Hi guys! I think this is going to be the last chapter of this story! I know I know, its so short but I really want to start the next book (the sequel!). I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and read the sequel! I love you guys! :)


I never knew that I could be this Mother.

I was scared to have children, I was worried they would have to go through the horrible life I had to go through. Yet, they are safe, and warm in my arms. Pespin the age I was when I volunteered to be in the Hunger Games. Lux and Lathan are 14 years old, and they tend to irk each other too much.

Peeta and I are so in love, even at the ages of 35 and 36.

I hope that my children will have better lives, no not better amazing lives, unlike the retched lives I had to go through. It was horrible.

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to leave the shore." ~Unknown