Author's Note:

Hey guys! This is Dino-SOAR and my best friend herUSMCdream and we have decided to do a collaboration piece for The Walking Dead. This fanfiction is very AU and does not follow any of the plot line for the TV show. Although this piece does not follow the original plot line, they will come across all the characters in the show. Just like the show, none of the characters are safe and all of them have the same personality traits as they were given in the show. Also – this story is rated T. BUT… there will be M rated chapters in the future! We will always warn you in the authors note – BUT BE AWARE that there will be some smut and violent scenes/scenarios. Hope you guys enjoy and don't be afraid to give us feedback on what you think!

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Hayley's POV –

"Let's climb it!"

"Or not," I counter back in a dead pan voice.

"We're doing it." Victoria says as she moves towards the giant mound of snow, her feet already digging in as she starts a quick, yet deliberate descent up the snow bank.

"This thing is like four stories high." I yell back to her as I stomp my foot trying for one last whine before I know she will talk me into climbing it with her.

"Stop being a pussy!" She hollers from twenty feet above me. I stare at her footprints in the snow and sigh knowing there was absolutely no way I could talk her out of making me go up there. I was so going to regret this. I just knew I would.

I dig my feet into her footprints and continued the pattern until she has coaxed me three fourths of the way up.

"This is awesome!" She bellows from the top. "Hurry the hell up so you can see the view!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Don't rush me! You know how much I hate heights and exercise."

By the time I finally reach the top, I was panting and questioning why I was still friends with the blond chick I called my best friend before I realized that the view from atop actually was amazing. I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Maybe facing your fears weren't so bad after all.

"You know this is a once in a lifetime thing right?" I asked her when we were quiet for a bit.

"Yeah, I know." She shrugs at me before asking, "You hungry?"

"Aren't I always?" I challenge.

"So true." She calls back as she begins to travel back down to the pavement with ease. Halfway down, she turns back around and notices that I'm still stuck in the same spot she left me in. "Come on Maltzy, I don't have all day." The nickname she has for me brings a small smile to my face before I realize that she is right. I can't just stand up here all day on this mountain of snow, yet I have no clue what-so-ever how I'm supposed to get back down when the snow is too steep to just step down and there is nowhere to grab onto. My eyes widen at the fear that I may not be able to get back down until the snow melts hits me like a wrecking ball.

"Victoria!" I call out, the panic in my voice clearly visible.

"You rang?" She laughs; her obvious amusement at my predicament evident in her laughing green eyes.

I look at her footprints again, my eyes darting all around to find a possible exit route before giving her a look that states 'HELP ME!'

"Hayley, relax," she says, all humor gone from her voice when she realizes how scared I really am. "Just step into the footprints I made."

"I can barely even see them!"

"Yes you can, you're just being over dramatic. Do you need me to come back up and get you?" She asks, starting to move a bit towards me and digging her shoes deeper into the already indented snow.

"No!" I yell, not wanting the help and also not wanting her to prove how better she was then me again at anything that has to do with any physical activity. I was nearly twenty years old! I could fucking figure out how to get off a pile of snow without her help. Thinking for a quick second I did the first thing that came to mind, sat on my ass and slid down the rest of the way.

"That's one way of doing it." Victoria smiles, her blond hair bouncing back in forth in its place atop her head as she practically runs the rest of the way down the snow bank. Athletic bitch. She is about to say more before we are interrupted by the sounds of sirens getting closer to our area near the road. We glance behind us, my jaw dropping, when I see the amount of ambulances that drive by. There must be at least fifteen of them, all going in the same direction.

"Weird." I mumble.

"Probably some idiotic drunk driver cruising all over the road and causing massive destruction with every swerve he makes. Ready to head back to your house?"

I nod, turning in the direction of my house. "Shouldn't take too long."

As we make our way onto the main road, I can't help but wish we brought one of our cars. "I hate walking." I state.

"That's because you're a lazy ass."

