Chapter 5 - The end of Zoom

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A few days later, Artemis was on the Watchtower watching Wally, hooked up to a bunch of machines, run on a treadmill.

"He's getting faster, a lot faster." Nightwing said as he stood beside her. "Zoom is in trouble."

"Are you keeping him here again?" Artemis asked him.

"For all the training he wants we have to."

"Mind if I stay here with him?"

"Not one bit. He'd like you to be here. You would be his motivation." There was a moment of silence before Artemis broke it.

"I don't like this, Dick. I feel like something is going to happen to him or one of us." She said. "I just don't like this."

"I think you're being paranoid. What could go wrong?" Artemis' eyes widened.

"Don't say that!" She shouted at him as she looked him in the eye. "I said that before I went undercover and look what happened. The cave is gone, Kaldur got mentally attacked by M'gann and Wally..." She finished quietly. She looked at Wally worriedly before turning back to Nightwing.

"Yes those things happened, but we got some good things out of it too. The Light broken in half, The Reach is gone and we got Wally back. It's going to be okay."

"Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive that this won't blow up in our faces. What if Wally gets sucked back into the speed force? What if Zoom kills him? What if we do more harm than good?" Artemis said darkly as she crossed her arms.

"We won't know until we try." Nightwing defended.

"That's the thing, we don't know. And what we don't know will hurt us greatly. Think about what you're doing here Dick. Make sure you know the outcome." Artemis walked out with those words echoing in Nightwing's head.

Wally saw Artemis walk out a bit angry and slowed the treadmill down until it came to a stop. He thought for a moment before continuing his training.

That night Artemis and Wally got ready for bed in one of the bedrooms in the Watchtower. Things were quiet as they settled in bed. As Wally wrapped his arms around Artemis he remembered what he saw that morning and decided to bring it up.

"So what happened today between you and Dick? I saw you kinda storm away from him."

"Nothing. I just told him to think about what he's making you do." She replied. Wally frowned.

"You don't have to blame him. I agreed to do it. It was kind of my idea too." He defended.

"I'm not blaming him." She sat up. "I just want him to know what's going to happen."

"What, so you can see into the future now?" His tone got a little angrier than she wanted. Wally sat up and crossed his arms.

"I'm not physic." Artemis said. She was getting annoyed now. "And I'm not blaming him! I want you to come back alive. Do you really think you can beat Zoom? He slams you into cars with the force of his wind. You can't even vibrate your molecules through a wall!"

"Nice to see you have faith in me." Wally said as he got out of bed. "But I've been training hard. My last fight with Zoom, I went through a freaking building without thinking."

"I do have faith in you. Why can't you see that this is dangerous?" She got out the bed.

"It doesn't matter how dangerous it is!"

"Yes it does!" She put her hands on her hips. "All that trouble to get you back, just so you can die again!"

"I was never dead! Is this all about the work you did?"

"NO! Do you know what I felt without you?! I don't want to go through that again!" She yelled.

"You are so sel-fish. Who cares what happens to me as long as Zoom is gone."

"I do! Your Mom and Dad does! Everyone we know does! There's another way to beat him. You don't always have to be the hero."

"What other way is there? I'm only one powerful enough to face him. You know what, who cares what you think!" Artemis scowled and glared at him.

Wally walked out of the room, without looking back. Artemis sighed and facepalmed as she sat on the bed.

As Wally stormed off he saw a flash of yellow but he was too angry to comprehend it.

A few hours later, when Artemis was fast asleep she heard a creek of the floor.

She went for her smaller bow, trying not to give herself away. When she finally reached it, she was dragged out bed by her feet. Making the sheets fall over with her.

She kicked the figure and no matter how hard she tried to attack him the figure was too fast.

"Ahh! Get off me!" She kicked him in the face. She quickly got up and started shooting arrows at him. But he was still too fast.

The figure circled around Artemis, making her slightly dizzy. The figure ran toward her so fast he disappeared from her sight. He hit her in the side of her head and she fell to the floor.

As she slipped into unconsciousness, Artemis felt the man's arms wrap around her before passing out.

Conner walked into the kitchen where he found Wally making a triple-decker hero with extra ham.

