I am in the bakery with Peeta. He is rolling a big batch of dough and starring at a family.

The little child is hopping up and down while holding her fathers hand.

"When will my cake be ready Daddy?" She pleads

"Soon." He smiles

I stare at the look on Peeta's face. I have said no to a child many times. I know he wants one so badly. I feel a ping of guilt. I have made him wait so many times. Maybe I should consider having a child. Peeta and I aren't going to stay in our 20s for long. I love Peeta and I want him to be happy. I guess over supper I should speak about it with him. I am not sure quite yet.

It is past 3:00, and I am tired from standing all day long.

"Are you ready to go home and help me make dinner?" He smiles grabbing our wool coats.

"Yes. I am starving!" I smile taking my coat and wrapping it around my tired shoulders.

As we walk out of the bakery door, I see two children playing by the pond. The boy dumps her head closer to the water as a joke. She giggles and pushes him as he trips and falls over. They both start to laugh.

I look at Peeta's face and I feel pure guilt. Why have I made him wait so long? It is so selfish of me! He grabs my hand and we walk home.

"Katniss, I know you don't appreciate me talking about this but, I am dying to have a child." Peeta is staring at me waiting for me to say the one response he needs.

I sigh. "Okay." I say staring into his anxious blue eyes. For a moment he is frozen in shock. Yet his face splits into a wide grin and he spins me around. I laugh and kiss him gently.

We sprint home and walk through the door.

We prepare supper which is meatballs and noodles that we have just bought from the market.

"Are you certain that you are ready?" Peeta asks as he slurps down his fresh water. I hesitate for a moment.

"I want this child but what if it isn't safe enough here?" I sigh as I swallow my chewed up meat.

"Katniss, Panem no longer has The Hunger Games, our child can live without having an empty stomach, and they will be absolutely safe here!" Peeta smiles. I bite my lip. I know that I cannot selfishly let Peeta wait. I know that this is my decision too. Yet, we are not getting any younger and it will eventually come to a point where we cannot have any children due to our age. I have to take chances in life instead of being afraid.

"Okay, I am definitely ready. I cannot be frightened my whole life. I need to take this chance and hope that it all works out." I smile softly. Peeta jumps out of his chair and picks me up over his shoulder and carries me to our bedroom...

Its been 6 weeks and we have been trying every other night.

I step out of bed and I can smell the scent of eggs and baken. I wish Peeta let me sleep in. He never does. I sigh and walk into our bathroom.

I open up the cabinet and look at today.

Today I should have my period. I take off my underwear and look at the pad.

Its white and fresh. I stare at the calendar to see if I marked the right day. I counted the days since my last period. There was a red X shown on that day. I didn't have my period there!

I dropped the calendar and my hands were shaking. I know this is a good thing if I am pregnant but somehow I cannot control myself. I have to tell Peeta. I get dressed into my regular clothing and walk downstairs.

I sit at the table and I bite my lip.

"Everything alright?" Peeta asks as he places my plate full of food in front of me.

"I have been late for 2 months now." I blurt out. Peeta has a look of happiness across his face.

"Do you know what this means? You could be pregnant!" He says happily as he takes a bite out of his baken.

"I know that. I am just a little bit nervous." I smile.

"Instead of going to the bakery today, maybe we could visit Dr. May. To be certain if you are pregnant." Peeta says as he washes his dish off. I nod. I hope I am pregnant but at the same time, I feel terrified.

Peeta and I walk towards the hospital. My hands are sweaty and sticky.

We arrive and walk in. Peeta checks me in and we wait in the waiting area.

Peeta looks nervous, he is tapping his fingers on the arms of the chair, and he is licking his lips. Whenever he lips his licks I can tell that he is nervous. I am surprisingly calm. I know that if I am pregnant I have Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, and plenty of other people to support me.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mellark?" We see Dr. May pop out of a room. We stand up and walk inside as she closes the door behind us.

"Good morning! I see that you are hear to make sure that you are pregnant?" She says as she reads off of her clipboard. We both nod.

"Alrighty, Katniss sit down here on this." Dr. May pats this chair that almost looks like a bed yet it is not. I do as she says and I sit down. "Take off your pants and underwear for me, so I can stick this skinny camera up there and you can see the tv. If a small little white blotch is shown, then you are pregnant. If not, keep trying!" She smiles politely. I take off my underwear and pants. She sticks the tube up my crotch, and I giggle as I feel the coldness of it enter my body.

Peeta and I stare at the TV anxiously. I see a small white thing in the middle of the tv. It is kind of bigger than I expected it to be.

"Thats the baby!" Dr. May shouts. I look at Peeta who is smiling so hard he looks funny. I feel a small ping of terror rush through my body yet I am relieved. If I wasn't pregnant after we left this visit, than Peeta would be to upset for me to handle.

We arrive home and I run up to our bedroom. Inside our closet we have a tall mirror to look at ourselves in.

I lift my shirt up so my stomach shows and I stare at it.

"What are you doing? I hear Peeta say as he enters the bedroom.

"I am looking to see if my stomach has grown a little because of the baby." I say. I observe it. I see that my stomach did grow a little. It is sort of noticeable but not to noticeable. Peeta enters the closet and looks into the mirror.

"It did grow!" He says excitedly. I smile because he is so happy. I let my shirt down and kiss him for a long time. I am scared yet happy to be having this baby with my true love.