First off, Wally is not dead. I watched the episode over, you know after I was done hysterically crying into my mother's arms, which took hours. But I have proof. The scarab said Wally would cease not decease which means he's not dead. When Barry tried to reach out to Wally and his hand went right through him, that means his molecules were jumbled up and spread out. And remember Wally kept pushing himself, he even said it. So what appeared to be Wally "dying" was really just Wally entering the speed force. Greg said earth-16 didn't have the speed force, but with the power of the reach's machine, it could have easily created or made the connection with the speed force. And when we get a season 3, part of the big plot would be saving Wally from the speed force.

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The Speed Force

Palo Alto

June 25, 14:16

"Have you seen Artemis? I haven't seen her in days." Jade spoke to Megan. They were meeting up at Artemis and Wally's house. Jade, not being around for a while, didn't know the unfortunate news.

"You haven't heard, have you." Megan said sadly. "Wally died 5 days ago. He sacrificed himself at the North Magnetic Pole." Jade looked shocked, and felt a tear escape from her eye. She was never really fond of Wally but she knew he was good for her sister and eventually formed a soft spot for him. Hearing that he was gone was hard and if that was the case, she couldn't imagine how her sister felt.

She wiped the tear from her face and got the spare key hidden underneath the light by the door. "I-I'm sorry. Is that why you're here, to check on her?" Megan nodded. Jade unlocked the door and they walked inside. The place was disaster, there was broken glass everywhere from the pictures of Wally and Artemis and the trophy case that were broken. The cushions from the couch were pulled out and in the kitchen. The kitchen chairs were destroyed and the wooden pieces were spread around the kitchen floor. Even with the disaster in the apartment, it looked as though no one had been there for days.

"Artemis?" Jade said loudly.

'Artemis are you ok?' Megan said though the mind link.

They went to the bedroom and it was a mess. Clothes were all around the room, the bed sheets were pulled to one side as if someone was dragged off the bed, and the pillows looked like they were thrown across the room.

"Man, what happened in here?" Jade asked as she picked up one of Artemis shirts.

"A depressed Artemis happened." Megan answered. "I don't even think Nelson is here."

"Neither of them are here." Jade said.

"I think I can sense what happened." Megan said as she played out what happened in there minds.

Artemis walked in the door of her and Wally's apartment. She just came back from Wally's parents house. His parents said he had died doing what he loved, being a hero and saving lives. But Artemis couldn't help but blame herself.

Nelson ran up to Artemis happily, but the look she gave the dog made it sit down by her feet and whine sadly. Artemis kneeled down and pet the dog's head sadly. "Nelson," Her voice cracked. "Wally isn't coming home." The dog looked up as if to say 'Why?' and 'how long?'. "He's not coming back, ever again." She sobbed in to the dog's fur and Nelson just sat there staring at the door, whining and missing one of his masters.

Artemis stood, walked up to a picture of Wally and herself and stared at it. The picture was of her and Wally celebrating their 5th year anniversary. Wally carried Artemis in his arms looking in her eyes lovingly and Artemis looked in his eyes and did the same. Wally had given her a promise ring saying that he knew it was cheesey but he loved her and when they got out of college they were really gonna start their lives together and that they would always be together, that he would never leave her.

"But you lied." Artemis said as she took the picture off the wall. "You said-you said we would be together forever." Tears poured down her face. "But you're not here!" She threw the picture against the trophy case and it shattered on contact.

"You said you wouldn't leave me!" She grabbed two more pictures off the wall and threw them to the floor.

"Is it my fault?!" She threw the rest of the pictures toward the floor and pulled both couch cushions out and threw them in to the kitchen. During this Nelson hid in the bathroom scared for his master.

"Is it my fault for leaving to go undercover?!" She ran into the kitchen and threw the chairs to the floor, destroying them. "I'm sorry! I thought I was doing good." She fell to her knees and put her hands to her tear soaked face. "I thought I was doing the right thing! I'm so sorry, please don't be mad at me!"

Artemis ran to her room and fell in to the bed. She sobbed as she tried to calm down. She twist and turned in the bed, but all she could smell was Wally.

She fell off the bed and tried to rip the sheets off the bed when she realized something. She was never going to calm down, because the only person who could calm her down in any way. Was gone. Artemis screamed in agony and pounded her fist on the floor repeatedly.