I smile. "I just hate moving dude."

She rolls her eyes and playfully pushes me into a small pile of snow as we walk towards my street. "Hey!" I yell, pushing her back once I get back up.

She is stronger than I am, so she holds her ground pretty well until I push her again while she isn't paying attention, and make her stumble a bit.

"Remember the time you blamed me when you walked into that wall during our sophomore year of high school? You were so pissed" I reminisce, while wiping my jeans off of any excess snow.

She laughs loudly at the thought. "You were so confused."

"Well obviously! You walked into the wall and then started yelling at me!"

"Well duh. It was your fault. If you weren't taking up more than half the hallway, I would've never walked into that wall!"

I couldn't help but smile at her joke since we were always cracking jokes about each other's non-existent fat, but decided to play offended anyway. "I was not taking up more than half the hallway! You just clearly can't talk and walk at the same time."

"What do you think I'm doing right now dumbass?" She asks rolling her eyes before looking up and noticing that we are approaching my house. "Is your Mom home yet? I haven't seen her since before you went back to school."

"I think so." I open the door, making it squeak and crash against the wall before heading straight into my living room with Victoria not far behind.

"Mom?" I call out. No answer.

"Weird. Wasn't that her car?" Victoria nods back towards the front part of our house.

"Maybe she's on the shitter?" I thought aloud.

Victoria rolls her eyes and chuckles, as she starts to go through my kitchen cabinets looking for some much needed food.

"Make yourself at home I guess?" I say teasingly.

"Please, we all know your mother likes me better anyway. This would be my home if I didn't like mine so much" She teases back. I smile at her and turn to head to my room when my eyes are drawn to my mother's dark form in the threshold of the doorway.

"Hey Mom," I say, glad that I found her.

My mother groans loudly and shuffles awkwardly towards me.

"Mom?" I call out again but there is still no affirmative answer, just some more groaning and a shuffling as she comes closer to me. Her body comes into full view when she is completely out of the darkened hallway and into the light of the kitchen and I immediately notice a large wound on her arm and how disgustingly pale she looks. Sickly even. Her clothes are askew and torn, as if she had just made her way out of a horrible fight.

"Oh my gosh!" I hear Victoria cry when she finally notices my mother. "Are you alright?"

My mother quickly looks to her left, not realizing that Victoria had been there until now. She stops and groans again then starts shuffling towards her, teeth baring and arms outstretched as if to make a grab for her.

"MOM!" I shout, baffled by my mother's behavior. I knew my mother would eventually go insane, I just didn't realize it would be this soon. My voice makes her turn again but this time instead of moving slow and with purpose she pounces on me making us both fall to the ground.

"Victoria, do something!" I manage to screech out as I struggle to get out from under her but she is just too strong. Victoria looks around my kitchen for a second and then grabs a knife from the magnetic strip we have hanging near our oven, holding it out as if she were about to stab my mother.

"Get off of her!" She yells with terror in her voice. When my mother continues to growl and bare her teeth at me, Victoria does the one thing that she can think of, graze the back of her calf with the knife. My mother lets me go and with a howl, stands to go after Victoria.

"Mom! Get the fuck away from her!" I yell while trying to keep my voice from shaking. She looks back at me and starts towards me again. "Fuck!" I yell, reaching my arms out so she can't get too close to me. I hit her fiercely, trying to run around her but manage to trip over my own feet. She growls in my face and nearly sinks her teeth into my leg until she falls face forward into me, her eyes still and her movements stop. Victoria helps roll her off of me and when I finally stand I see the knife Victoria was holding sticking out of her head.

"Mom!" I scream, grabbing for her, tears already streaming down my cheeks. "How could you?!" I screamed up at my friend.

"She was about to kill you! She could've given you rabies or whatever the fuck she has!"