"Wally, where's Artemis? We usually train together."

"I don't know, I haven't seen her since last night." Wally said.

"I won't ask. But no one has seen her all day. Besides I kinda heard everything that happened last night." Wally stiffened. "With my super hearing and all."

"That's strange. She wouldn't leave after I do in a fight." Wally said. Nightwing ran into the room, out of breath.

"Someone broke into the watchtower last night." He said as he caught his breath. Conner and Wally looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces.

They followed Nightwing to the surveillance room. "This is where every tape from every camera in the watchtower is stored." Nightwing explained.

"Uh, we know. We've been here before." Conner said.

"Sorry, got so use to explaining everything to the freshmen. Anyway, this tape should show us when and why the person came." Nightwing put the tape in and put the video in full screen.



"Recognized Kid Flash... Flash Kid..Kid. Already inside. Security breach. Lock up." There was beeping and as it started to get louder the person ran up to the scanner.

"Over ride lock up, Kid Flash B 03" The beeping stopped and everything was secure again. The man ran out the camera's range.

"Go to another camera, where did he go?" Wally said quickly. Nightwing typed in a code and another camera's video feed came up. All it showed was the figure running somewhere.

"It looks like he was heading for the bedrooms." Wally's eyes widened. He pushed Nighwing aside and typed in the code for another camera. It also showed the man running and getting closer to the bedrooms. He typed another code and this time the video was about him.

Wally slammed the door shut. He scowled as he walked away. The figure seeing him just in time. He quickly ran past him only leaving a flash of yellow in sight. Wally didn't notice a thing as he walked down the hall.

"Way to go Wally. You went right past him." Nightwing said.

"I thought I saw a flash of yellow when I went by. I'm so stupid." Wally scolded himself. They continued to watch the video.

"Why is he just standing there?" Conner asked.

"Probably to make sure no one was around and he could go with out being seen." Wally suggested. Suddenly, the intruder ran and phased right through the door.

"What the-" Wally said as he used his speed to get up another camera.

"Wait we have bedroom cameras?" Conner was a little creeped out.

"No one watches it, we have them just in case." Wally got up the bedroom camera.

Artemis slept alone in her bed. The intruder watched her for a bit as if he was studying her. When he finally moved his foot steps left creeks in the floor, startling Artemis awake but she didn't give it away. She quietly reached for her bow.

She finally reached it when she dragged out of the bed by her feet and almost thrown to the floor.

"No." Wally said.

She kicked empty space and she kicked him off of her. "Get off me!"


She shot arrows, but they were useless. The figure ran straight for her.

Wally ran out of the room and ran for the bedroom as fast as he could. He kicked the door open as he breathed deeply.

He saw the sheets on the bed that were pulled off when Artemis was dragged.

"Artemis? Artemis!" He looked all over the room. Conner and Nightwing appeared behind him.

"Zoom is even more dangerous than we thought." Nightwing said. Conner looked at him oddly.

"You didn't think that before?"

"He's dead!" Wally smashed a hole in the wall and stormed out, more angry than ever.

As Artemis woke up she realized she wasn't on the Watchtower anymore.

"Where am I?" She said weakly as she sat up. Artemis was on a bed in some place she didn't know.

"You are safe now." A strange voice said. It was deep but familiar.

"Who are you?" She said. Ready to raise a fist when she realized her hands were cuffed together. Artemis looked up and saw a dark figure in front of the end of the bed. The dark figure walked into Artemis' range of vision and Artemis gasped.


Zoom stepped closer to Artemis and she backed up as far as she could. But when her back hit the headboard, she glared at him. When Zoom got close enough, he unlocked the cuffs on her hands.

"Why did you do that?"

"I only cuffed your hands together so they wouldn't get in the way and slow me down." Zoom explained. He took off his cowl. Artemis stared at him.

"You look-"

"Exactly like Wally?" He finished. "I know. I'm basically his twin." Zoom exactly like Wally, right down to the faded marks from the freckles that used to be on his cheeks. The only difference between them was Zoom's dark brown hair and pale green eyes.

"You realize when Wally finds out I'm missing he'll stop at nothing to get me back. Why did you kidnappe me?" Artemis got straight to the point.

