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The Long Road Ahead

Act I

Episode I

Information Leak

Sitting cross-legged in the black-leather airport chair, Teletha Testarossa's nimble fingers flipped up the metal tabs of a manila folder and pulled back the top piece of paper. She plunged her slender hand into the tan colored envelope. On her skin she could feel the layers of paper stacked tightly on top of one another. Teletha grasped the stack between her index and middle fingers and thumb, lifting the insides of the envelope with her other fingers. There was a momentary pause. Gray eyes darted upward and looked about the terminal before looking down again. This envelope, labeled simply as 'Case-File TC-1: Classified,' sat in her lap, hand still dug deep within its belly. Teletha hesitated for a moment before pulling out the small stack of white papers. Pulling off the small paper-clip that held them all together, she set them down in her lap once again. Her eyes wandered again. Plastered across the cover-page of the diminutive stack of documents were the words 'Eyes only."

Using her free hand she quickly brushed away a few strands of gray hair from her face. Tessa's head tilted upward. She sat in a small airport terminal somewhere in the east-central United States. Recently she, along with a small number of other Mithril officers, had been called to a meeting on the eastern seaboard of her home country. Being summoned to an 'in-person' meeting was a rare occurrence. In fact, she didn't even remember the last time such a thing had happened, if ever. The General Council advised "extreme caution" during travel, urging those invited to maintain a low non-military profile in their travels. It was a strange request to say the least. Although, for Tessa this meant flight hoping from terminal to terminal after she landed on the west coast. She made her way across the country as a civilian, but not without escort of course. A guard to the left and one on the right, both disguised as travelers, just like her. Seemingly the three of them blended into the crowd. Each escort keeping distance from the next, but keeping Tessa in the middle. Everything was moving along like clockwork.

She herself opted for the guise of a business woman. Her clothing differed little than that of what she normally wore. Instead of a tan skirt, she changed it to black, same with her jacket, and so forth. The young woman even brought along a matching leather suitcase that now rested against her legs. Other than that, Tessa felt quite at home in her uniform. On the way to the General Council meeting one of her escorts noted that it felt unnecessary. Tessa couldn't of have helped but agree. The trip to the east coast went off without a hitch. Not a cause for alarm. But under the circumstances on the return trip her feelings differed. She now had a pinch of nervousness in her system.

Tessa's attention quickly returned to the documents in her lap. Even though there was a risk of looking these over in public, the airport was relatively empty. She had an entire row to herself. Shifting in her seat her right hand slowly reached for her ponytail that lay on her shoulder. Out of habit she began to twist it around in her fingers while the other hand pulled away the cover page of the case-file. It was the same information gone over at the council meeting. In sum, it wasn't much. A few pages of summary, a garbled mass of words, a number of financial documents, and a couple of black-and-white photographs was all that the folder contained. Nonetheless, Tessa reviewed the information once again. Simply because there isn't quantity doesn't mean there isn't quality.

Most of the file was short, but by no means to the point. The first page was only mentioning the circumstances in which the information was acquired. Apparently there was a packet of 'leaked' information that fell into Mithril's sweaty palms. Further down the page another name lay highlighted in bright fluorescent yellow-green, "The Collective." The rest of the first page only explained what Tessa already knew or was just pure speculation on what the name meant in relation to the rest of the report. The next two pages were formatted in a similar fashion. Two names appeared in large bold print. "PROJECT: BOREAS" and "PROJECT: PUPPET MASTER" were the names highlighted. But just as before. Aside from the names themselves Mithril had virtually no information one what exactly these two 'projects' were. The rest of the page was filled with more empty speculation. Despite have such a strong intelligence network behind them, Mithril seemed to be struggling into assembling the puzzle of what they thought might be a much larger image. That's what scared them, despite the fact they only had maybe five pieces of what could be a thousand piece puzzle.

