Razor was dodging attacks from every one of the super villains. He was starting to wonder how his partner was faring. He jumped forward about five feet while flying a meter high. He landed in a tuck and roll, just missing an attack from Dark Kat's cane. "Whoa, that was close."

"How are you ssstill alive, Sssswat Kat?!" Dr. Viper hissed as he swung his tail at Razor, narrowly missing his legs.

"Ever hear of ejector seats?" Razor asked as he shot his cement at some creeplings who were trying to sneak up on him.

Out of nowhere, an octopus missile comes and hits Dr. Viper, pinning him against the wall. "Ugh."

"What was that?" Dark Kat turned his head right into T-Bone's punch.

"That was me. Hey Razor, these guys giving you trouble?" T-Bone joked as he started tying up Dark Kat.

"Naw, just gave me a good work out though. Heh, I thought you were busy with the Mayor and the others. Are they okay?" Razor was tying up Dr. Viper with some new ropes that were acid proof. He also tied a gag on him to keep his scaly mouth shut.

"Yeah, Felina's with them after all. They'll be fine. Maybe a bit annoyed, but hey, when was the last time Feral wasn't annoyed with us around to save the day."

"Too true buddy, heheh. Oh, and we might as well leave these two for the enforcers, like old times, eh, T-Bone?" Razor joked.

"Nah, might as well wait for the reinforcements arrive. We need to explain anyway."

"Roger that, T-Bone."

They did not have to wait long. When they heard the reinforcements coming, they hid in the shadows, as though it was second nature. The enforcers went past Razor and T-Bone as though they were not even there. They dragged all the creeps down to the jail and after a few minutes, they came down with Steele and Feral on emergency medical stretchers. Ms. Briggs and Mayor Manx were a few minutes behind with Felina.

"Hey, Lt., is Feral gonna be okay?" asked Razor as he slid out of the shadows.

"Oh, Razor… yes, he should be fine, just a bit fried. The paramedics said that he should be fine in a few days. Thank you for helping. How are you here though, I saw you crash. We all did." She looked tired but worried as well.

"We used our ejector seats and crashed past the junk yard. We ran off after we crashed and made it to our base and fixed ourselves up. Razor had a broken arm, some bad bruises, and burns, while I just had some scrapes and burns." T-Bone explained as he stepped out of the shadows.

"It wasn't easy. We thought that we weren't needed anymore. The villains only showed up today after all. It's not as if we were needed. If we had seen anything come up that needed us we would have come back in a heartbeat." Razor said looking a little ashamed with himself. 'We basically abandoned them. What were we thinking? What was I thinking?'

"Let's go, buddy. We need to fill back up on weapons for the glovetrix anyway." T-Bone was having the same thoughts. They walked back up to the roof and jumped into the TurboKat.

They left as fast as they came; leaving only wind and a jet trail fading into the morning. They parked in the hanger as they had all those years ago. They closed the doors and put up their helmets and suits in a beat up looking locker. When the jet had crashed all those years ago, it had only shaken up the base; the real damage had been to the junkyard up top.