"I wanted to mess with the competition. If you were missing, Wally would be to focused on finding you instead of training." Zoom answered.

"Good plan, except for the fact that the Watchtower has cameras. And no matter how fast you were those cameras caught you."

"Damn it! Why didn't I think of that?!" Zoom rubbed his hands through his hair as he sat down on the bed.

"Wow, you really are Wally's twin." Artemis chuckled. Zoom smiled at the sight of her laughing. Artemis noticed this and stopped smiling.

"What happened to your face?" She asked. She couldn't help but feel concerned, he looked exactly like her lover. He even sounded like him when he was angry. There was a dark bruise on his face.

"You just love to kick people in the face." Zoom said as he rubbed his cheek. "Even when it's not on purpose."

"How did you even get on Watchtower?"

"You could get anywhere when you look like Kid Flash."

"There's a lot more to him than you think." Artemis said.

"I have all of his thoughts and memories. I know everything about him."

"That may be true. But you don't know how I feel about him."

"Why do you keep defending him? What does he have that I don't?!" Artemis was silent.

"You're just not my Wally." She answered, calmly.

"Dude, maybe you should take a break." Nightwing said to Wally.

"I need to keep training." He replied.

"You need to take a break." Zatanna said. "Your body needs to rest or you'll be in serious trouble."

"I'm already in serious trouble! So what's the point?"

"Your body is going to quit on you, that's the point." Raquel said with a sundae in her hands. "At least have a snack." She held out the sundae.

Wally looked at the sundae and considered taking it. But somehow it reminded him of Artemis and turned it down. "It might disrupt my training."

"Your stomach would eat this up so fast it'd be like you never ate it." M'gann commented.

"I need to concentrate on training if I want to beat Zoom and save Artemis." Wally took a sip of water and wiped his forehead with a towel.

"We know you have a lot on your plate. Literally." Zatanna looked at his sundae. "But you need to take a break. Artemis would hit you if you died before you could save her."

"If I don't prepare for this, none of us will come back alive."

"If you keep doing this, you won't come back alive." Nightwing reasoned.

"I know you're even more stressed now that Zoom has Artemis, but you've trained enough." M'gann said, calmly. She sat next to him and put hand on his shoulder. "The Speed Force gave you the same strength and power Zoom does."

"And you're not gonna help anyone if you pass out from exhaustion and Zoom kicks your ass." Raquel added.

"So please take a break and relax." Zatanna said as Raquel offered him the sundae again. Wally thought for a moment before taking it and eating a big bite of it.

"Zoom's not gonna hurt her. Would you ever hurt her on purpose?" Wally shook his head. "Then he won't hurt her." Nightwing said as he tried to sneak a bit of Wally's sundae. Wally growled at him and he immediately took his hand back.

"What were you planning to do with me anyway?" Artemis asked Zoom as she watched him clean his goggles. "I mean it's not like you actually exist here."

"We could go anywhere. We could go off the grid and start a new life together."

"Right..." Artemis wished she had her arrows right now.

"We could even go back to my dimension." This confused Artemis.

"I thought Wally created you when he got out of the Speed Force."

"He didn't create me. I got sucked into the Speed Force at the same time he did. And instead of going back to my universe, I ended up in this one." Zoom explained.

"Thanks for clearing that up. But what if I say no?"

"Then I'll make you come with me. I have my ways of getting what I want and I know people who will be happy to help." He threatened.

"You're going to regret this. We both know you will." Artemis smirked darkly and Zoom scowled.

Zoom looked at the time. "Time to go."

"Go? Go where?" She asked.

"It's time to see who will win your heart." Artemis' eyes widened. Zoom was about to pick her up, when she stopped him. "Wait, I can't be seen without my costume. Do you know how many questions they'll ask."

"Right. It's a good thing I took your Artemis costume." Zoom threw her the costume from inside the closet. "Get dressed. And don't try anything." Zoom walked out of the room to let her change.

After she got dressed, Zoom put the cuffs back on Artemis and picked her up, avoiding her arms as she struggled.

"Wally, check this out." Flash called out as he watched the news.