Each following page was not much different. Blocks of text drew attention to a number of financial transactions across the globe. Some cash transfers, that sort of thing. While separately each cash exchange might be overlooked, when lumped together like they were they formed a picture. But a heavily clouded picture at best. Warehouses across the world were being bought up. Pieces of land being purchased from locals that bordered the Pacific Ocean, things of that nature literally were stuffed into the walls of plain text that Tessa cradled in her hand. Interestingly, what caught Tessa's attention, as well as the rest of Mithril's, was the purchase of a number of outdated cargo vessels at ports around the world. Vessels, old but still in working condition, were being bought up at a strangely quick rate. In combination, many of these vessels lay in port cities where the warehouses had been purchased as well, although there will still some bought in land-locked states. Once again, this information was slathered in the fluorescent highlighter ink.

Time passed as she neared the end of the report. Her mind was soaking in and reviewing all this information a second time. Finally she had reached a break in the walls of text. There were a number of photographs. Each was copied into the pages of the report and label numerically. Tessa had to strain her eyes in an effort to make out each blurred picture. In summary, many of the photos were uninteresting. Most of them simply supplemented the report with pictures of the locations and ships that had been purchased. Yet a final photo caught her eye. It was this photo that seemed to stick out amongst the rest during the meeting the day before. It was the hazy picture of a man, late 30's or early 40's. The man was walking between a number of large wooden crates within an enclosed structure. His face, too blurred to see, was turned away from whoever had gotten close enough for the photograph.

Tessa turned the next page, barely taking notice that all the flights out of the terminal switched to "delayed" at the same time. The final page was another wall of text. Bored, Tessa's eyes skipped to the middle of the page, another highlighted section. Oddly enough, this section at the end of the report was the most critical. It was the reason Mithril advised such 'odd' traveling methods. The highlighted section mentioned something almost unheard of. Within the highlighted block of text there was a mention of a possible hacking of a Mithril database. The word "possible" is what unnerved Tessa the most. Not to mention the rest of the organization. It implied that whoever leaked the information to Mithril didn't know for sure. It meant that if they did, they didn't know what, or even how much information what stolen.

She pulled her hand away from her hair. Taking the stack of documents, Teletha Testarossa pushed them back into the folder, folding down the metal tabs sealing it semi-tightly. While the information troubled her, at the moment, there wasn't much to do besides return to Merida Island. Due to the nature of what she had read Tessa couldn't pinpoint any reason to be overly concerned, at least for the present moment. Once again she tilted her head up and shifted in her chair. Her eyes glanced between her two guards once again. One, reading a newspaper while the other seemingly was flipping through a swimsuit magazine. She noted the second escort's smirked face, but decided to let it slide. It wasn't like she could approach a supposed 'stranger' and ask him to stop looking. But the other guard would on occasion glance toward his partner and shake his head. The second would soon return the gesture with a frown and lay down the magazine for a while before picking it up again. Time was slowly ticking by, while originally her flight wouldn't depart for another 45 minutes, Tessa still didn't take not of all the indications that each flight out of the terminal would be delayed.

Unlike her protectors which had articles and pictures to pass the time, Tessa sat strangely unoccupied. After slipping the information back within her leather suitcase, a suitcase which also held her laptop, she found herself twisting her grey ponytail with her fingers again. It wasn't that she minded the trip, in fact she welcomed it. It wasn't a vacation of any sorts, but a trip nonetheless. But her feelings more lay along the lines of being active instead of being a bystander when just a case-file came in. It had been a few years since something of this nature occurred, and now she could only sit by and wait for the rest of Mithril to gather themselves.

Tessa let out a long drawn out sigh of lethargy. "I'm bored…" She groaned silently to herself, letting her mind drift away from the stacks of papers she had just read. Her hand gently smoothed out her black skirt, gripping it at the end and pulling it further toward her knees. Teletha began to tap her shoes against the carpeted floor.

In an attempt to occupy herself she let her eyes wander. She began watching people. Not surprisingly the small airport only drew a small crowd, not doubting that these people would soon board connecting flights to more populated areas. Tessa's eyes locked onto a small family a few rows over. It was a mother and father. Each was trying to restrain a group of three young children into their seats. Such a sight brought a smile to Tessa's face. The young children, the eldest no other than perhaps ten, were running around the rows of seats clearly unwanting to sit down and listen to their parents. Every once and a while one would leap over to the next row of seats, weaving in and out of people that were patiently waiting for the flight to being boarding.

