A/N. So, this is partially inspired by the fact that I was on youtube and was watching a trailer for the newest pokemon movie featuring Genesect and my getting overtly excited when finding out that YES! Mewtwo is going to appear in the movie! Can't wait for it, but anyways, so since I like changing people into pokemon so much apparently, this came out. So yeah this is a fem!Ash fanfic featuring Mewtwo. Hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: "She dreams of a little girl with short black hair and big brown eyes that hold all the wonder the world can possibly hold within its grasp, and she wonders silently from within the steel bars of her too small cage, whether or not that had been her in a past life."

All Ash has ever known is a world of painful tests and harsh battles, and of strange dreams of her past that she cannot recognize. But her whole world is changed when one day, she meets another experiment so very similar, and yet so very different from herself. But when her friend wishes to destroy the world in revenge after escaping from Team Rocket, will she help him achieve his goals or will she go against him and protect the humans? And what of her mysterious past prior to the experiments that she was forced to go through?

Warning: Fem!Ash fanfic; New eevee evolution!

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

"Mama! Lookie!"

"Yes _, what is it?"

"I found a caterpie!"

"Oh how cute, let's take it to Prof. Oak's lab and see what he has to say about it, okay?"


She dreams, within the darkness of the night, and the cold cage in which she is forced to stay, of a little girl with short black and big brown eyes that hold all the wonder of the world and then some, and she wonders in her waking hours, whether or not that had been her in a past, much happier life. But she can never be sure as she watches the humans move about the room outside the cage she is kept in. All she knows, is that her world is dark, the people within it, evil, and that she hopes, prays, and dreams for the day when she no longer has to live in a cage.

Episode 1: A New Eeveelution

Long ears tipped with blue gray fur twitch as sleep is gradually and all too suddenly interrupted by the obnoxious sounds of humans speaking, a light coming on overhead and nearly blinding the otherwise lazy pokémon as it, no she, began to stir from her long slumber, having been given a few days to rest before any more experiments were performed. It had been that way for as long as the slightly large and lithe creature could remember; ceaseless experiments for weeks on end involving various things such as movement and battle capabilities, before she was given a few days to rest and give her body the relaxation it needed, and when those precious days of reprieve had passed, it was back to the harsh experiments and violent battles. Still, they did nothing that she wouldn't have been able to handle, or rather there was nothing that she shouldn't have been able to handle at all. She was a weapon, according to the humans, experimental and still a bit chancy, though she had yet to show any signs of being what they might call an "unstable proto-type". She had been one of many, and the only one left that she knew of still alive, though she hadn't known any before such a thing had occurred either, having never seen any of the other "proto-types" that these humans had supposedly created.

According to one, particularly kind human, the other, more intelligent humans had been working for years trying to create a new "eeveelution", as they had termed it, and so far, she had been the only one to survive longer than a year, which prior to her arrival had been considered the lucky number when those who had come before her usually perished within weeks of the experiment starting, if not the very first day. She was lucky, and to her knowledge, the last remaining experiment that was still alive and breathing. They had gone through hundreds beforehand, bringing in a new test subject every three days to replace the ten or so that had died by the time of their arrival, and she had been one of five that had apparently arrived more or less at the same time to replace a whopping twenty failures that had all just suddenly dropped dead the day before. She was pretty sure the four that had arrived with her had met the same, unfortunate fate, but she could not be sure, having not heard heads or tails of their conditions after she herself had started.

She couldn't remember any of this though.

Having lived several years while a part of the experiments, large portions of that time were missing from her memories, and any amount of time before that was one big fat blank, probably years of life before that gone due to some unknown trauma into the black abyss and never to be recalled again.

A shoulder popping sharply, almost painfully jarred her from her reminiscent thoughts, only accompanied further when the all too familiar feeling of a black, leather collar being slipped around her neck and she was subsequently tugged in the direction of the metal leash; the other end being held in the tight, white gloved grasp of one of the more rude and violent humans that worked within the "lab" as the one nice one she had met called it.

"Hurry up you stupid thing! We're running on a tight schedule today!" the human spat at her, eyes glaring down with unhindered cruelty as he continued to practically drag her out of the room and down the long, metal hallways towards one of the training rooms. "Today might be you lucky day you idiotic animal, though your pea-sized brain might not be able to comprehend it. The boss is here today so you can put a show on for him. Who knows, he may judge you complete enough to finally get out and work for him." The human said, voice dripping with pride as he both insulted her and praised his leader at the same time.

Honestly she no idea as to who exactly this "Boss" person was, just that he was a human of high standing amongst the humans that she was constantly exposed to. She had never seen him in all her years within the lab, or if she had, she couldn't remember having done so. All she had were stories and tales overheard by the humans around her, as well as a flood of various rumors from one extreme of cruelty to the other extreme of violence and viciousness. She also knew that he was the reason behind the experiments, and by extension her own existence within the lab, his constant thirst for more power and control resulting in the more intelligent humans having to walk on metaphorical eggshells to keep him happy as well as rushing to satisfy him in any way possible via the various tests they performed and experiments they came up with. If he wanted something created, they jumped and all but tripped over themselves to do it without nary a thought or worry to the consequences they might bring, the lives they could both destroy and end. All so that the man, this "Boss" of theirs, could one day rule the world.

It was insanity, corruption, and greed at its finest. And once again and all too suddenly, a bright light came on, nearly blinding both the human currently handling her as well as bringing the pokémon's wandering thoughts to a startling hault.

"So this is the new evolution you came up with?" a rough voice asked, tone cocky and dripping with self-importance and far too much self-confidence as a man dressed in a dark, pristine suit observed her from his place, sitting in his fancy chair. He seemed to not have a care in the world, narrowed, ambitious eyes gleaming with unhindered greed as he seemed to size her up like some sort of precious diamond or something of the like. It perfectly reaffirmed what the humans had told her all too many times before, especially when she had been feeling particularly defiant in the beginning. She was nothing but a weapon for their leader to use to its fullest before throwing it away when its useful had finally run out.

"Yes sir, we call it Orreon, the Ore Pokémon."

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