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Family Services: Epilogue

I take Bella and River to Walt Disney World. We spend four days exploring the place and meeting the princesses. I make sure I get a lot of pictures of River with each of them. After that, I tell Bella that we are moving on to the next part of our vacation.

I take them to the pier to catch our ship. I watch their faces as we approach the ship.

"Mee Mows," River chants as she claps her hands.

I smile and give River a kiss on her head. "That's right, baby, Mickey Mouse." I look to Bella who looking at the ship with her mouth open.

"Close your mouth, Lil' Mama." I lean towards her and speak into her ear. "Or I will take it as invitation to sick something inside of it." Bella snaps her mouth shut and looks at me with a bit of desire burning in her eyes. I chuckle a little and guide her, so that she will start walking.

"Edward, how can you afford this on top of what we just had?" Bella looks at me with panic now clear in her eyes. "I should give you money toward this, I just ... I don't have much saved."

I shake my head at her. "Please, don't worry. I told you, we'd be fine, beside this is from Esme, Carlisle, and Charlie, as a gift for all of us."

Bella just looks at me. I sigh and turn her body toward me. "You," I motion to all three of us. "We've all been through so much these last few months. Our family and friends just wanted us to have a break. A chance to be a family, spend time together without work or stuff popping up for us to deal with. Just calm down, relax, and lets have a good time." Bella nods her head at me and then kiss my lips.

"Okay, let's get on board and get to our room." We drop off our bags at the check in and we get our cards. Bella walks up the ramp holding River and my hand. It doesn't take too long for us to get aboard the ship. The ship looks big from land, but when you're on it, it is like its own town. We have a one bedroom suite with a private veranda deck room, on deck eight. Not long after we check out the room, and find our life vests, my cell beeps with an incoming text.

I take it out and see that it's from Charlie, letting me know everyone has arrived and have found their rooms. I look at Bella and I try not to show the excitement on my face.

We go through the test run of getting to the deck with our life vests and finally make it back to our room to find our luggage has been delivered. Our first stop is already in sight and I'm glad that when we arrive at Key West, Florida, everyone has managed to stay out of sight. We did hear Emmett at one point, but Bella just shrugged it off as if she was hearing things. I lead Bella and River to where I know everyone is waiting.

I have her sit on the seat outside of the room where they're all waiting for us. I put River on her lap, and crouch down in front of her.

"Lil' Mama, I love you so much, and River too. The day I came knocking on you door, I really didn't know what I was going to find. I never expected to find my soul mate, my life or my family, but I did. I think I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. It has only grown every moment after that, and it grows every day still. I never want to be without you, so will you, Isabella Maria Swan, today in front of our family and friends ... who are all waiting right there behind you inside that door, marry me?"

Bella looks at me, then to the door. "They're all here?" I nod my head at her. "So, that was Emmett I heard?" I chuckle and nod my head. "We are getting married today?"

I clear my throat and look at her. "If you say yes we're getting married, in two hours' time. So, is that a yes?"

Bella nods her head at me, but says nothing.

"You got to say it out loud, Lil' Mama. Is that a yes?"

Again Bella nods her head at me and I see the tears falling from her faces. "Yes," she finally manages to say and I slip the engagement ring on her finger.

"I love you, let's get married." I smile picking her up.

"Ready to see the family?" Bella nods her head and we walk into the room and everyone cheers and comes over to hug us.

"Right, come on people, we've only got two hours. You're damn lucky she's a natural beauty. At least my work will be easy, I mean look at her. All of this, without trying or any effort," Alice says, waving her hands up and down Bella's body.

"Don't I know it, I'm one lucky man."

Alice nods and turns to everyone else. "Boys, get everything ready like I told you. Girls, time to pamper this mama and her baby," Alice says walking away with Bella and River. Esme, Rose, and Jessica, quickly follow her fast movements.