"This is Iris West-Allen with breaking news. Zoom is back in Central City and officials have evacuated the entire city. We're not sure what he is planning to do, but better safe than sorry." She looked closer at the video. "Wait, what is-" Iris eyes widened for moment before calming her face for the camera. "It looks like Zoom has kidnapped Green Arrow's ex-partner, Artemis."

The video showed Zoom putting Artemis down. She was in full costume except with no arrows, no bow and her belt completely empty of any weapons, she was completely defenseless. The video cut off from Zoom's harsh wind.

Kid Flash huffed as he got dressed and ran to the zeta tubes.

"M'gann, call the bio-ship." Nightwing ordered as he, M'gann and Conner rushed to the hanger.

Kid Flash ran to the middle of town where he believed Zoom and Artemis were.

As he approached them, he couldn't help but smile at his fiancé.


"Kid!" Artemis tried to walk to him but Zoom stopped her.

"Time to fight. If you want her, you'll have to get through me."

"Bring it." Kid Flash narrows his eyes. Superboy dropped down from the bio-ship to scoop Artemis into his arms and take her to safety. This distracted Zoom and gave Kid Flash enough time to run away.

Kid Flash ran so far that when he stopped Zoom looked like an ant.

"Okay, Wally, you can do this. Everything's riding on this. Just think about Artemis. She needs you." Kid Flash began to run towards Zoom with enormous speed, creating such harsh winds you'd think a huge storm was coming.

Zoom was not expecting such power from Kid Flash. He thought about running away from him but that would only give Kid Flash more power. He had to find a way to block him and fast. Zoom decided to run toward Kid Flash.

Kid Flash saw Zoom run toward him and ran faster. They got closer and closer until Kid Flash and Zoom collided. It created a massive wave of wind that sent both Zoom and Kid Flash flying backwards into buildings.

Artemis watched the battle from inside the bio-ship with Nightwing, Miss Martian and Superboy. Nightwing had just got the cuffs off of Artemis when a massive wave of wind almost knocked the bio-ship out of the sky. It crashed to the ground, making everyone that was inside it fall out.

When they turned their attention back to Kid Flash and Zoom, Kid Flash was trying to stand while Zoom was on his knees, breathing heavily. The wind force they created still flowed around the until a portal opened. The same portal to the Speed Force as they seen before.

"It appears one of us will be trapped inside the Speed force again, Kid Flash." Zoom said as he got to his feet. "And It will not be me." Zoom ran ahead and punched Kid Flash.

Kid Flash pushed him and ran away to get more speed. Zoom did the same. In the background the Speed Force portal went from being the size of a large TV to the size of a movie screen. It sucked in near by cars and debris from broken down buildings.

Kid Flash and Zoom kept crashing into each other, trying to knock the other down.

The team looked on from where they stood. The wind whipping their hair around them. Artemis looked on helplessly worried for her boyfriend.

She wanted so badly to help him. But she knew there was nothing she could do without being incredibly stupid.

As they watched on, they looked like two lights colliding again and again.

When they collided, Zoom grabbed Kid Flash and tried to push him into the portal.

"No!" Artemis cried as she watched Kid Flash almost get sucked into the Speed Force.

Kid Flash recovered from almost being sucked in and grabbed Zoom by the shoulders. Zoom did the same and they both tried to push the other into the Speed Force.

While watching Zoom and Kid Flash fight the ground beneath everyone started cracking and breaking apart. Without knowing it, Artemis starting getting closer to the portal with the piece of ground she was standing on.

Zoom finally landed a good punch to Kid Flash's face that left him a bit dizzy and in a blank state.

Before he could even celebrate his victory, Zoom heard a cry for help. Everyone turned and saw Artemis trying to hold on to the piece of ground she was once standing on. Her feet were just entering the Speed Force and she shouted in pain as the pressure started to crush her.

"AHHH!" Artemis shouted over the harsh winds. "Wally helped me!" This seemed to snap Kid Flash out of his dazed state.

"ARTEMIS!" Both Zoom and Kid Flash shouted. They ran toward her, once they were in front of the portal they noticed Artemis' body started to fade just Kid Flash's did in the North Magnetic pole. She didn't have much time.