The gray eyes drifted again. This time they locked upon a young man sitting near the snack-stand. Tessa narrowed her eyes. The man was fast asleep, mouthing hanging open lazily, head tilted a little bit to the side. Like her, he only had one piece of baggage, a one-strap backpack that he held against his chest that slowly rose and fell as she snored. Much like the children and parents, the man made her laugh and smile to herself. She examined him a bit closer. He slept with black sunglasses and a worn-down blue baseball cap pulled over his eyes. The hat was adorned with a bright red letter C. What made Tessa laugh a little more what that in the man's hand was a small green bag of sour candy that hung from his fingers. This bag of sours probably coming from the stand just a few feet away.

Still smirking at the sight she made her way over to the snack stand. The sight of the bag of candy made her stomach growl. It had been some time since she had eaten. Although candy wasn't food, brand-name candy sure beat peanuts and pretzels on an US airplane. Tessa could hear her business heels clack against the floor as she passed between the carpeted seating area and the tiled center of the terminal. She neared the stand. Approaching from besides the sleeping man, Tessa took a gander at the arsenal-like array of candies. Holding her suitcase in front of her with both hands the young woman swayed about, left-right and up-down, gazing at the assortment of sweets and sours.

"Good afternoon, Miss!" A cheerful voice called out as a body emerged from the confines of the stand. "Anything I can get 'cha today?!"

"Good afternoon, sir!" Tessa Testarossa replied with a similar level of cheer, a smile creeping across her face. She still swayed about, looking at all the items. "I'm…I'm still deciding actually." She admitted, half-laughing, with a tilt of her head.

The stand worker nodded his head. "Take your time. I'm obviously not going anywhere!"

Tessa bit her bottom lip. She couldn't decide. Turning her upper body, she expected to find the sleeping man behind her. Hopefully whatever he picked must be good. But as she turned she raised an eyebrow. The man was gone. Perplexed Tessa looked the other direction, spotting him walking over toward the restroom. Oddly she didn't notice him get up, but took little note of it. As he was walking away Tessa spotted the brand of sour candy he still held in his hand. Tessa's attention returned to the man behind the snack counter. Reaching forward she pulled the bag of sours off a mid-level shelf and placed it on the counter. "I'll take this, please!" Tessa stated proudly. She could almost taste it.

Her choice was received by a chuckle from the man behind the counter. "Loading up on snacks for the delay, huh?"

"Wha-?" Tessa mumbled, confused with a raised eyebrow "What do you mean, sir?"

Without saying a word the man simply nodded toward the TV screen which held the flight information. He proceeded to pull the candy towards him and scan it at his register.

Tessa glanced at the screen then out the window, half expecting a storm outside. But there was nothing. The sky was a brilliant blue and there wasn't a single cloud in the early summer sky. She turned back to the man. "Why are the flights delayed?" she questioned suspiciously.

The clerk pursed his lips and let of a burst of air, shrugging. "Beats me, Miss." He replied as she scanned the bag of sours with a computerized 'beep.' He handed the candy bag to Tessa, but before he could state the owed price he was cut short. Just as he let his hand off the plastic bag there was a flicker of the power and momentary cut in the lights above. As soon as they went out the lights flashed on again.

The pair paused, confused and surprised by the strange occurrence. The clerk frantically attempted to remember the price of the bag of candy. Tessa, on the other hand, turned her body away. She noticed the event had caught the attention of her two escorts. Each now standing and looking about curiously, just as other people were doing about the terminal. It was an airport, and it was sunny out, this thing wasn't supposed to happen.

"Huh…" Tessa murmured to herself. Not sure what to think of the abnormal situation. She stood there as a strange silence fell over the terminal. People were looking at one another confused. Some now engaging in quiet conversation with those next to them. But a majority simply sat or stood dumbfounded. The sound of a helicopter's rotating blades above drew Tessa's attention. From the sound, the vehicle traveled above their terminal, hovering over the building for just a moment before moving off in the distance.

