"And this was Ann Gora from Kats Eye News with our ten year memorial of the Swat Kats, may they rest in peace." Said a brunette she-cat with tan fur, Ann Gora was known for her gutsiness and determination. Today she was wearing a black jacket with a white shirt and black skirt in memory of what happened.

"Aw turn it off, Jake. I do not need to see any more of this crud. Scaredy Cat is not on till later anyway. Besides, that stuff is depressing. Why did we do it again?" said a yellow tomcat with brown stripes. He was wearing an old red work cap and a blue and white garage uniform. He had a tuft of his hair sticking out of his cap. He was big, brawny, and smarter than he looked, just not too smart.

"I think it had something to do with one of the many problems we were having. I mean, for one thing, Feral was getting close to listening to Steele's rants on how we could be the Swat Kats, for another it was just Dark Kat stealing a jet from the enforcers. They were blowing it up anyway, so us making the explosion bigger was better for us to act as if the turbulence and blast radius pushed us into the yard and fake our deaths. No one needed us anyway. There were fewer villains that could not be handled by the Enforcers." Jake Clawson was a red, small cat with a high intelligence. He was dressed like his partner, Chance Furlong.

The two had once been the pride of the Enforcers, the police of Megakat City. The Enforcers were trained as pilots, tank men, and other types of military that could be used to help the City. Jake had been trained to be a pilot and was an expert sharpshooter. Chance was also trained as a pilot, but he was not as good a shooter as his Co-pilot, Jake. They had been fired for accidentally crashing their plane into the Enforcer headquarters twelve years ago. They had been trying to knock down the evil Dark Kat but Commander Feral wanted the credit. After they were fired, they were forced to work in a junkyard to repay for damages. In the junkyard, Jake came up with the idea to make a plane and fight against evil their own way. Jake designed the jet and the two combined their knowledge of jets to build it. They then became Razor and T-Bone, the Swat Kats.

Ten years ago, the Swat Kats were fighting Dark Kat in a stolen Enforcer Jet called the Galaxy. They blew up the Galaxy along with Dark Kat, supposedly, but in the blast, their jet was blown down into their own junkyard. They managed to change into their outfits into their Junkman outfits and escape the flames. When asked what happened they claimed to be watching the news and saw the jet heading their way and barely got out. No one found the bodies of the Swat Kats or the secret base, so the secret identities of the Swat Kats were kept that, a secret.

"Yeah, I guess, but I still wish that I could fly again. It's boring keeping my feet on the ground. So boring that I have been able to beat all of my high scores on my games, and I even have record times on my training progress." He was sitting on the couch drinking a can of sour milk. He looked sulky, even though he still had the physical figure of his old fighting self.

"I hear you, Chance, but you still can't beat me at shooting. Then again, I still can't beat your high score on the flying simulator we made. Oh well. More practice for me." Jake said as he finished watering some houseplants. Jake had a rose bush and some Aloe plants in the garage to help get rid of the smell of sour milk.

Jake went into the training room. In there were some games and a flight simulator. All of their real training stuff had been destroyed in the explosion. All they had left was the obstacle course outside because it would not cause suspicion.

Jake walked over to a game that was new to the room. The game was ironically called "Swat Kats VS the World". In the game, you would have to use the Swat Kats and their inventions to defeat the villains. The shooting high scores belonged to Jake who used the character Razor all the time. Chance used T-Bone and had the high score on the flying parts. The two are tied on the fighting bits though.

Jake activated the game and started playing. He got Razor to the level where he could team up with his partner T-Bone and save Ms. Briggs from Doctor Viper. As he played the game, he chuckled at how close the accuracy was for the game to what had really happened. 'Callie must have put in her side of the story. Oh well. At least it's almost correct about everything. We fought a lot more with Feral though.'

As he played, Chance decided to go down to what used to be the hanger. The place was now a wreck that was only partially stable. "Man, what a mess. I thought the academy was a mess in the morning. Oh well. Let's get back to work." He says as he pushes up his sleeves and starts moving stuff. Even though they are no longer the Swat Kats, they still like to keep busy. Since the hanger was trashed, the boys have been cleaning it up slowly but surely. Now it was almost done.