The two hours passes really quick and I'm now waiting nervously for Bella. Emmett is my best man and Jasper is my groomsman. As the music starts, I turn and look to see Alice coming down followed by Jessica, then Rose walks down with my baby girl. I smile at her as she drops the basket of rose petals all at once and then claps her hands as we all chuckle.

"Dada, up." I smile at her and take her from Rose. "Me, fwowers."

I nod my head at her. "Yes, baby, I saw you throw the flowers, you did a good job."

She smiles and Rose comes and takes her back from me. I take a deep breath as the music changes.

I look to see that Bella has a simple elegant white dress on that comes to her knees and little white sandals. I'm in a light white shirt and caramel pants. I watch as Charlie walks her down toward me.

"Mama, me see," River chants pointing at the petals. Bella, being the great mom she is, looks down at the petals and looks surprised and then gives River a big smile. "You did great, baby."

The ship captain conducts our marriage and we say the traditional vows. I kiss Bella for the first time as my wife. We all spend the rest of the day celebrating. I smile happily as I watch Charlie spin Bella around the room. They both are finding their own groove and coming together as a father and daughter.

"Dada," I hear from below. I look down at River and chuckle as I watch her shake her bum as she tries to copy Alice's dancing moves. I bend down and pick her up.

"You want to dance with Daddy?" River hugs me and giggles. "I take it that means yes, baby." I sway and dance with her around the room. It doesn't take long for Bella to come and join us.

"Charlie said he was going to keep River tonight and get some grandpa and granddaughter time with her tomorrow." I nod my head at her as she keeps talking. "Esme's not too happy, because she wants grandma time too. Then it led to Rose and Alice joining in. So River is pretty much gone the whole night and day tomorrow between them all."

I chuckle shaking my head at them. "Are you okay with that?" I ask a little worried, but Bella nods her head at me.

"Yeah, we get the next day with her then, she goes home with them right?" I shake my head at Bella.

"Our cruise is fifteen nights, so we'll be on the ship for quite a while. When we arrive in California, we have some plans there. We're going to Disney Land and Knott's Berry Farm and then you and I will spend the last four days together, alone as a couple. Esme, Charlie, and Carlisle are taking River home and then we will travel home and get our girl back."

"This is a long vacation. At least when we will be away from her here, it will only be for a day or a night here or there. In California it'll only be four days, but I am really going to miss her. But at the same time, I love the fact I get you all to myself and I don't need to share you with her. Does that make me bad?"

I shake my head at her. "No, Lil' Mama, it doesn't make you bad, it makes you human and a wife, a damn sexy one at that."

Bella and I kiss River goodnight and Charlie, Esme, and Carlisle take her back to Charlie's room, which is right next door to Carlisle and Esme's. For that matter Alice and Jasper are in one room, Rose and Emmett are in the room across from them. Esme and Carlisle are in a one bedroom suite like we are in and Charlie and Jessica are both in staterooms across from Carlisle and Esme's suite. We're all on the same deck, but our room is not right next to theirs.

"So Jessica, seen any hot cabin crew members yet?" I chuckle as Jessica glares at Alice.

"I saw her talking with the waiter, Mike? The blond one and she blushed when he said she was pretty," Bella says with a grin.

"Oh, did she now?" Rose asks and Bella nods her head.

"You know it's rude to talk like the person isn't here, when the person you're talking about is sitting right in front of you." I chuckle and shake my head.

"Come on, tells us, does he do it for you? Are you going to have sex with him?" Alice's ask and her eyes almost dance as she waits for Jessica's reply.

"Jasper, go have sex with your wife, so she'll stay out of my sex life. Emmett, aren't you meant to be getting this one pregnant?" Jessica says the whole thing as she taps her foot.

"She's more than likely already pregnant, that's why she didn't drink anything tonight," Bella says almost absent mindedly.

"What?" The whole table include Emmett says looking between Bella and Rose.

"What? I was just saying that Rose refused wine today. And with that and the fact her boobs are bigger, I thought she was pregnant."