Behind her the man drew her attention with a polite cough. "Ehem."

Tessa was quick to turn, being jolted from her thought process.

"Well…" The man began with a shrug "…it's not like this candy cost much anyway. Since I can't get my register to work, why don't you ju-."

The sound of shattering glass, a sharp silenced hiss of a bullet passing by her head, and a faint red mist emerging from the clerk's head was the only information Tessa took in as she dropped to the floor. Hands dropping her suitcase, they went immediately to her head. One reached toward her ringing ear while the other wrapped itself over the crown of her head, covering it like a helmet. It was only a momentary shock. But it seemed to last forever. There was a faint dulling over her senses. Head turning out the window she watched as an assortment of vehicles skidded to a halt just outside. Men bean to pour out the doors, weapons in hand. Like ants they scattered in different directions. Some vanished beneath the window and out of her view while others began scaling stairs that led into her terminal. They started kicking at the doors like rabid dogs, trying to gain entrance. Around her people began to scream. More bullets began hissing by. This time they came from the security gate. Men forced their way through the un-armed security personnel, guns firing wildly into the small crowd of now panicking people.

More gunshots…Loud this time…Closer this time…

Jerking her head toward her escorts, Tessa watched helplessly as both of them collapsed like ragdolls onto the floor. Each barely having a chance to compose themselves as the shooting began. She still kept her head low. Crowds of people were now running to-and-fro, trying their best to keep themselves alive as the gunmen cut into the crowd. Bodies started tumbling over the rows of black airport chairs, each becoming stiff and lifeless as they hit the ground.

Screams…Screams of panic and fear everywhere…

A quick patter of gunshots zinged just above her head, impacting the snack stand under which she had taken cover. The bullets pierced wood, metal, and candy alike. Debris of wood dust, bits of metal, and sugar fluttered down on top of her head. And some bodily reaction made her shrink lower to the ground, dropping from her knees to her rear. Tessa closed one eye and gritted her teeth. She began to panic. Her heart began to race. Her eyes began to water. Then she spotted it. Across the way an exit onto the tarmac, stairs that led down onto the runway. Mainly it was a possible escape.

There was another rattle of some small automatic weapon. Its bullets ripped through the air with a high-pitched hiss. Glass rained down from the skylights above. The gunmen were just wreaking havoc now. Tessa could feel the shards of glass rain down onto her clothing and exposed skin. "What are they doing?!" Tessa thought to herself, purely astonished on such a random act of madness and violence. The young woman began to panic some more. Her heart felt like it was going to leap from her chest it was pumping so fast. It was then decided. She was going to make her move toward the exit.

Cautiously tilting her head upward she locked her eyes on the steel door. Tessa would have to duck around and under some chairs in order to make it with hopes of vanishing unnoticed. Thankfully it seemed that most of the gunmen had remained relatively on one side of the room as they mowed into the crowd. Removing her hand from her ear she gripped her suitcase. And with a swift kick of her legs she jolted forward.

Tessa didn't like the heels she wore. They obviously weren't suit for running, much less fleeing from a shooting, and Tessa was never one for being stable on her feet. A number of bullets snapped passed her. The sensation of the lethality that moved by her knocked her even more off balance. Tessa stumbled onto the floor, barely making it any farther than a meter or two. Falling flat on her belly she felt the tiny shards of glass on the floor cut at her hands, legs, and arms. They didn't cut deeply, but they sure did hurt. More bullets began to scream over her head as she lay on the floor. Tessa curled up into a ball, covering her head with her hands again. If she moved anymore they would undoubtly take more shots at her. Tessa let out a small frustrated and pained scream. She tried to keep herself as composed as possible. If she broke down there wasn't any doubt that she wouldn't escape this with most of her body parts intact.

"Damn it!" She repeated to herself. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Tessa was now stuck without cover.

