Disclaimer: This is a Final Fantasy 7/Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover story. I do not own the copyrights to either, FF7 belongs to Square Enix and Evangelion belongs to Gainax.

Timeframe and Location: This happens a little after Dirge of Cerberus for the FF7 crew and about a year after the appearance of the 17th Angel and Instrumentality for the Evangelion crew. All of this story, minus some flashbacks, happens in the FF7 world.

Warning: Given the nature of things in Evangelion, there will be some underage flirting, crude language, and suggestive themes, if not any actual sex, which there could be as well. The sex will most likely span all kinds, including, but not limited to; strait, gay, lesbian, bi, underage, bondage, abusive, and may also result in pregnant scenarios for both males and females.

You have been warned!

I'm only putting these disclaimers at the beginning, seeing as it's going to be multi-chapter and I don't want to bore anyone. ON TO THE STORY!

Children in the Snow

Chapter 1: The Red-head

Reno Sinclair yawned as he trudged through the thick snow. It was roughly January, and the snow fell in little clumps to land on the ground and create more clumps that, in turn, lumped up over his shoes and soaked the lower half of his pant-legs. He flicked the stub of a cigarette into the snow and stomped it out with his heel. As he pulled his foot back, he noticed a clump of reddish hair under where his foot had been. There was no deformity in the snow, but that could probably be attributed to the fact that there was a lot of it.

Kneeling, Reno shifted through the snow, finding the hair belonged to a body. Hurriedly, he pulled the person out from under the snow, wrapping his jacket around what turned out to be a girl in a red leotard. Carrying her to his place wasn't going to be too hard; he lived practically right around the corner. His only question was, what will Rude think?

Still, he carried the girl home, kicking the door closed and hurriedly getting his shoes off with his feet.

Rude looked over, the light from the lamp glinting off his dark skinned bald head. He lowered his sunglasses as Reno carried the girl in. "Just what have you hauled in now, Reno?" he asked.

"She was under the snow, yo." said Reno as he put the girl on the couch. The girl seemed to shift and try to find Reno again once he'd put her down.

"We should take her to a hospital." said Rude. "How deep in the snow was she?"

"About a good foot and a half, yo." Reno replied, grabbing a blanket. "Yo, Rude. Can ya start the car?"

"Certainly." Rude shrugged on his jacket and headed out. Reno rebundled the girl and carried her out into the waiting vehicle. The whole time, she didn't wake, only seemed to seek out the warmth that went missing whenever Reno had to put her down.

Reno carried the girl into the small hospital that the WRO owned. "Hey, um, I need some help, yo." he said the nurse at the reception.

The woman looked up. "Reno Sinclair. What did you knock up this time?"

"I didn't. She was under the snow, yo. I . . . she needs help." Reno looked pathetic, holding the girl wrapped in a blanket, worrying about her.

"I'll call the doctor. Room five." said the nurse.

Reno stepped in, carefully laying the girl down on the bed. He stayed close by, gently running his hand over her cheek so she wouldn't feel alone.

"Mr. Sinclair?" asked the doctor as he stepped in. "I'm Dr. Irving, may I ask what the nature is of your visit today?"

"I found this girl . . ."

"And you knocked her up."

"NO!" Reno sighed. "She was under the snow, unconscious, so I brought her home . . ."

"And then knocked her up?"

"Shut it!" Reno snapped. "Rude said I should bring her here, since she was under about a foot and a half of snow and is dressing in a leotard, yo. I wrapped her in a blanket in case she had hypothermia." He looked back at the girl. "Besides, she seems a little young to be alone, yo."

"Well, I'll check her over and see if anyone's lost a child fitting her description." said Dr. Irving. He carefully removed the blanket. "Huh, she's wearing this thing, too."

"What do you mean?" Reno asked.

"Yuffie Kisaragi brought in a boy with short brown hair wearing a blue and white leotard similar to her's. Like this girl, he was buried under about a foot and a half of snow, and is unconscious."

Reno sighed. "Anyone else, yo?"

"Well, Barret Wallace also arrived earlier today with a boy dressed in a darker leotard. The kid was just unconscious, since it hadn't started to snow yet. And Miss Lockhart arrived only a moment ago, so I'm guessing it's either a bar patron or Denzel she's brought in." Dr. Irving left the room after covering the girl over again.

Reno got up and brushed his fingers through the girl's soft hair. "Hmm." He was usually the impulsive type, so this was probably going to be perceived initially as one of 'those' moments, but Reno couldn't help himself. The girl looked so lost and fragile, he just wanted to hold her close and tell her it was alright. If she wasn't a lost child, if she was actually an orphan, he wanted to adopt her.

The shout out in the main room brought Reno from the patient room. "What's up, yo?" He blinked. Tifa had brought Denzel, but it was what was on Denzel's back that caught Reno's eye.

It was a girl, or, at least that was his best guess at the moment. Her hair was a slate grey color, and her skin was as pale as the snow. She was dressed in a white leotard, and Reno was starting to wonder if this was a fashion statement.

"Please." Denzel was saying. "Help her."

Dr. Irving nodded and carried the girl into one of the other rooms.

"This is getting interesting, yo." said Reno. "Hey, good-lookin'."

Tifa glared at him. "You still haven't made good on your promise." she said. "So, when are you going to convince Rude to ask me out?"

"Uh, well . . ." Reno suddenly shut up as Rude walked in.

Tifa looked over.

"Miss Lockhart, I saw you come in with Denzel."

"Yeah. He and Marlene were out playing when one of them tripped over this girl dressed only in a leotard lying in the snow." Tifa replied.

"Sounds similar to what happened with Reno."

"Hmm?" Tifa looked over. "Really? Reno plays in the snow?"

"Actually, I was putting out a cigarette and saw her hair under where I'd crushed it under my here, yo. I dug her out and brought her home, but Rude said it would be better to bring her here." Reno rubbed the back of his head.

Dr. Irving was just stepping out of the room with Denzel when there was a loud and horrifying screech of tires outside. There was also a slight crash, meaning whoever it was was probably injured.

What they didn't expect was a certain spikey blonde to come in, his clothes slightly torn and soaked through from the snow carrying someone. The person in his arms shivered.

"Did you hit him or something, yo?" Reno asked.

"No." Cloud replied. "Dr. Irving, help him. He's got frostbite."

The doctor nodded. "This way." He led Cloud to another patient room down the hall. Reno followed, since he'd noticed something and wanted to see if he was right.

"Put him on the bed." said Dr. Irving.

Cloud did, but didn't move for a moment. He sat down, his hand held tightly by the boy he'd carried in. And Reno had been right.

This child was awake.