So… this is my first time writing about snowy river so not sure how good I 'am.

Also some key notes for this story is #1, I made up the town of Dawson and Dawson river so it's just there in my verison..o.k

And #2. Ashlynn is also referred to as Ashley by Jim and Clancy but is the same person. Mostly based off The man From Snowy River Movie and partly on Return To Snowy River Movie.

#3. Jessica and Jim are married

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Poem excerpt written by Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson

The secret of Snowy River

Chapter one, Snowy River

Jessica Craig had just finished packing her satchel.

She was going to visit her father Harrison.

It had been three years since Jessica had been back down to the flats.

A little hand tugged on her long skirt. "Momma why you go" The three year old asked.

Jessica bent down to scoop up the little girl. "Ashlynn remember I'm going to visit my father" Jessica Told the Little girl.

Ashlynn looked up at her sadly, she had the same sandy blonde hair and blue eyes as Jim.

Jessica wasn't exactly sure why she'd chose to keep Ashlynn a secret from her father, maybe because Jessica didn't know if he'd be happy or angry and she hoped it had been the best choice.

Perhaps Jessica might tell her father while she was visiting.

Jessica was leaving Ashlynn with Jim while she was gone.

Jim planned to take Ashlynn with him to collect some horses up by Dawson, because Ashlynn loved riding with Jim.

Even though it scared Jessica to death that she might fall out of the saddle.

"All ready to go? I saddled Jack for you" A voice behind her asked

"Yes" Jessica replied turning to face Jim.

Jessica rode her horse along the mountain trail that lead from Snowy River to the flat country.

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Next Day, Snowy River

"Papa we going to see horsies" Ashlynn asked.

"Yes, Ashley, we are" Jim said Buttoning Ashlynn's dark blue coat.

Jim lifted Ashley into the saddle and tightened the special strap across her waist to hold her up better in the saddle with a lesser chance of falling.

Jim climbed into the saddle behind her and rode with the reins in one hand and an arm around Ashlynn.

Jim and Ashlynn rode for a few hours some of which Ashlynn sang made up songs to herself for entertainment before she fell asleep in the afternoon.

About a week later they ran across Clancy of the Overflow who was heading down to the flats to see Harrison.

"Gonna be another spring storm in a couple of days" Clancy remarked to Jim looking at the sky overhead.

"Down" Ashlynn said wriggling around trying to get down to see Clancy whom she'd met before.

Jim unbuckled the strap and swung her down from the saddle to the ground.

While Clancy and Jim set up camp for the night, Ashlynn kept herself busy by building things out of twigs.

After supper Ashlynn leaning sleepily against Jim's shoulder with her thumb in her mouth. "Clancy Story Please" she asked rubbing her eyes.

"A story huh" Clancy asked

"Horsie story" Ashley Clarified

Clancy Began the story

"There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around

That the colt from old Regret had got away,

And had joined the wild bush horses – he was worth a thousand pounds

So all the cracks had gathered to the fray.

All the tried and noted riders from the stations near and far

Had mustered to the homestead overnight,

For the bushmen love hard riding where the wild bush horses are,

And the stockhorse snuffs the battle with delight.

There was Harrison, who made his pile when Pardon won the cup,

The old man with his hair as white as snow;

But few could ride beside him when his blood was fairly up—

He would go wherever horse and man could go.

And Clancy of the Overflow came down to lend a hand,

No better horseman ever held the reins;

For never horse could throw him while the saddle girths would stand,

He learnt to ride while droving on the plains.

And one was there, a stripling on a small and weedy beast,

He was something like a racehorse undersized,

With a touch of Timor pony – three parts thoroughbred at least—

And such as are by mountain horsemen prized.

He was hard and tough and wiry – just the sort that won't say die—

There was courage in his quick impatient tread;

And he bore the badge of gameness in his bright and fiery eye,

And the proud and lofty carriage of his head.

But still so slight and weedy, one would doubt his power to stay,

And the old man said, "That horse will never do

For a long and tiring gallop – lad, you'd better stop away,

Those hills are far too rough for such as you."

So he waited sad and wistful – only Clancy stood his fiend—

"I think we ought to let him come," he said;

"I warrant he'll be with us when he's wanted at the end,

For both his horse and he are mountain bred.

"He hails from Snowy River, up by Kosciusko's side,

Where the hills are twice as steep and twice as rough,

Where a horse's hoofs strike firelight from the flint stones every stride,

The man that holds his own is good enough.

And the Snowy River riders make their home,

Where the river runs those giant hills between;

I have seen full many horsemen since I first commenced to roam,

But nowhere yet such horsemen have I seen."

Clancy paused" That's enough for tonight" he said softly. Taking a sip of water.

Ashlynn was completely asleep now and the next day they bid good-bye to Clancy.

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