The Elder one was telling a tale. It was a F
elicity tale, one on Kaelis favourites but today the story just made her restless. So what if Felicity fought warrior cats of the Frei colony, so what if she talked to the horrible creatures called dogs, just all in all so what if she was the greatest cat since Georaca the slayer.

Felicity had the greatest adventures thought Kaelis. I'll never have such adventures. Felicity had ended her days in the Maipel's house. Her family of Fire Labroues had lived here ever since. The old place must have been full of light and life in Felicitys time, generations ago-but now it was full of dust and musty smells. The windows were always closed, the doors always locked. There was a garden but it was surrounded by a high stone wall. Felicity had been the last to cross it. In all those years since then no one left the Mailpel's house.

Now, no one exept Kaelis was even listening to the tale of Felicity's adventure of the dark rising moon. Father, Mother and Aunt Lucy were dozing in the sun shining through the window. Her big brother Leo was flexing his muscles; her Cousin Hannah was fiddling with her collar; her little sisters Kay, May and Daisy were playing one of those kittenish games that Kaelis could never see the point of and wasn't allowed to join in anyway.

No one was looking at her. This was her chance. She'd been out in the garden before, but the family didn't like it out there, and never let her stay very long. Stealthy as Felicity herself Kaelis rose up and padded to the cat door. She could see the garden on the other side. She could almost feel the fresh air, brushing through her whiskers. She nudged it open -
"Kaelis Paw!" It was Father. "Where do you think you are going?" Kaelis spun around. The tale was over;they'd woken up and seen her. But this time, she wouldn't give in.