Like a mother cat gripping at a kitten's neck, a hand reached out and gripped the collar of her jacket and dress shirt. Tessa could feel her clothing stretch and the hand yanked her across the tiled, glass filled, floor. She didn't even bother to open her eyes for a few moments as bullets were still cracking through the air around her. When Tessa did look up she was amazed to find the man with the blue hat crouched down looking at her. The hat was now turned around 180 degrees, the words on the Velcro strap of the hat reading "Cubs." His eyes looked down at her through his black sunglasses. Tessa's mouth hung open slightly, surprised.

His words were quick and to the point as he used his grip on Tessa's clothes to pull her to her onto her knees. "Hey, you alright?" He questioned with a sense of urgency.

Still in shock it took Tessa a moment to respond with a clear answer. If the man was going to kill her he would've done it by now. In addition he had no gun, she knew this. "I…I think so." She panted nervously, almost unable to be heard from the constant clatter of gunfire.

The man didn't bother with any response. Instead he turned his head around and looked away across the room. His grip on Tessa's collar shifted to her arm. She cringed just a little at the touch. By no means was it calm and reassuring. "Come on." He stated, glancing back over his shoulder. With his free hand he pointed across an open stretch of room at an emergency exit. "There. We are leaving." Like before his words were swift and to the point.

"What are yo-?" Tessa began, confused. Her words were cut off before she could finish. The man yanked her to her feet. Instantly the pair began to sprint out of the room. Tessa shoes clacked furiously against the floor as she was easily pulled along.

She kept her head low. During that short sprint she felt bullets hiss and snap around her. The gunmen had spotted them. They were shooting at her. One eye closed she looked toward the young man who was leading her along. His fingers were digging into her arm. It was painful. All she could to was attempt to keep pace, otherwise fall behind.

They reached the door. Using his forward momentum the man ran into the door, slamming it open. The fire alarms began to wail and lights began to flash. Tessa and he barged through the opening. It was then when he finally let go, swinging Tessa in front of him and returning to shut the door as quickly as he could. With both hands he pushed the metal door shut. Not seconds later an array of rounds impacted the metal with a harsh clang. Luckily they didn't pierce through, the thick steel door being strong enough to withstand the small arms.

Tessa was heaving, the small frame being out of breath. Her body bent down, hands on her knees, still gripping her leather suitcase. She glance about, looking to the man and then down the hall. She thought about taking off on her own. Perhaps the she could make it somewhere safe. It wouldn't be hard. Yet, she also didn't know how many gunmen there were. Their numbers even surprised her. Something wasn't normal about them. Tessa looked back at the man who was slowly backing away from the door. He was odd. Something was off about him as well.

He turned to her, still wearing his sunglasses. "Out of shape, huh?" The man prodded verbally.

Tessa couldn't tell if this was a statement or an out of place joke. She didn't reply, still catching her breath, mouth open.

Walking toward her, he lifted her into a standing position again. "Come on, let's go." He stated once again, starting at a quick pace down the hallway.

"What…What is…going on?" She uttered between deep breaths. Tessa had no option other than follow. It was either down the hall with the man or back into the chaos that was the terminal.

Without turning his head she got her simple response. "Now isn't the time. We need to keep moving."

Tessa quickened her pace to match the man's. She didn't like that answer. "Who are you?" She asked again.

"Later! I'll tell you later." He replied, pacing quickening to a run once again until coming to a 'T' in the hallway. His gaze glanced up at a sign. The arrow point to the left lead back toward the main airport. The one pointing right had an image of a car with the word 'parking.'

Teletha started to fall behind. "Excuse me, sir!" She grunted. The lack of information now getting on her nerves.

Spinning around on his heel the man turned to Tessa with a raised eyebrow.

"Where are we-?" Tessa was stopped cold when a different voice echoed down the hallway.

"There she is!" It said, voice carrying easily down the stone brick corridor. A man had entered through the door they had escaped from.

Tessa and the man ducked behind the corner of the 'T' as a bullet collided into the wall next to them with a puff of dust. Without an exchange of words they started sprinting down the hallway toward the parking garage. "What the hell is going on?!" Tessa shouted as she ran, frustrated and flustered.

