the end they seem happy that it was all self-defense. I'm up in Charlie's office and Charlie is here now too. The detectives are about to play our nanny cam video of the attack.

I watch as Bella waves bye to Jessica and only take a few moments for her to see River with Jessica's work ID. She calls Jessica and then sits and talks to River about what they should make for dinner.

She looks to the door and gets up with River in her arms. She only just reaches it when James comes barging in. He almost leaps on top of Bella who tumbles to the ground with River.

"Miss me, whore? I've missed that tight pussy of yours," James sneers at Bella.

"I really can't wait to fuck you so hard. You'll never forget who you belong to."

I grip my seat as he hits Bella's face and body. River's on the other side of the sofa, so she isn't seeing her mother get hit. I watch as River thankfully toddles off toward her bedroom.

"You were my Christmas present from Renee, she promised me that I could have you, and keep you as long as I wanted. As long as I was a good boy and stopped fucking those other sixteen year's olds." James chuckles and kisses Bella's neck as he starts to undo her top.

"Does Edwin fuck you? Does he make my whore get all wet? Well, lucky for me, I just don't give a fuck if you're wet or not. I'm just going to ram myself inside you, because you're mine. See, here's the plan. Edwin's going to come in and see me fucking you and you're going to be enjoying it. Then he's going to see what a nasty whore you are and leave you.

I watch as he hits her again, and I'm thankful that River is not in the room.

"You're going to leave with us and we are going to sell River to the highest bidder. There's no way I want a smelly kid hanging around, they always get in the way of my fun." As James talks, he starts to rub himself against Bella.

"If you scream or fight me, then I just may have to have a little fun with River too, so you just shut up, be a good girl and do what I tell you."

The whole room's atmosphere changes and elevates hearing what James threatened Bella with. James is one sick and sadistic fucker. I wish I would've fucking killed him.

At this point Jessica comes in and it follows what she had said happened to her. As soon as Bella and Jessica drag his ass out of the house they switch it off.

"Please, for the love of God, tell me you're going to send that fucker down for this?" I look around the room and it's clear that everyone in the room is just as angry as I am.

"Oh, yeah, he's going down, mark my words. We'll make sure he doesn't get bail. We're already looking into charges for Renee and Phil as well."

I nod my head and look to Charlie who has been really quiet the whole time. "Uncle Charlie?"

He looks at me and wipes away tears. "She shouldn't have had to go through that. I mean, she just a little girl, my baby. I didn't protect her." I sigh and the others all leave the room, leaving me with Charlie.

"She's so strong, Charlie. We'll help her through this. I swear, I will never allow anything like this to happen to her again."

Charlie looks at me. "I'm so sorry, for what I did to you. I should never have gone to hurt you."

I shake my head at him. "It's al—"

Charlie cuts me off, before I can talk. "No, it's not okay, not at all. I just got her back and I watch you with her. I knew that you were going to get together, but I thought I'd have some time with her being my little girl. But, she's not, not any more. She's so grown up and I can't get that childhood time back with her. I know you love each other and will be together forever, but just remember that she's my little girl, just like River is, for all accounts and purposes, yours."

"I know," I say nodding my head at him.

"I wish I could get a few moments in a locked room with him." I nod my head in agreement, because that's what I want. "Think we should head home? Bella was dropped off about an hour ago." I nod my head at him and stand up.

The drive home is quite and I know that Charlie needs time in his own head just like I do, before we see Bella again. We pull up to the house and Charlie looks at me.

"I think we should leave telling her about us seeing the tape until tomorrow. What do you think?"

"Yeah, I think that's best." I know that I really don't think I can talk about it right now, and I certainly don't want to think about it.

I walk up the stairs with Charlie close behind me. I open the door and see that Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, Esme, Carlisle, and Jessica are all sitting with Bella.

Bella looks at me and then leaps into my arms. I can feel her body shaking and I know right away that she is silently crying.

"I'm fine, Lil mama. How's my girl?" I ask as I sit down and pull her into my lap.

"She's sleeping. Carlisle says she's fine."