Emmett cocks his head and looks at Rose boobs. "Oh my God, you're right. Shit, why the hell didn't I pick up on it when she had to squeeze her boobs into that dress today? I mean, it fit her like a glove two weeks ago?"

"Rose, I'm ... I didn't mean ..." Bella stutters out realizing that she may have ruined a surprise.

Rose takes a hold of Bella hand and shakes her head at her. "It's really no problem, Bella. I know you didn't mean to say it out loud and I don't know yet ... I haven't taken the test yet."

"Well, what are we waiting for, woman, like get a test and see if I'm going to be a daddy," Emmett says very loudly.

"Emmett, it's Bella and Edward's wedding day, it should belong to them."

Emmett pouts and Bella feels bad instantly. "Rose, it's okay, I mean ... I kind of let it slip out and I would like to know too, Bella says looking at me.

I kiss her lip and give Rose the thumb ups. Rose stands up and chuckles. "Okay, ladies, will you come with me?"

The girls stand up and nod their heads at her and all walk off saying they'll be back in ten minutes. I look at Emmett and can clearly see the hope in his eyes.

"I'm sure everything will work out. I mean if she isn't now, it doesn't mean she's not going to be."

Emmett nods his head at me and lets out a sigh. "I know, I know, I just really want a child. Even more so, now, after spending so much time with River. She's such a wonderful kid. Bella did a great job raising her so far."

I smile and nod my head at him.

"So, do think you and Bella will have more kids?"

I turn and look at Jasper and nod my head. "Yeah, first thing we plan on doing now that we're married is for me to legally adopt River. It should be easy since James had all of his parental rights to River taken away from him. It was a part of the plea agreement that we demanded that the court include. And after the summer, Bella is going to finished high school online. She still has two years, but I am hoping if we all help her study, she should be able to do it all within a year." They both nod their heads in agreement, saying they'll help.

"Has she said what she wants to do after that?"

I sigh knowing this is something Bella and I have to talk about. "She doesn't think she'll pass her high school test. It seems Renee was extremely efficient at making Bella believe that she'd never amount to anything."

Both Emmett and Jasper look a little angry. "Well, we'll have that sorted in no time. Alice says she does a great job at the shop, so she has that. We all know she's good with kids, so with that at least it gives her two choices to start with."

I nod my head at Jasper and see the women are on their way back into the room. "Okay, I did the test, but thought we should all look at it together," Rose says sounding rather anxious.

"Okay, on three?" Emmett says and Rose nods her head.

"One ... two ... three ..." Emmett and Rose say together and both look at the test and their faces light up.

"I'm going to be a mommy," Rose says.

Emmett jumps up and down doing fist punches in the air. "I knocked up my wife," he chants.

I chuckle and smile, but I'm glad that we're still in the private banquet room, away from the rest of the guests. We all stand up and hug Emmett and Rose, who started to cry, happy tears of course. We all share one last toast, to Bella and I and our family together with River, and to Emmett and Rose on their pending family. Bella and I both kiss River goodnight and I take Bella back to our room.

We enter the room with Bella in my arms. As I set her back on her feet, I notice there's a table set up with romantic lamps and refreshments out on the balcony. I love how big our deck is and I pull her out with me to see the view. The concierge made sure that the balcony had rose petals on the floor, and soft music playing for us. I twine my arms around my wife and slowly dance with her for several songs.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen, and dancing under the stars while out at sea is the perfect wedding night for you and me."

"We're together, and that's what makes it perfect. I love you too, Edward, my husband."

"Would you like something to drink?"

"No, Edward, I just want to go inside with you, where we can get comfortable."

Wasting no more time, I pull her in through the double doors and into our bedroom. I help her with her zipper, and she excuses herself to use the restroom. I go and close up the balcony after turning off the lamps and music. Moving back inside the cabin, I move to the smaller bathroom off the main room and get ready for bed. I turn off the lights in the main room and move back to our bedroom.