"W-w-we never graduated together." She threw the pillows at the mirror.

"We never got married." She pulled the dresser drawers out and slammed it to the floor making clothes fly everywhere.

"We never had kids." Artemis took more dresser drawers and kept slamming them to the floor until they were completely destroyed and clothes were all over the room.

After she was done, she sat on the floor against the bed, panting. "We were so happy together." She whispered. "What did I do to have this happen to us?" In the mist of her meltdown she found her promise ring and held on to it. "I swear Wally, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you." She held the ring against her heart.

"I was in love with you. I wanted to have a family together and grow old with you." She felt more tears come down her face.

Artemis put one hand to her face and asked herself one question.


She got up and gathered up some clothes. "I can't say here. Not when you're not here." She packed up some clothes and stuff for the dog. Artemis got Nelson out of the bathroom and put him in his cage.

"Come on Nelson. We can't stay here with only memories." Artemis said as she walked out the door.

"My poor sister is in pain. Do you know where she might be?"

"I think I have an idea."



"Is Artemis here?" M'gann asked.

"I don't know. If she is, she's at Wally's memorial." Nightwing answered.

M'gann and Nightwing went to Wally's memorial, but found no one there. Instead they found a bouquet of flowers and Artemis' bow and arrows.

"I guess she isn't here."

"I don't blame her. She just lost the love of her life. After being apart for 3 months, they barely had a few hours together. I don't think she wants to found right now." Nightwing explained, he tried to avoid looking at Wally's hologram. That was his best friend, his brother, the first person he had ever trusted with his secret identity. He didn't believe he was just.. gone. And he no matter how much he cared for Wally, and with the pain he was having, he knew Artemis was going through much worse.

"Come on Dick, you must have some idea where she is. I don't care if she wants to be alone, Artemis is in a very fragile state. You don't know what she might do." M'gann reasoned.

"I think she might be either at her mother's house or Wally's parents house."

M'gann smiled softly. "Thank you."

"Let me go with you, I want to talk to her. Maybe we could help each other out." M'gann nodded and they were on they're way.

Gotham City


"Hello, Ms. Crock. Is-" Nightwing was cut off

"No, she's not. And I'm really worried about her. I know what happened and she needs help." Paula wiped a tear from her face with a tissue. "She really loved Wally. I have never seen Artemis so in love, so happy. They were perfect for each other."

"Don't worry, We'll find her." Megan said as they left for Central City.

Central City


Mary West answered the door when Megan and Dick knocked.

"Hello Mrs. West, is Artemis here?" Megan asked.

"Yes, and I'm glad that you're here. She hasn't eaten in days, and she hasn't left Wally's room since she got here. She also hasn't talk to anyone either."

M'gann and Dick went up the stairs to Wally's room passing a very sad looking Nelson on the way. They opened the door to find Artemis completely rolled up and covered in Wally's sheets and blanket. Nelson's dog cage was with her little bag of stuff in the corner and a picture of Wally stood on the nightstand.

M'gann sat on the edge of the bed, patting Artemis on the back. "Are you okay, Artemis?" Artemis didn't respond.

"Artemis I know you're depressed, but you have to get better, or at least eat something." Dick said. But Artemis still didn't respond. So Dick tried again. "If wanna talk about how you're feeling, go ahead. We came so could get it all off your chest." Artemis turned around and sat up.

Her hair was very messy from being in bed for days. She was wearing Wally's favorite hoodie. The Kid Flash one.

"What did I do to deserve this? If anything it should have been me." She sighed. "We were gonna have a future and we barely had a few hours together."

"How come you're not at home?" Dick asked.

"How can I sleep in a bed that he's never coming back to. Or stay in a house filled with what could have been."

"Artemis, its gonna get better." Artemis looked at M'gann with an angry yet confused face.

"How?! M'gann, I just lost the love of my life. The only person who made me special, like I was worth something. He was first person who told me he loved me and showed it, and meant it. The first time in my life, I was actually happy and it was because of him." She looked down at her hands. "He made me feel loved. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. To get married and have kids. For the first time ever, I thought things were finally going right. But its all gone. Our love, our happiness, our future. Gone." She laid down facing them. "My soulmate is gone."