I chuckle and smile at her, nuzzling her neck lightly. "That's good, now how is my girl that's sitting on my lap?" Bella blushes as she realizes that I was talking about her the first time.

"I'm okay, but I did miss you, a lot." I nod my head and kiss her softly.

"I missed you too, so much. Everything's fine, the district attorney has decided that my entire role was acting in self-defense."

Bella hugs me tight and I feel her lips trail kisses across my neck, as I hear some sighs of relief coming from the others.

"Emmett brought dinner for us. Dad's and your dinner is in the oven, I'll just go heat it up for you two." Before I can get another word out, Bella has scampered off.

"How has she been?" I ask as I glance toward the kitchen.

"She's been worrying about you and River. She needs to take it easy over the next few days." I turn and look at Carlisle and nod my head.

"How badly was she hurt?"

Carlisle looks to the kitchen then to me. "Physically, she has some bruises that should heal up over the next few weeks. Mentally, I'm not so sure. I'm planning to talk to one of my therapist colleagues, to see if they can bump Bella up on the waiting list. Not just because of the things that took place here today. I truly believe that it would be in her best interest to discuss the way she was treated as a child with someone. I'm even more positive now than I was before, that she suffered pretty hefty amounts of abuse at the hands of Renee."

I sigh and nod my head at him.

"Here you go, Dad." I look to see Bella handing Charlie his dinner along with a beer. "This is yours," she says handing me a plate. I take the plate and Bella sits down next to me, placing my beer on the table.

"Thank you," I say as I lean to her kiss her again.

"You two are so cute." I smile and look to Alice and nod my head at her.

"Yeah, Eddy, when are you going ask Bella to marry you?" I choke on what I had just taken a bite of. I finally look up at Emmett as he grins as me.

"When you going to make Rose a mama?"

I watch as his faces pales and I turn and kiss Bella's head as she stares at Emmett, waiting on an answer.

"What ... I am trying, jeez! It's only been two months ..." Emmett stops talking when Rose slaps his arm and he turns looking at Rose. "Sorry, it just slipped out," Emmett says.

"That's what she said," Jasper yells making everyone laugh.

Once we all settled down, everyone looks between Rose and Emmett.

"Yes, Emmett and I are trying to have a baby," Rose says like she's talking to her kids at school.

The loud screams that come out of Alice makes everyone jump. "Yeah, I'm going to be an Auntie. Dibs on throwing the baby shower," Alice says as she bounces up and down clapping her hands.

"Alice, I'm not even pregnant yet!" Rose says as she tries to get Alice's attention.

"Emmett, what skills are you using? Rose are you keeping your legs in the air? Oh, I hear if you make a woman cum first it helps with the plantation of the egg. You do make her cum first don't you, Emmett? Carlisle, do you have any leaflets that will help Rose?"

I think everyone in the room is just looking at Alice with open mouths as she goes from question to question without waiting on an answer.

Alice starts snapping her fingers in front of Carlisle. "Hello, Doc, are you in there?"

Carlisle looks at Alice then at Rose. "Sure, I have some, but it's only been two months, Alice. Right now, I'd say the main thing is to relax and have fun."

"That's what she said," Jasper shouts again at the same time as Emmett opens his mouth.

"Oh, no worries there, Doc. We have fun, lots and lots of fun, don't we, Blondie?" Emmett gives Rose his big happy smirk.

"Okay, I don't think ... eh ... I'm going to get something to drink for everyone," Bella says looking at us as if we're all insane.

I shake my head at them. "Have you all forgotten your meds today?" I walk out chuckling as they all seem to go back to talking about how to help get Rose pregnant faster.

Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, and Jessica all leave saying that they will pop in tomorrow. The rest of the night goes by with Alice, Rose, Emmett, and Jasper starting random conversations.

"Edward, do you know Bella's asleep?" Alice asks in a low voice.

I look down on my lap and sure enough Bella is sound asleep. I stroke her face. "She looks so peaceful. What was tonight all about?" I ask, before looking up at my family and friends.

They all have small smiles on their faces. "Well, we all figured Bella could use some good old craziness to take her mind off of what happened here today. So we came over here and cleaned up all the mess and stuck around."

