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Chapter One

"It has been four months..." Chichi whispered as she opened her eyes sadly. "A brand new day... and he's still not back..." She sighed and got out of bed, padding over to the dresser to pick out her outfit for the day.

"Hey, Gohan! Gohan, wait up!" Goten's voice could be heard from the hallway. Laughter and ruuning feet was then heard a few seconds later.

Chichi didn't even bother lecturing the boys. Instead, she sighed heavily and leaned against the wall. "How...can they go on like this? How can they be so..happy?" Chichi punched the wall in a sudden rage; rage against Goku for leaving...rage against her sons for not caring...rage against the world. Then she slumped down, her eyes shut tight as she remembered what had happened 4 months before.


Chichi looked up angrilly as Goku came inside, grinning hapily at seeing her. "You could have called." She glared at him, hands on hips.

Goku looked confused, then guilty. "Sorry, Chi...Vegeta and I were practicing the Fusion Dance..hah! You should have seen him, he thought the dance was "For fools".. and Bulma came in, laughing her head off at us! And.." He shut up, watching the now very-red faced black-haired woman in front of him. "Sorry.." He repeated.

"Well, 'sorry' isn't going to work THIS time!!!"Chichi yelled. "You always are gone! Then you expect me to be,what,all HAPYP to see you for a few hours a day! WELL I'M NOT!!" She was getting worked up, throwing her arms out and stomping her foot dramatically.

Goku sighed. He hated it when Chichi got like this. "Chi...we have to be prepared if an Enemy comes."

This just made Chichi angrier. "Yeah, well you're too strong already!! So just stop leaving me!!" She felt like crying, but refused to let a single tear come.

"I'm sorry, Chi... I really am...but I just have a busy life..." He immediately regretted what he's just said. But it was too late. Chichi's eyes bulged.

"OH YEAH?!? Well then I suppose I'm just in the way! GO AHEAD AND LEAVE!!! What do I care!!!" Chichi screamed, shaking with fury.

"FINE!!" Goku shouted, turning to head back outside. "If that's what you want, that's what I'll do!!" He transported before the stunned Chichi could say anything else.

As if that wasn't enough, then Gohan and Goten had come inside, asking where Goku was. Chichi merely said," He's gone, boys."

"I need to talk to him...I'll go find him." AT the look on Chichi's face, he added hurriedly, "Don't worry, Mother, I'll be right back to help Goten with his schoolwork." Then he'd transported; which he had recently learned from his father.

He returned half an hour later, saying that he'd found Goku and had spent some time with him. But that something was worrying Goku, which he wouldn't talk about to Gohan. And that he had to come home because Goku had been busy training.

"Well, what else is new?" Chichi said bitterly. Gohan looked at her questionly. She made it to her room before the tears came.
~*End Of Flashback~*

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Chichi stood up, determined to somehow forget Goku.

If she could.

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Chichi went downstairs after putting on a light purple dress, her black boots, pants, and a dark purple shawl. She could hear Gohan and Goten arguing over who could eat the most, which brough the slightest implication of a smile to her face.

"I know..I'll call on Bulma!" Chichi said to herself.


Half an hour later, Chichi jumped of Nimbus, which Gohan was letting her use, and went inside Capsule Coprorations. Bulma was making breakfast for Trunks and Vegeta. Chichi was surprised that Vegeta was there.

"Aren't you training with Goku?" Chichi asked him, deciding to be civil to him.

He looked up at her. "No, I ahven't seen him for four months." He told her shortly; then he went back to his breakfast.

"WHAT?!!" Chichi gaped at him. "Then where is he?!"

He srugged, pretending it wasn't a big deal. Inside though, he had a bad feeling. Where was Kakkarot anyway? Why hadn't he, Vegeta, bothered to find him. He realized he hadn't sensed Kakkarot's Ki for a long time..and suddenly felt beyond stupid.

Which Chichi obviously thought he was, because she glared at him. "WELL, where have YOU been whenever I come over here?" She challenged him. "I never see you."

He rolled his eyes, annoyed. "Maybe because I train in the Gravity Room."

Chichi tapped her foot impatiently, because if she was mad she wouldn't worry. "Bulma, do you know where Goku is? And is that husband of yours lying?"

Vegeta glared at her. "I don't lie."

She glared right back. "OH YEAH?!? You lied to Goku when you were fighting him right before you foolishly killed yourself to defeat Buu.! AND YOU STOLE HIS SENSU BEAN!!" She clearly ahdn't forgiven him.

Vegeta sighed. "That's in the past.....we get along now don't we? Not that we're FRIENDS or anything!" He added hastily.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Right, Vegeta. Whatever. Although I don't know how you forgot about him...And Chi, I haven't seen him for some time...since after your fight, in fact."

Vegeta raised a eyebrow. "Fight?"

Chichi scowled at him. "None of your business!!!"

He merely looked at her, a slight smirk on his face at the idea of Chichi and Goku fighting..."Did you make him leave?" He asked cruelly.

Chichi lost her temper. "NO I DID NOT!! HE WAS BEING A JERK!!! WHICH WAS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE HE WAS ALWAYS TRAINING WITH YOU!!!!NOW SOMEBODY BETTER FIND HIM RIGHT NOW!!!" She burst into tears while a very surprised Vegeta and Bulma stared.

End of chapter one...
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