Kid Flash tried to enter it but it wouldn't allow him in. He struggled with all his might but it wouldn't let him grab Artemis. Artemis was now half way into the Speed Force portal. She was screaming in agony as the pressure continued to crush her fading body.

"Artemis! I'm coming!" Kid Flash struggled against the invisible force field that surrounded the portal, protecting it and the fading Artemis. He couldn't lose the love of his life. That would kill him.

The others watched on in shock as they couldn't do anything to help. Even with powers they would be crush by the pressure of the Speed Force, including Superboy and harsh winds would be to hard for any of them to get close to the portal.

Zoom watched as Kid Flash struggled with his burden. He then watched the love of his life as she was being sucked into the speed force. Taking all of this in, He realized there was only one thing he could do.

Zoom ran a good distance away from the portal, before running straight for it. He ran as fast he could, with all the power he get. His only focus was seeing Artemis' head slip inside the portal.

"Artemis! "NO!" Kid Flash shouted as he watched his fiancé get complete submerged by the portal. He was about to give up on everything when he saw Zoom running at his most powerful, run straight into the Speed Force.

It was quiet for a moment before the portal started disappearing.

Wally pounded a fist to the ground that left a crack. He had failed. He failed Artemis. Not only did he lose to Zoom but he had lost Artemis.

The portal to the Speed Force closed up entirely and M'gann gasped.

"Artemis!" She hasn't shouted like that since the horrible training exercise.

Kid Flash sunk to his knees and stared in absolute shock. Suddenly, a spark appeared and the entire portal opened up for moment. Artemis fell out of it as if she was thrown out. The portal vanished again.

"Artemis?" Superboy went help her but she didn't answer. She had blood running down the sides of her head from temples. There was blood coming from her mouth.

M'gann called the bio-ship and they rushed Artemis to the nearest hospital.

All she heard was the constant beep every 2 seconds. Beyond that there was silence. Artemis opened her eyes slowly. She squinted, trying to adjust to the light coming from the window that glared into her eyes. She tried to move her arms but found it hard. They felt very heavy. Like lifting two 5 ton weights.

Artemis then noticed she had on a gas mask. She felt chords attached to her chest and sticking out of her arms.

Someone walked into the room. Artemis wanted to see who it was but she had no energy.

"Artemis?" She recognized the voice of the time traveling speedster. "Are you awake?"

"B-Bart?" Her voice cracked. It was rough and sort of deep from not being used. It also didn't help that she had to talk through her gas mask.

"I'm so glad you're awake!" He cheered. He was about to hug her when he remembered how many machines she was hooked up to. "How do you feel?"

"I-I can't lift anything." Bart nodded waiting for her to continue. "What happened to me? All I remember was watching Wally fight Zoom."

"Well," Bart sat down next to her. "While Wally and Zoom were fighting, the wind from the Speed Force was making the ground beneath you and the team, weak. Unfortunately for you, the piece you were standing on slowly took you toward the Speed Force. Wally tried to save you but it wouldn't let him through. Zoom sacrificed himself for you by pushing you out."

"How did I get hurt so bad?"

"You're still a non-meta human. The Speed Force crushed you to the point that they had to take you to the hospital closest to you."

"So we're in a normal hospital right now? Do they know who I am?"

"No. Black Canary handled anything having to do with your secret ID." Bart replied. Artemis nodded.

"What day is it?"

"It's September 2nd." Bart answered.

"Wha- September what happened to July?"

"You were crushed so bad the doctor said there was a chance you might wake up."

Artemis eyes widened. "S-So I've been out for.." She guessed about 3 weeks.

"For almost 2 months." Bart said. Artemis looked out the window in disbelief, then she noticed that the wind carried a lot more leaves than it did in the summer.

She couldn't believe it, she was out for almost 2 whole months! It all felt like a few days to her. Then again, it does explain a few things. Like why her body felt like it hadn't moved in a long time or why her voice was so rough. Because she was in a coma! Again!

"Where's Wally?" She asked after 5 minutes of silence.

"He was here but I made him go home. He needed to sleep and well, shower. He should be here in a couple of hours." Artemis nodded.

"Then why are you here?"