I look at Emmett shaking my head. "I think you were all right, and I believe it worked. Thank you, all of you. Also, thanks for coming over here and cleaning this place up, so she didn't have to come home to a mess." They all smile and give me a wink.

"Hey, you can repay me by asking her to marry you before Easter," Emmett says smiling at me.

I look at them then to Jasper for answers. "We got a bet going on." I roll my eyes and nod my head.

"Good night," I say as I stand picking Bella up. I take Bella to our room and see that they have even cleaned in here. I shake my head and place Bella on the bed. I go back and lock up and look in on River, who is sound asleep. She has her bottom high in the air and her knees tucked tightly to her tummy. I smile and pull her covers over her.

I walk back in to the bedroom and start to strip Bella. I wince when I see the marks on her body. The feeling of rage and anger rushes over me at the sight of the marks marring her perfect skin. I take a few deep breaths and finish getting Bella changed.

Soon I am ready for bed myself. I move behind Bella, pulling her close to me and I kiss her head. "I swear, I will never allow him or Renee to hurt you or River again," I whisper to her, before placing another soft kiss on her temple and closing my eyes.

I wake in the morning to River sitting on my chest playing with her toys.

"Hey, baby girl," I say smiling at her.

"Dada, up."

I smile nodding at her. "Yes, baby, daddy's up." I look to Bella's side of the bed to see that it's empty. "Where's mama at, baby?" I ask and River looks at me smiling.

"Pee, pee, Mama, pee, pee," River sings and I chuckle.

I look to the door see Bella walking back in. "Hey, Lil mama." Bella smiles at me and looks at River.

"I hope she didn't wake you."

I shake my head at Bella. "No, and I wouldn't have minded if she did."

Bella smiles and lies next to me. "Mama, booboo," River says as she touches Bella's face.

"Dada, tis tis."

I look at River a little confused. "You want a kiss from daddy, baby?" I lean up give her kiss and she chuckle.

"No, Dada, tis tis booboo," River says.

"Ah, a little help here?"

Bella bits her lip and looks at me with a smile. "I think she want you to kiss my booboos, like I do with her when she falls." I shake my head at how simple it was.

"Dada, tis tis, booboo," River demands pointing to Bella's bruising.

"I'll kiss them all away," I say looking into Bella eyes. I kiss her neck and then I place small, soft, quick, kisses, all over her face, before placing one last one on her lips. River cheers and claps her hands.

"Is it just me, or does she looks like Alice when she does that?" I nod my head as the same thought was just passing through my mind as Bella asks.

I sit and play with River for the next few minutes. "Edward, shouldn't you be getting ready for work soon?" I look at the clock seeing that it's almost half past seven already. I look at Bella and pout. "You have to go, Edward. You took most of yesterday off. Besides, Rose is looking forward to having River and Alice gave me the day off today. I'm looking forward to helping Aro. He said that I could help set up some of the game rooms."

I tilt my head looking at her, "Aro, as in my boss, Aro?"

Bella nods at me, with a big smile. "Yes, he dropped by, before you came home last night. He said that I could help you set everything up today."

I smile and kiss her. "So, I still get to spend the day with you at work?"

Bella nods her head. "I always wanted to watch you work," she says as I kiss her again and look at River.

"But, I'm going to miss her today." Bella looks at me and smile.

I watch her stroke River's head with her hand, before looking back at me. "Me too, but we can talk better without her around. I know she's still young and wouldn't understand, but I ..."

I kiss her cutting her off. I know that it's hard enough for Bella to tell me what happened as it is. She surely doesn't need River present to listen to us talk, to add to her stress. "I get it, don't worry, I get it," I say and stroke my thumb across her cheek. I sit up and put my feet on the floor, stretching a little. "I better start getting ready to go then."

River looks at me sadly. "Dada, go?"

I shake my head at her. "Not yet, baby girl, but soon. I need to work, but daddy will be here tonight to spend time with you and tuck you in. Daddy will be here to see your happy face and kiss it in the morning. Daddy will do that every day of forever, because daddy loves you, baby girl, and your mama too, very much."