Entering the room, my eyes fall instantly to my sweet wife, who is looking at the bed with a big smile on her face. There on the bed, are more rose pedals and two towel Swans, beak to beak forming a heart. "Edward, we have to take a picture of this," Bella says excitingly.

I'm frozen in place, because my beautiful wife is wearing a very skimpy, very lacy, and extremely seductive scrap of fabric. I quickly grab the camera and take a picture of it and then wasting no time with the flick of the sheet, it's all on the floor. I pick up my giggling wife, and place her in the center of the king sized bed and crawl in after her.

We spend the night making love and talking. I have never felt so complete in my life.

The cruise is wonderful, and we enjoy seeing all of the things light up River's eyes in excitement. We do all the formal dining, and see all the fun shows. We stay in our cabin one whole day at sea and eat room service while we watch movies. When we dock in San Diego, I almost wish we could do the return cruise to Florida.

We have two large rental vans waiting for us as we get off the ship. One is to take Rose, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Jessica to the airport, so they can get back to their jobs. The other is for the hour and a half trip Bella, River, Charlie, my parents, and I all take, to check into the hotel by Disneyland.

The next morning we go to Disneyland, and spend the entire day there checking everything out. The second day in California we go to Knott's Berry Farm and again spend the entire day at the amusement park. We go and see a few other places and spend quite a bit of time with my parents and Charlie.

We wave with smiles on our faces, as the elevator door closes. Even though we're both sad to see our baby girl head home without us, we're excited to have four days alone. I hug Bella to me knowing that she's finding this as hard, if not harder than I am.

"She'll be back in our arms in five days, Lil' Mama." Bella nods her head at me and turns and kisses my lips. I eagerly kiss her back.

"Have you got anything planned for us?" I smile at her and nod my head.

"Yeah, the plan is you and me staying here, in this big wonderful hotel, in our bed. I think we should use room service for all our meals. I only want to leave bed, to use the restroom."

I watch as Bella faces light up. "I like that plan."

I grin at her and smack her ass. "I bet you do my little vixen. I'll give you a head start." I wiggle my eye brows at her and she runs toward our room door. I wait for a few seconds, before running after her.

Bella and I spend the next four days barely leaving our room. We spend some time talking about our future together as a family. Bella also tells me a little more about her upbringing. She still says that Renee was a good mom, because she never spanked her. Peter said it'll take time for her to accept that Renee was abusive to her.

The rest of the time we spend exploring each other's bodies. I know every inch of hers and she knows mine. I taught her some new things and there's a lot we learned together. The four day seems to pass by quickly.

When we arrived home, it was late at night or in the early hours of the morning, depending how you look at it. I carried Bella over the threshold kissing her the whole time. I think both of us were sad that our time together as couple was ending, but happy knowing that in the morning after we got up, we would see our baby girl.

The weeks and months after our return pass by without a lot of fuss. First came River's second birthday and what a party it was. We all spoke to Bella and she was happy for us to spoil River, so that's just what we all did. Bella smiled the whole time, excited to see River as happy as she was.

We were all worried about Rose as she was growing at an alarming rate, but at her fourth month ultrasound, it was found that she was carrying twins. The twins were not noted at first, because one was hiding behind the other for a while. To say that this was exciting for them was needless. They were getting a 'two for one deal,' Emmett often brags.

Bella had everything set up for her to complete her high school diploma online. We filed the paperwork as soon as we returned from our honeymoon, for me to legally adopt River. I can't wait for both of my girls to be Cullens. We were told that it can take up to six months for it to be all sorted legally.

The only new thing was that Renee was writing to Bella. We were receiving a letter every week from her. Some of the notes were borderline nice and polite and others were sick and disturbing. After much talking, Bella has asked for Charlie to go with her and talk to Renee. She had explained that she wanted everything talked about. Why Renee left Charlie, why she stopped him from seeing her, why she treated her the way she did; Bella wants it all in the open. Where I very much wanted to go with her, I know this was something she and Charlie had to do together.

I still took the day off from work, so that I could spend the day with my baby girl.

"Dada, 'et me."