"I was the only one who could come see you, everyone wanted to come but they had to help Central and Keystone City. Besides I couldn't leave my future cousin in law in the hospital by herself."

Bart realized what he said. Artemis smiled. "Oops, Spoiler." He said half-heartedly, though he knew it was no spoiler. He chuckled lightly and stood up. "I'll get the doctor and tell him you're awake."

"Before you do, make sure Wally knows. I really want to see him."

"Will do." Bart walked out of the room.

Artemis sat up in bed, trying to eat the medicine induced apple sauce. But it was difficult seeing as how her arms weighed more than her.

She finally gave up when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Babe!" Wally ran toward her and hugged her tightly.

"Ah! Ahh!" She yelled in pain. He quickly let go.

"Sorry!" He said with a look of fear on his face.

"Just kidding." She smiled. "I'm on so many painkillers, I don't feel a thing. I just wish I could move my arms." Wally noticed the apple sauce in her hands and how they were stuck in her lap. He took the cup of apple sauce and the spoon and started feeding her.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too." Wally kissed her on the lips, sweetly.

"If you can't move your arms, then how did you get ready and take a shower? You smell like you just got out."

"A nurse helped me." Wally smirked.

"Sounds hot." He commented.

"I will castrate you with this spoon." She threatened.

"How? You can't lift your arms."

"Touché, Speedy. Touché." They laughed.

"I'm so glad you're awake. I'm sorry I let this happen to you."

"Don't start." Wally looked at her. "None of this is your fault. It's the Reach's fault."

"If I didn't leave you that night. Zoom wouldn't have kidnapped you."

"You were mad. One of us always leaves when we have a big fight. And you would have left anyway. Eventually you would get hungry." Artemis explained.

"Still I can't help but blame myself. I'm sorry for the fight by the way."

"It was a stupid fight. It's over." Wally smiled at her.

"So, did Zoom hurt you or anything?" He asked, softly as he wiped some sauce from the side of her mouth.

"No, we just talked. Turns out you didn't create him when you left the Speed Force. He got sucked in from his universe." Wally didn't say anything, so Artemis kept talking. "He looks just like you except for the dark brown hair and pale green eyes."

"Are you sure nothing happened?"

"No. Just getting to know my kidnapper."

Artemis thought about Zoom for moment. Even though he looked exactly like Wally, he was different. He had his own way of doing things. He didn't stuff his face with food or talk about science or even make a bad joke just to be funny. Even if he was evil, he sacrificed himself for her. He said he loved her and he proved it. Artemis knows she'll always feel something for him, though they fail in comparison to what she felt for Wally. And for that Artemis hoped found his way to his universe.

Artemis' thoughts were cut off by Wally feeding her the last bite of apple sauce. She almost gagged at the taste.

"Hmm, Disgusting." She and Wally chuckled. "When can you bring me some real food?"

"I'll sneak you some food later." Wally looked into her eyes. "I love you."

"I love you, too." They kissed softly for a bit. They pulled away as Ollie, Dinah, Paula, Barry and Jade walked in.

"Artemis!" Paula said. Jade pushed her next to Artemis and they hugged.

"How are you feeling?" Dinah asked.

"Good. Starting to get the feeling back in my arms." Artemis answered as she let her mother go.

"So Zoom is gone?" Ollie asked.

"Yep. He's back in the Speed Force and as long as we don't go too fast. We shouldn't hear from him." Wally smiled. He sat next to Artemis on her bed. He took Artemis' hand and they looked at each other sweetly.

"Ah, Love birds. It's about time you got engaged." Barry said.

Wally and Artemis stiffened and they looked toward the others. Jade shook her hands in front of her with an unknown expression on her face. She looked like a girl that was trying to calm herself down before she made a scene. Ollie just stood in place with his eyes narrowed.

"What?!" They shouted in unison.

"Did I forget to mention that Wally and I are engaged?" Artemis said shyly.

"With everything going on we haven't exactly had time to tell anyone without them guessing." Wally babbled.

While Barry, Dinah and Paula congratulated them, Jade and Ollie remained silent.

"What?!" They shouted again.

"Wally," Paula said to Wally. "Run."

"On it!" Wally ran out of the room with Jade and Ollie running behind him.

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