I kiss her and walk out of the room and into the bathroom to get a quick shower. After I'm dressed, I join Bella and River, who are eating breakfast in the kitchen.

"Would you like me to drop off River?" Bella shakes her head at me.

"Nope, we're going to have some girl time and Esme will drop River off with Rose, and then I'll meet up with you at eleven. I'll bring in our lunch with me. Is that okay?"

I smile at her. "That sounds really good, Bella."

It's just about twenty after eight, when I wave bye to my two girls, to head off to work. When I arrive at work, I head inside to see Aro.

"Moring, sir," I say as I look into his office. Aro looks up at me and motions for me to come in.

"Edward, how are you this morning?" he asks me as I sit down on the chair in front of his desk.

"I'm ... okay," I say shakily.

Aro gives me a look to say he knows better, but he instead let it go. "How are Bella and River doing?"

I sigh and rub my hands over face. "Bella's shaken up pretty good, but she's still hasn't really told me what happened. I did, however, get to see the nanny cam recording of what happened. Rivers seems a little unsure, but she's okay, I guess. I just know that it's going to take a while to make them feel completely safe again. We'll just have to take the days as they come."

Aro nods his head at me. "I'm here if you need me. Even if it's just for a chat or you need to rant, my door is always open."

I nod my head at him. "Thank you, I really appreciate your kindness. Speaking of which, Bella said you invited her to come and help out today. She said she was coming in around eleven to help set up the games."

Aro nods his head and smiles at me. "Yes, she seems to be a very sweet young woman. I thought you both might like to spend some time together, doing things to keep your mind off what happened. Bella seems like quite the sweet girl, you hang on to her."

I nod my head and grin at him. "Thank you, sir, I plan on it." I jump up and head toward my desk and start my work day.

"Edward," I hear, and look up to see Bella standing there. I look at my watch and see that it's almost half past eleven.

"Hey," I say as I stand giving her a kiss.

"How was your and River's morning?"

Bella looks a little sad. "It was good, but she was crying when I went to leave her with Rose. I couldn't leave her when she was crying so hard. So I waited until she was settled before leaving, that's why I'm late."

I frown a little. "I'm so sorry, Lil mama."

Bella wipes away a tear as it comes out of her eye. "Jessica thinks that she may be a little unsettled, because of yesterday. That she more than likely doesn't know fully what happened. Only that someone hurt her mom." I nod my head as I rub her back. "She said that we should keep reassuring her like we have been and hopefully in time, she'll be back to the little secure girl she was."

Bella looks at me and leans her head on my shoulder. "Why doesn't she care about me? I mean he tried to ... and she was only worried about him. How can she think I wanted that?"

I let out a sigh and kiss the top of her head. "I really don't know. I hate that I failed to protect you against James, and then Renee. But, I will not fail again, I swear, I won't."

"I could never allow anyone to hurt River, no one no matter who they are. She'll always be my first choice, but I'm done, so done. She ... I will not allow them, any of them, into River's life. I don't care if that makes me a bad daughter or people think I'm a bad mom for keeping her dad way. They will not get a second chance."

I kiss her again, so pleased at the determination in her voice and how strong she sounds. We eat the lunch Bella brought for us, and enjoy some quiet time together. The rest of the afternoon goes by setting up the game room.

"Okay, Lil mama, I'll see you tonight. I love you," I say kissing her outside of Esme's car.

"I love you too," Bella says as she closes the car door. I wink at her and wave as Esme drives away with a goofy grin on her face.

The weeks pass with Bella randomly breaking down crying. Thankfully, Carlisle's friend, Bree Tanner, has an opening and will be able to see Bella next week. I know that there's still a long way to go, but this is one of the first steps that is needed in helping her heal.

At James' bail hearing, bail was denied due to the violence of the intended crime. The hearing is due to start within the next few weeks. Both Renee and Phil have tried to talk to, Bella, my friends, and family. They even tried talking to the people I work with. When they moved on to contacting the clients, Aro got his own restraining order against them. Thankfully, that set to motion the charges that Renee and Phil are now facing on their own.

I arrive home to find Carlisle, Esme, Charlie, Jessica, and Mrs. Cope all there with Bella.