I chuckle and run after River. I pick her up and twirl her around. "I got you, baby girl. You ready to go to the park and feed the ducks?" I ask.

River nods her head at me "Dah daks!" she cheers. I smile nodding me head at her. "No, 'ush," River says as I pull out her stroller. "Me wauk."

I chuckle and nod my head at her. "Remember you need to hold Daddy's hand then." Like always, River nods her head at me and smiles. "Come on, let's get the bread."

River nods her head at me and I pick up her bag and then the bag full of bread.

"Dat?" River asks pointing to a car.

"Baby, that's a car, you know that."

"Dat?" I chuckle and look to what she pointing at this time.

"Oh, that's a butterfly, baby. Isn't it pretty?"

River looks at it and bends trying to get a closer look, but it flies away.

"Petie but fly" I smile take her hand again.

"That's but-ter-fly," I sound out for her.

River nods her head at me and looks around. "Dat?"

I shake my head at her. "Those are Ducklings, baby Ducks," I say taking some bread out.

"Me, babies."

I shake my head at her. "No, sorry, baby, they need to stay with their mom." River pouts at me and I feel my insides crumble. I hate it when she looks at me like that. "Sorry, baby," I say giving her the bread to throw to the ducks.

"Dat?" River asks sounding a little happier.

"That's a Swan," I say and River looks puzzled.


I shake my head and laugh a little. "No, baby, your papa just has the same name as it for his last name."

The Swan swims up to us and I take a hold of River's hand lightly knowing that Swans can sometimes bite.

"Papa," River calls it.

I chuckle knowing that she doesn't understand. "Swan, baby, it's a Swan." River holds out the bread and the Swan actually takes it right from her hand gently. I smile when River lets out a little giggle.

We spent the next hour going around the park with River asking at just about every turn what something is.

"Are you hungry, baby?" River nods her head at me. "Where do you want to go to?" I ask and River looks at me.

"Bugga an akes." I nod my head at her.

"McDonalds, it is then." I say looking down at River. We pack up and drive the ten minutes to McDonalds. Getting out I take River inside. We grab a highchair and she is handed a balloon by one of the workers.

"Next," a tired voice says.

"Puppy," River says and points to the lady. The woman looks up at us and I see that it's Tanya. She looks at me, then to River and frowns.

"Thank God, you did your job and took that kid from the girl. But take my advice and don't hang around with that kid too much, women get put off seeing a guy with kids."

"Dada, puppy," River says at again.

"Yes, baby girl, that's the rude lady that had the dog. And she should be really careful when talking about your mama, my wife," I state looking right in Tanya's eyes. Tanya looks at me in shock and I smile. "Can I have a hamburger happy meal, for a girl," I say smiling at her sweetly, before looking at River. "Do you want cheese on your bugger?" River nods her head and claps her hands. "Make that a cheeseburger happy meal, plain. For the drink I would like a strawberry milkshake. I'll also have a Big-Mac and a large strawberry shake."

"Anything else?" Tanya asks. I shake my head at her. "That's seven-fifty-five." I hand over the money and Tanya gets my change. I watch as she trays our order. As soon as she hands it over, I walk away. I take River to a children friendly table and sit with her. I send Jessica a text to see if she knows why Tanya's working at McDonalds. She texts me back saying that she'll come by later and tell me about it, it's too much to put in a text.

After River and I are done eating, I let her play for a bit in the ball pit. After a short time in the crowded place, I decide we should go. Before we leave, I take her to the family bathroom. I'm proud of my little girl. She's doing well with potty training. We still ask her and remind her, especially around play equipment, where she might put it off to play. We then head into the nearby swing park.

"What would you like to go on first baby?"

River looks around the park and then points to the swings. I put her in the seat and push her. "Up, dada, up." I nod my head at her.

"You want to go higher?" River nods her head and laughs.

"Wee," she yells as I push her a little higher. After that, we move to the merry-go-round, and I sit in with her as it goes around. Then we move to the slide and again River wants me to sit with her, which I do happily.