"What the fuck is your problem?!" I couldn't do this. How was I supposed to tell my brother that I just killed our mother? How was I supposed to get through my college years without her advice? How on earth was Victoria not going to go to jail? I let out a choked sob. I couldn't lose my mother and my best friend. Had I already lost her? She just killed my mother! Or what was my mother.

I was broken from my thoughts with Victoria pulling me out the door and towards her car "We have to go! I'm sorry about your Mom, but you can stay with me for a while. We have to go! It's not safe here! My parents will know what to do! You know my Dad!" She says as she settles us into the tan Mercury Sable and starts the car. "He'll know how to handle this." She says more to herself than me.

The whole drive to her house I am hysterical. I am nearly screaming, but I don't know what I'm trying to say or even if my words are making sense. The only thoughts in my mind are my mother's lifeless face and getting a hold of my brother TJ, yet with every dial of his number I know that I won't be able to talk to him anytime soon.

"He's not picking up!" I scream.

"Shh!" Victoria shushes me as she gets out of her car. I follow suit, not sure why I deserve to be shushed but listen as she is. I notice that I don't hear anything. There is nothing. No car alarms, no horns, no wheels on the pavement, no screaming Hispanic neighbors, no nothing like there usually is during this time of day.

"This isn't right." She mumbles to herself and heads towards her front door, opening it quietly.

"Dad?" She calls out. "Mom? Corey?"

No answer. Nothing but the sound of our foot steps against the hardwood flooring. I wipe my eyes for the millionth time and follow her into her kitchen. "Corey?" She calls out one more time, almost desperately.

I press TJ's name on my phone again, getting nervous at the lack of noise. I need something to hold onto, something to help stop the anxiety that is just minutes away from giving me a full blown panic attack. I hold the phone to my ear as it rings and heads straight to voicemail again. "Seriously TJ this is not the time to not be answering your damn phone!" I say mostly to myself.

"Relax; just let me call my parents." Victoria says calmly, pulling out her own phone. She turns it on and slightly gasps at whatever is on it.

"What?" I ask with concern laced into my voice.

"My Mom texted me while we were on the snow bank. She said she was at the store. I bet my Dad and brother are with her!" She says, grabbing her car keys. "Let's go!"

"Wait!" I yell. "Call them first! Tell them to come here!"

"She's not answering!" She says after holding the phone to her ear for a moment. "I can't just wait around! We have to find them. Explain what happened with your Mom."

I nod, rubbing my eyes once more as we make our way to her car and speed through deserted roads and stop lights.

Once we get to Stop and Shop, we drive around from the back.

"My parents usually park in the back of the front parking lot." She explains.

"Alright, let's check the store first though. I'm sure she's just buying dinner or something." I mumble, but not really believing it myself.

She nods and we make our way to the store. "It's so quiet."

We walk through the sliding black doors and are automatically faced with pure chaos. Those things are everywhere. The ones like my Mom. They are all wandering around, as if dead, but not. I gasp audibly. Victoria's hand moves suddenly and she puts it on my mouth but it's too late. The "man" closet to us hears it and his head turns in our direction. A loud moan rips through him and his body twists so that he is now shuffling towards us with a vengeance. Behind him is about ten more of them.

"Get to the car!" Victoria yells, grabbing my forearm and moving us back to where we came from.

We run as fast as we can but we're cut off by others.

"Shit!" I yell and see Victoria dart to the side. I run after her, wondering where in God's name she plans on running to when I lay eyes on three white trucks with pictures of groceries packed in a brown bag on the side. Fucking genius. I knew this is why I decided to become best friends with her!

I see Victoria running towards the one closet to us, her body skidding to a stop at the back of it. Her hands and legs climb as fast as they can up the white ladder until she is at the top. She turns and sees me looking back at the steadily growing people chasing us down.

"Hayley!" I look up at her and see her hand extended. "Grab my hand!" I reach up and slightly jump to grab it before she pulls me up. I looked behind me to see the sick people surrounding us.

There was no way out. We are so screwed.