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Episode 8: Mewtwo Strikes Back Pt. 2- A Gathering of the Chosen Few…

The ride to New Island had been hell at best, the waters far more stormier than they had appeared, and the lightning and thunder that constantly made themselves known had him feeling like he was right under two legendary pokémon fighting to the death. Safety and peace of mind had only come once Gary's blastoise had finally made it to what was without a doubt New Island, and even then, it wasn't completely.

A woman, the one from the holographic invitation had greeted them once they had managed to pull themselves out of the water and onto the wooden docks that extended from the island itself, and now that they both could get a closer look at the now life-sized figure, he couldn't stop staring at her out of suspicion, and Gary himself looked all too surprised at the sight of her. The woman looked far too familiar to be simple happenstance, the uncommon pink hair that peeked out from underneath the maroon red hat and pure white veil on her head just screaming at Red that she was someone that he should without a doubt recognize. And then there was the vacant expression on her face, her blue eyes dull and lifeless like she was being controlled by some unseen force. She wasn't even really looking either Gary or himself in the eye, almost looking up above their heads rather than their faces really.

She didn't wait for them to question her either, instead welcoming them to the island in what was probably the most lifeless, monotone voice he had ever heard in his entire life, and then asking them politely to follow her up the ridiculously long flight of stairs that lead to an equally as large set of double doors, which looked far too heavy for even the strongest of pokémon to move even a few centimeters.

The whole entire time, neither of the trainers could shake the feeling that they were being watched by something, maybe even multiple somethings.

"Now that you both are here, all trainers worthy of an audience with my master are present." The woman suddenly spoke up, breaking the two trainers from their thoughts as the gigantic doors gradually closed behind them, leaving the worst of the storm outside and the rest of them dry and safe within the abnormally large castle walls. Gary gave an impressed whistle, low and unheard by any who might be in the room as they both took the time to survey the large room, and even Red had to admit that he wasn't at all shocked at the miniscule number of trainers that were currently making themselves at home in the overtly spacious room. The storm had been vicious, and only either the most stupid, brave, or downright stubborn would've attempted to make it through. He wouldn't deny that he and Gary were at least one of the three.

"Go figure there's only three others, huh? What was with that storm anyways?" Gary asked as he walked a bit ahead of the woman, stopping only to look back at the older trainer inquisitively. He shrugged, his shoulders raising only the slightest bit as he continued to split his attention between the woman, Gary, the room itself, and the other trainers.

"Only those capable of braving the storm are worthy in my master's eyes." The woman suddenly spoke up, causing both to eye the woman warily.

"So what? That storm was some kinda whacked out test or something?"

"Please release your pokémon from their pokéballs. My master's intentions will be made clear shortly." And with that the woman disappeared into the darker corners of the room, like some sort of apparition or something of the like. Red was hesitant to do as she had asked, the whole setting causing goose bumps to rise up on his skin as he motioned for Gary to sit down at the table, both releasing only a select few of their pokémon; Red's pikachu making itself at home on his shoulder, while his snorlax decided the floor would be the best place to take a nap, and his espeon curled up at his feet. Gary's chosen pokémon were just as few as well, an umbreon jumping into the younger's lap to Red's own amusement, as well as a dodrio and arcanine, both of which settled down almost immediately next to their trainer, and even went so far as to glare at some of the other pokémon in warning.

"Wow, those are some pretty strong pokémon you got there." One of the other trainers, a boy a few years younger than Red himself, spoke up, his hands currently occupied with tending to the pidgeot that sat right in front of him cooing at the affection it was receiving. He simply nodded his head in response, bending over slightly to give his espeon a scratch behind the ears before the pokémon decided that it would mimic Gary's umbreon and take up a seat in his lap as well.

"So what's your name?" The younger trainer asked, eying them both with a competitive fire sparking in his eyes. Honestly, he couldn't really blame the boy. They were pokémon trainers, through and through, and even in a tense situation it was in their nature to challenge those seen as strong. He had been guilty of the same thing on numerous occasions, and had even gotten into trouble for it just as often.

"The name's Gary, and this guy over here is Red."

"Nice to meet you. Mine's Corey. And those guys over there are my pokémon." He introduced himself, motioning over to a rather well-rounded party, not counting the fact that for one reason or another, he had two ground types.

"I'm Neesha, and the anti-social guy sitting over there is…" the only girl at the table began, only to be cut off as Red followed her line of sight to a very familiar looking trainer.

"Siphon, Siphon Rayzar."

"You know him?" Corey asked, somewhat surprised.

"Not personally, but I've seen him before. Supposed to be really talented." The bulkier trainer simply nodded his head in response, obviously recognizing Red as an equally strong trainer, if not more so.

"Not much better at communicating, is he?" Neesha asked, leaning over to Gary, who she had taken to sitting across from as the two dissolved into whispers.

"You get better conversation out of a rock." Gary conceded, a mischievous smile on his face as they continued to talk and whisper between each other. Red narrowed his eyes warningly at the younger in response, and the two simply fell into a laughing, trying half-heartedly to mask it by covering their mouths with their hands.

All conversations stopped however, the room falling deathly silent, as the room suddenly fell to darkness. The strange woman appeared yet again, and this time, with a strange pokémon that looked kind of like one of the famed "eeveelutions", as they were so popularly called, trailing behind her as some sort of spotlight flashed into existence in the spiral structure behind her.

"You are about to meet my master." The woman began, the pokémon that had followed her taking a seat right at her feet. "The time has come for you to encounter the most greatest pokémon trainer in the world." She turned to fully face them. "Mewtwo."

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