I look at the time, seeing that Bella and Charlie would be back soon. "Come on, baby, it's time to go home."

"Momma?" River asks as she nods her head at me, but looks sleepy.

"Yep, momma should be home soon. Want daddy to carry you?" River nods her head and put her arms out for me to pick her up. We're about half way back to the car, when I feel my shirt getting wet. I look down and sure enough River is sound asleep and has just peed on me.

"Thanks, baby," I say quietly chuckling a little. I know that it was more than likely my own fault. I kept giving her juice pouches, and I only reminded her once at lunch time to go potty. We still put her in a pull-up at night and at nap times. As soon as I arrive home, I change River quickly and dress her for bed, before putting her in her bed and then head for a quick shower. I'm getting dressed when Bella and Charlie arrive home.

"Edward?" I grab my shirt and head out to the living room.

"Hey, Lil' Mama," I say and I know by the look on Bella's face, that she's been crying.

"Sorry, I was in the shower. River and I were having so much fun, I forgot about her nap, she fell asleep when we were walking to the car and well, she peed on me."

Bella chuckles a little and nods her head. "I'm just going to look in on her. I missed her."

I nod my head and pull her to me, giving her a kiss on her temple, before letting her go. I watch her go out of the room and I turn to Charlie. "What happened?"

Charlie looks at me and sighs. "Well, Renee was, Renee. It was everyone's fault, but hers. Bella was asking for too much. She couldn't get the job she wanted, because she had obligations at home. The guys she dated didn't like kids and therefore, Bella pulled her down and held her back. Phil and James made her do it. I didn't send her enough money. You name it, she had so many excuses."

I sigh looking at him. "How did Bella take it?"

"Bella lost it and yelled at her." I look up in shock and see Charlie grinning. "It was great! I mean, she really let loose and told Renee that she only wanted her love and for her to spend time with her. She then went on to say that before you came into her life, River missed out on a lot of things, but never missed out on being loved. She said she was glad she could say that her daughter was and always has been happy.

"She said that's why she fell in love with you, is because you loved River and showed her so much love. You never tried to buy her love and always respected her choices. She then said that she's beginning to understand that Renee never wanted to be a mom. She told her she knew that Renee only took her from me to be cruel and unkind.

"She went on to say she felt sorry for her, because she had to change who she was for a guy to show interest in her and could never find true happiness that way. She also pointed out how lucky she was to have found you, someone that loves her for her and all of her faults."

I smile and nod my head. Thankfully my wife wasn't letting that vapid bitch hold her down any longer.

"Dad, are you going to stay for dinner? I made some chicken-stir fry stuff. It just needs to be warmed up." Charlie looks at me and I nod my head at him.

"That would be great sweetie."

The rest of the night goes by quickly and Charlie leaves for his shift after dinner.

"She wasn't always a bad mom, but she wasn't a good mom." I frown and look at Bella. "Peter asked me to think of things Renee did when I was younger, and if I would do them to or with River and I always answer no." Bella swallows and lets out a sigh. "I mean the clothes, I can understand. I always found it hard to keep up with her, she grows so much. But I would hunt through bargain bins and charity shops, so she had things that fit. Renee always made me wear them until I couldn't put them on at all. I was wearing things to fit a five year old when I was nine." I look at her in shock. "There was this pair of stretchy pants I got when I was little, and I would wear them as shorts until they fell apart finally."

I nod my head at her, holding back the anger that made me want to kill Renee, yet again. I've never been consumed with as much anger as I have for Renee. I'd like to kill her, bring her back to life and kill her again.

"I worked two and three jobs sometimes, but I always made time for River. I hated not seeing her and missed her. When I was growing up, I always felt like Renee would spend time with me, because she had too or needed to ... not because she wanted too."

Again I nod my head at her, letting her talk and get it off her chest. Thankfully, I had gotten my own bits of advice from Peter.