"What's going on?"

They all turn to me and I know by the look on Mrs. Cope's face, this is not a friendly visit.

"Come and sit next to Bella, Edward." I look at Charlie hearing more of a cop's tone to his voice than a fathers.

"James, took a plea-bargain today."

I look at them all and then too Bella. "Okay, so he plead guilty and is getting how long in prison?" I ask unsure of what the hell is going on. This is surely a good thing, isn't it?

"Fifteen to twenty years, without chance of parole, in Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla."

Okay that's definitely a good thing, so why does Charlie look angry and worried.

"James told us some of the stuff Renee and Phil had done to Bella and we've charged them with child endangerment and manufacturing and distribution of child pornography."

I swallow and start to feel my panic. "What ... who?" I turn and look at Bella's confused face.

Charlie kneels down at Bella's feet. "I'm so sorry sweetie, I really am."

Bella looks down at him shaking her head. "No, it was just silly, bad, dirty dreams that I had."

Charlie shakes his head no at her.

"Someone please tell me what's going on?" I ask in a shaky voice more sure I don't really want to know.

"When Bella turned fourteen, Phil told Renee about how pretty Bella was and how they could make some money fast. He said that they could put sexy pictures of Bella up on the internet and sell her virginity. Once they get the money in one place, they'd leave and do it again in another place."

I start to feel clammy and sweaty as Charlie keeps talking.

"James told us that Renee would slip Bella Roofies and then dress her in some lacy things and put her in different poses. Phil would then take the pictures of her and then photoshop them so that Bella's eyes would appear to be open and she'd be smiling in them."

Fuck, please tell me how in the fuck Renee could willingly do that to her own child, her flesh and blood.

"They also staged photos, to appear as if Bella was touching herself. The photos were very graphic in details and the words they put with them are downright disgusting."

I feel the anger building up inside me even more.

"What? No, she didn't do that. Why are you saying that? I did not do that." I look to Bella who is now standing up looking panicked.

"I know, sweetie," Charlie starts off.

"No, you don't know. You weren't there, you were never there! She ... she was a good mom. Okay, so she didn't really spend time with me, and told me all the time that I ruined her life, but she never smacked or hit me. She bought me clothes when the ones I had, got too small for me to wear anymore. She only got distant when a new guy came into her life, but Phil, he made her really different. But she ... I ..." Bella stops and looks to me and then back at Charlie. "I want to see them, the pictures, show me."

I feel my head shake as she asks. I really don't think this is a good idea. Charlie sighs. "I brought them with me. We really have no choice, but to show them to you and get your take on them."

Bella sits back down beside me and Charlie hands her a manila envelope. Bella opens it and takes out one photo at a time and looks at them. She then passes them to me. I take a quick look and the place them upside down on the coffee table. The more we both see, the sicker I become. How in the hell could Renee do this to an innocent child? How could anyone?

"I didn't do this. These photos can't be of me?" Bella says, but I'm not sure who she's talking to. "Edward, I swear it's not me, it's not." I look at her, seeing that she is slowly falling apart on me.

"It's okay, Lil mama. I know that you didn't do this. I'm not going anywhere. I love you and will always love you," I say as I look right in to her eyes.

"Is this why you're here? Are you taking River from me, because you think I'm a whore?" Bella asks loudly to Jessica and Mrs. Cope.

They shake their heads and look at her. "We're not here to remove River, but you were a child when this happen, Bella. That's why we're here. I swear, honey I will not be taking or agreeing for River to be taken away from you. You are doing so well with her, Bella. But this," Jessica says pointing to the pictures. "This needs our attention. There were other girls on the website that are clearly under age too."

Bella frowns and looks at Jessica. "Who else?"

Jessica shakes her head at her. "We don't know all of their names, but we're hoping that maybe you can help us out?" Bella nods her head and looks over the other six girls. There's only one she knew and that was a girl two years older than her, Angela Webber.

"Her dad's a Reverend in Seattle. Well, he was the last time I saw her."

Jessica nods her head at Bella. "Thank you."

Mrs. Cope, Jessica, and Charlie leave. Since Bella looks beat, I get her to go lay down and Esme starts to make dinner, while Carlisle sits with me.