Dick and M'gann looked at each other and were surprised. Artemis hasn't opened up like this since she found out that she was truly in love with Wally, and that had been a happy occasion. This was a depressing cry for help that only her soulmate can fix.

"My life sucks."

"I understand what you're going through, Artemis." M'gann tried to help.

Artemis scowled. "Y-you understand?" Artemis got to her knees and folded her hands together."I'm sorry. I didn't know Conner died too. Oh wait, he didn't die. He's on the watchtower right now." Artemis said through her teeth. "I'm sorry you didn't lose the love of your life, M'gann! I'm sorry you're now friends with your rebound ex-boyfriend. I'm sorry your life is so FUCKING perfect!" More tears came down her face.

"How could you possibly understand what I'm going through?!"

"Artemis, I didn't mean it like that. I just-" Artemis cut M'gann off.

"NO! Get Out!" Artemis' voice cracked as she yelled at M'gann and Nightwing.

"Artemis, we just want help you." Nightwing reasoned.

"I said Get Out." Artemis rolled back up in the blankets. She was done listening to them. She just wanted to be alone. Just her, herself, and Wally's picture.

Outside the door, M'gann and Dick sighed.

"You know she didn't mean that."

"I know, that's why I didn't take it personally. My biggest concern, isn't what I feel. It's if I can make her feel better. What did you want to talk to her about?"

"Just some suspicions I have about Wally. After all we've been through, he can't just be gone. There must be something we're missing, something we're not seeing."

"Okay. But what about Artemis?" M'gann asked.

"Give me a few days, and I'll come back to her with help."

Central City

July 1, 20:16

Mary opened the front door to see Jaime, Barry and Dick.

"Mary, we need to talk to Artemis, its important. This may just get her out of bed."

"She's in Wally room." They walked past her and headed for Wally's room.

They walked in the door and saw Artemis lying down, facing the window. This time she was wearing Wally's number 13 jersey with knee high shorts.

"Artemis." Barry said. Artemis turned around to see who it was, then turned back around.

"I don't feel like talking to anyone Barry." She sighed. Barry sat down in a chair by the bed.

"I have something very important to tell you, Artemis. Please, just listen." She turned around, sat up and looked at him.

Barry looked at Artemis seriously. "Artemis, I think Wally might be alive."

Artemis looked him for a while. "Barry, please, don't do this. If you're joking I don't know how I might take it."

"I would never joke about this. Bart and I went back to the North Magnetic Pole. We scanned the area where Wally died. There was a huge deposit of energy. And we noticed when Wally died, he didn't exactly die. He faded and his molecules looked like they were sucked into something." Artemis nodded, if there was a way, any way to bring Wally back she would do it in a heartbeat.

"A long time ago, after I got my powers, I went to Jay for any warning before I decided to be a hero. He told me there was this force, a speed force, where if you went to fast. A speed beyond your top speed, you would get sucked into it. While running, I heard Wally telling himself to go faster, and he pushed himself beyond his top speed and I think he got sucked into the force."

Artemis turned to Jaime. "But I thought your scarab said he would die."

"It didn't say he would die. It said he would cease, not be deceased. So I think in some shape or form Wally is still out there." Jaime explained.

"How come you didn't tell anyone else?" She asked.

"We didn't want anyone to get their hopes up in case we can't get him back." Dick answered.

"I can't believe there's a chance he's still with us." Artemis spoke softly. "This is the best news I've ever heard."

"And I want you to come with us to save Wally." Barry said.

Barry, then grabbed Artemis by her shoulders."But you need to get your head on straight for him." Barry pointed at the picture of Wally on the nightstand. "If you want to save him, you need to get better and let us help you. Remember he's not dead, just stuck. Okay?"

A tear went down Artemis' cheek and Barry wiped it away. Artemis nodded. "Okay." She said softly.

"I bet you missed being in your suit of green." Jaime smiled.

"Artemis the hero is dead." They all looked at her. "She was Wally's partner. You can't have one without the other. I can't be her without him."

"Then how-" Artemis interrupted Jaime.

"I will be Tigress." She said as she got out of bed. "I need to cope. And lying in bed all day is going to help."

They all smiled. They were determined to find Wally.

"Besides Wally wouldn't want me to be like this. Not when we can help him."

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