"The name calling, I mean it always made me feel bad and dirty, like I was evil. I could never, it would kill me ... if River thought she was made or it hurt me just for her being alive. I love her. Where I hate that I gave something so special to James—something that should've belonged to you—I can't regret having her."

I move to her wiping away her tears that are now falling. "I know, Lil' Mama, but she is mine in all ways that matters, as are you, all mine."

"She belongs to us, you and me. She's our daughter and I truly see you in her." I nod my head, because even Esme has said that River pulls similar faces to what I did.

"She should've chosen me. She should've stood up for me and helped me, instead of hurting me. I mean to try scaring me into have not having River, because she wouldn't be able to sell pictures of me pregnant is disgusting." I nod my head at her, because it is.

"Why? She never told me why. I want to understand why?"

I sigh and pull her to me. "Because she could, Bella, that's the only reason. She wanted money and saw you as a way of getting it. She's just a very sick woman, who had an amazing child and she could never see it. You are a wonderful woman, mom and wife."

Bella nods her head at me and sobs in my arms. "I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me."

I rub her arms and kiss her head. "It's hard, baby, you're facing a lot of stuff for the first time. No one expects you to be emotionless in this and getting over abuse and pain will take time."

Bella hugs me closer and I let her cry out her hurt over her past.

The next day goes fast and we're expecting Jessica over. After dinner and River is off to bed, Jessica tells us that she had saw Tanya out with an older man and looked as if she was miss treating him. She called in a few favors and got someone to investigate it. It turns out that it was Tanya's dad, who had suffered a stroke and the houses that Tanya was renting out were his. After the investigation, Tanya's brother and sister came here from Alaska and took over care of him. They also took control of his business and Tanya was fired and arrested for things going on. Everything is waiting to go to trail, but she needed a job to pay for a lawyer and that's why she's working at McDonald s.

The weeks past and Bella has been coming along in her therapy by leaps and bounds. It seems that even though Renee didn't give Bella the answers she was needing or looking for, she did help Bella accept the way it was and start to move on.

Today is Bella nineteenth birthday and we have arranged a meal for her. I've taken the day off from work, so that I could spend it all with her. About five minutes ago, Bella took some papers out of her purse and smiled, as she walked away into River's bedroom where River's playing.

"Dada's gurl," River screams, and runs to me. I chuckle and pick her up and see she is holding an envelope.

"Wook," River says pulling at her top. I look down seeing that it has something written on it.

"It says, Daddy's Girl. That's a pretty shirt, baby."

I look at River and then to Bella with a smile. "Hand daddy the letter, baby," Bella instructs.

River hands me over the envelope and I sit River on my knee. Bella moves behind me and hugs me, looking over my shoulder as I read.

I look over my shoulder and smile. "She's mine, I'm her daddy, I say choked up and Bella nods and kisses my neck.

"You've been her daddy for a long time now, and you always will be her daddy."

I pull River up and hug her to me.

"Hey, River Faith Cullen, your daddy loves you so much." River smiles at me and claps her hands. I'm sure the significance of being a Cullen isn't there yet, but for us it is the perfect reaction, her happiness.

"When?" I ask turning to Bella.

"They came today, when you were in the shower. I got the t-shirt a little while ago, I've just been waiting. This has been the best birthday ever."

I chuckle smile at her. "It's only just begun, Lil' Mama."

Bella grins at me nodding her head. "I know."

I tilt my head at her. "Bella, are you keeping something from me?"

Bella taps her nose. "You'll have to wait. We've got the whole day planned, remember?"

I sigh and nod my head, "Ready to go then?" Bella nods her head and picks up her and River's jackets.

We have a good day out, just the three of us. After that we head to a restaurant for dinner with the family. They're all pleased, when we tell them our news about River and then they all give Bella her gifts.

Charlie went a little overboard, but said that he's been waiting years to spend her birthday with her. He bought her a truck, and a load of books and a large cuddly teddy bear. Rose and Emmett got Bella some music and an iPod touch. They left after dinner as Rose is now eight months pregnant and really big. She has been getting tired rather quickly. We all think it won't be much longer.