Before long they burst through a door leading into the bottom level of the parking garage. The harsh sound of the metal door opening and closing echoed about the structure. In relation to the terminal, all was strangely silent. They could no longer hear the sounds of gunfire, but in the distance they could hear a number of alarms scream and crying all over the airport. It was as if they had stepped into a whole different world once they reached the cement parking structure.

Leaning over again, Tessa heaved some more. Her mind was scattered. She had utterly no clue what was going on around her.

The man's voice rang out again. "Come on, just a little farther." He said in an almost pitiful manner as he addressed Tessa. "Come on."

This time Tessa refused. She didn't trust him, not yet. With all the thoughts running through her mind she barely thought of the possibly that they were still being pursued. "I'm…I'm not going any farther…until I know who…you are." She commanded through each harsh breath.

He let out a huff of frustration, head shaking once. "We…Don't…Have…Time!" He grunted, slowly becoming annoyed with Teletha's stubbornness. Reaching behind him and into his backpack the man with the blue cap pulled out a set of keys for a car. "I'm here to help you!" He took a few steps toward her, and held out his free hand. "Teletha Testarossa…" He began, admitting he knew her name "…We need to leave now…You just need to trust me…I'm here to help."

Tessa was shocked. How in the world did this man know her name? It was unthinkable. "You know my…My name?" she stuttered in confusion. "How…How do you know…?"

The door behind them burst open. Their pursuer emerged again. "Got you!" He said proudly as he turned the small handgun at Tessa, finger hovering over the trigger.

Tessa had little time to react. Eyes wide she began to duck and looked away. But there wasn't gunshot.

Jumping at the gunman, the man with the blue hat quickly knocked the gun away, twisting the shooter's hand. The small handgun dropped to the floor, alongside the set of car keys. With a swift kick the gun skittered across the floor, sliding underneath a car. Tessa's so called 'ally' punch into the other man's gut, still holding the gun arm. Their fist-fight began. Punches began being exchanged, each man acting like a brawler in some household garage boxing match. Sounds of fists impacting flesh echoed about the cement structure.

Teletha, watched the gritty brawl as a thought crossed into her head. That man was helping her. She would've been shot otherwise. While she didn't trust him, she couldn't help but believe him. Slowly, the tactician in her head took over. "Car Keys" she said to herself, eyes locking on the set of keys lying on the floor just in front of her. She could use these to get out of there. In one swift motion she reached out and scooped up the small pieces of machined metal. Quickly working them in her fingers Tessa found the buttons that would help locate the car. With a single press the lights of a nearby car lit up as the doors unlocked with a 'click.' The vehicle being only a few meters away. Unhesitating, Teletha took off toward the small brown pickup.

Behind her she could still hear the grunts of muffled sounds of the two men behind her. A body fell to the floor. The sounds then faded into fast moving footsteps in her direction.

Nearly reaching the now unlocked car she felt the harsh grasp of someone gripping her flailing ponytail. Falling backward onto the hard ground her assailant now stood over her. Tessa nearly cracked her head open on the cement, only catching herself with her arms. Her help was nowhere to be seen. Swiftly reaching in his pocket the gunman pulled out a small blade. "I'm going to enjoy this." He chuckled, slowly bringing the blade down towards Tessa's neck. His foul breath filled her nostrils. She wanted to gag. This man was going to slice her open starting at the neck.

Two suppressed gunshots. The man fell over, rolling off to the side of where Tessa lay.

Tessa turned her head. Breathing heavily and leaning against the car, silenced pistol in hand, stood the man with the worn blue hat. The passenger door of the pickup had been opened and the glove box emptied. A small red liquid dribbled from his bruised cheek. His chest slowly rose and fell, free hand placed against his ribcage. Lazily tossing the weapon into the passenger seat of the pickup he began slowly striding toward Tessa was still lying on the floor. His sunglasses were gone. For a few moments he stared down at her with brown eyes and a half-smirk. Then, just like he had many time before he held out a hand to help her up.

"My name is David Reed."

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