"This is turning more and more horrendous as it goes on."

"We'll get her through this and out safe on the other side," Carlisle nods his head at me.

I sigh. "I just want a week, where she gets a whole week with nothing breathing down her neck. Fuck, she so deserves to have something go good for her. Soon as this shit's done with, I'm taking her and River away. I've got a little bit of money saved up. I should have enough to be able to get us away for two weeks, somewhere warm and fun."

"Don't worry, Mom and I will help out and I'm sure Charlie will too."

I shake my head at him. "I want to take them away. I'm the one that needs to look after them, they're mine. They're my little family, my responsibility."

Carlisle nods his head at me. "I know son, really I do. But you save your money for things you and your family need and let us old folks feel like we're still needed."

I smile at him. "I will always need you Dad, both you and Mom."

It's been six long, very long weeks. James is now behind bars in the Washington State Correctional Center, on a twenty year sentence, without chance of parole. Renee and Phil tried to flee, but were caught and were both charged with several counts of sexual crimes. Unfortunately for them, they were charged federally, because of the child pornography and child trafficking charges. They both did pleas, and were sentenced to thirty years in prison.

All six girls where found and they had been between the ages of fifteen and seventeen when the pictures were taken. Bella was the youngest of them all. She was only fourteen, when the first one was taken.

Bella and River were officially released from the investigation on them yesterday. All charges against Bella were listed as unfounded, and there are no additional services recommended. Jessica said that she'll still be dropping in, but only as a friend.

I take a few deep breaths and knock on Charlie's door.

"Hey, Bella's at work." I chuckle lightly and smile nodding my head at him.

"I know. I came to talk to you." Charlie moves back and lets me in.

"Okay, what can I do for you, son?"

I close my eyes. "I love her, really love her. As you know, I am taking her way for Easter."

"Yes, I know of the plans to go on a vacation, a much needed one at that."

"Well, I was planning on getting married to her that day, if she says yes, that is."

Charlie looks at me with his head tilted. "Don't you mean ask her to marry you?"

I shake my head. "She's my life. Her and River are my life. Charlie, I love them, and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with Bella by my side. Why wait, really? Truth be told, I don't want to wait," I say.

"YES!" I look at Charlie in shock, as he chuckles and looks as if he's texting away on his cell.

"Uncle Charlie?" He looks at me and looks a little sheepish.

"Sorry, I had said that you wouldn't ask her to marry you, but would have the wedding all set. I said instead of asking her, you'd tell her what you wanted and show her what you've done. We all know she'd never say no to you anyway, you are both made for each other."

I shake my head at him. "Is there anyone that's not in on this whole betting pool about our relationship?" He shakes his head at me.

"Nope, even some of your kids from work joined in."

I chuckle shaking my head. "So, I take it that you're okay with this whole plan then?"

Charlie smiles at me, nodding his head. "Yeah, I know I wasn't on board in the beginning, but you really have come through for her, River, and me." Charlie clears his throat and looks at me. "Have you got rings yet?"

I shake my head. "No, I can't seem to find one that I like or Bella would like."

Charlie runs out of the room and comes back a few minutes later. "These were Grandma and Grandpa Swans," Charlie says, handing me a ring box that holds three rings. I take them out and smile. Yes, this does say Bella to me, and the man's ring looks as if it were made for me.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

Charlie nods his head. "Esme said she couldn't take them and that they should go to Bella. Besides, she is officially a Swan, at least for now. This is a very good way for you both to have them, and I think it's a perfect fit. These rings have a great track record, you do know that they were married almost sixty years."

I smile and nod my head. The next thing I know, Charlie is hugging me.

"So where are we all going to?" Charlie asks as he chuckles and I tell him where I was planning on having the wedding.

"So, do you think she will say yes?"

Charlie gives me the whole, "don't ask stupid questions," look.

By the end of the day, everyone but Bella is aware of what's going to happen. I've even told River I was going to marry her Mama, which got me more cheers and clapping from my baby girl.

I just hope Bella likes everything I have planned out and most of all, I hope she says yes.

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