Alice and Jasper give Bella a load of clothes, which will more than fill up all of her drawers and her side of the closet. Esme and Carlisle got her a new laptop, and some books. Jessica got her a charm bracelet with three charms on it. One for her and I, one for River and one for their friendship. It doesn't take long for everyone else to decide to call it a night.

Mom asked if she could keep River overnight, so Bella and I could sleep in, since tomorrow is Saturday. I saw the smirk she shared with Bella, when she said it. I have a feeling whatever Bella has been keeping from me, mom knows.

I get home and pull Bella to the bedroom deciding that I'll use sex as a way to find out what she's keeping from me. "I really can't wait to get you naked, hot and wet for me," I say into her ear.

I lay down Bella as I remove her dress and start to kiss up her body, but stop when I get to her tummy and see what she's got written there. "Baby number two, due on tenth of July 2013." I read it a few times and then look up at Bella, who's holding a positive pregnancy test. "Surprise," she says with a smile.

I look to her tummy again and grin. "Really?" Bella nods her head at me and I pick her up. "I'm going to be a daddy again? This time I get to see you carry him or her?" Bella nods her head at me and I get up, spinning her around.

"This is what you've been keeping from me?" I ask as I stand her in front of me. Bella nods her head and I pull her face to mine and I kiss her hard.

I pull her to the bed and make love to her the rest of the night.

Five years later

I smile and help Bella zip up her dress. "You look beautiful," I say kissing her neck. "I thought no one was meant to out shine the bride?"

Bella chuckles at me. "I'm not and won't, Jessica looks amazing." I nod my head at her.

"Edward, please let her go. I need her to calm me down." I turn and look at Jessica who is shaking.

"You look amazing, Mike is one luck guy," I say as I lean in give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Where are River and Logan?" I nod my head to the sitting room. Where River who is now seven and her brother Logan who's about to turn four are sitting. Logan was born a little late and arrived in the early hours of my twenty-eighth birthday.

We walk in and see that Esme is just doing the final touches on the kids. "Daddy, Mommy, what do you think?" River says as she turns around.

"You look beautiful, baby," I say and Bella nods her head at her.

"Amazing, you both look amazing, which I find surprising after seeing how you two came home last night."

They both smile at Bella. "It was great fun climbing the trees," Logan says as River nods her head.

"Do you remember what you are each supposed to do?" They both nod their heads again.

As the music start River and Logan hold hands and walk down together. Bella kisses me and follows them.

"Ready?" I say to Jessica and give her my arm.

"Yeah, I'm ready." I smile at her and we walk down the aisle toward Mike. Jessica met Mike on our cruise almost six years ago.

The wedding goes by fast and before we know it, we're at the reception. During the dinner we're seated with Alice, Jasper and their four year child, Max. Rose and Emmett are here to along with their Five year old twin girls, Sophia and Emma. The night passes quickly and we all head home knowing that tomorrow is Bella's graduation. She got her diploma online while pregnant with Logan and she took college courses online and at night and is graduating with her degree in psychology. She intends to work with abused children.

I smile as we wave goodnight to Charlie, who is taking the kids overnight for us.

"I say we work on baby number three," I suggest walking her backwards into our house. Bella chuckles and I begin stripping her. Again I'm met with writing on her tummy. I shake my head at her and grin. "Well that was fast!"

Bella nods her head at me as she laughs. "I've been dying to tell you all night. I'm surprised you didn't realize that I drank water instead of champagne. Well now that we already have the third one on the way, can we still practice?"

I nod my head and start showing my wife, exactly how much I love her.

A/N: A good number of people begged for more than what this one-shot gave, and we have brought it into a full circle story. It may be short, but sometimes characters only talk so much. A couple of people suggested a Walt Disney Trip, and we already had that wrote. It was kinda like some of you guys can sometimes read our thoughts...

We hope that you have all enjoyed this short story. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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