Chapter 15: To Where It All Began

Cloud screamed as he tried to push with the contractions. He felt like it was tearing him, and he cursed the only person with him, Reno.

"It's alright, yo." said Reno. He looked over as the doctor lifted the baby, which started crying. "The baby's here, Cloud."

Cloud sighed, glad the ordeal was over. "Well?" he asked.

"Black hair." said the doctor as she weighed and measured the baby. "He's a healthy one, Mr. Strife."

Cloud sighed again, smiling as the baby was tucked into his arms. He smiled and looked at Reno. "So, what did Vincent say for a name?"

Reno blinked. "He didn't tell you, yo?"

Cloud shook his head. "I had sleep issues, remember?"

Reno nodded. "Yeah. He only had a girl's name picked, yo."

Cloud looked back at the baby. "His eyes are blue."

The baby blinked at them and yawned. His little face was all squinched up and red, and he made a face before trying to snuggle Cloud's chest. Cloud leaned back some and nestled the baby close to his chest, relief washing over him when the child began to nurse.

"You have a name for him?" Reno asked.

"Zack." Cloud replied. He looked worn, but happy.

Kaworu leaned on Vincent, still weak after having the twins despite a whole month passing. He'd lost a lot of blood and had hurt his hips, which were finally starting to not hurt so bad anymore.

"You're feeling alright?" Vincent asked.

Kaworu nodded. "Cloud. Why didn't you go with him?"

"He was out with Reno, and I needed to be here to help you and Asuka. There are five children here, two of which only recently reached their first birthday. Asuka's baby is six months old, and yours are only a month. Five children is a lot to handle, especially since you're still not recovered."

"Aren't you worried?"

"Not really. Reno will be with him." Vincent helped Kaworu stand again. "Come on, it's almost feeding time."

Kaworu shuffled after him, sitting on the couch and happily accepting Tabris, his firstborn. He hadn't been able to nurse like Cloud did, but he'd found one of Reno's more bizarre inventions to be quite helpful. Dubbed 'bottle boobs', it was an imitation set of feminine baby feeders, each holding about three ounces of formula that fit in a bra-like harness to one's front. The entire 'bottle' section was made of a silicone-like substance and worked rather well.

Vincent smiled and collected the second baby, named Angeal for his angelic features. And the black hair that Cloud remembered Zack's mentor had. "He's not hungry yet." he said.

"It's alright." Kaworu smiled. He settled back and cuddled Tabris close to feed. "He probably needs a diaper change, though."

Asuka smiled at them, holding Axel on her hip. Holding to her skirt on her left was little Riku, his tiger-lined blonde hair ruffled everywhere like a wild-man. Sitting on the floor nearby, playing with her blocks, was little Kairi. "So, when's Cloud and the baby coming home?"

Cloud carried little Zack inside as Reno held the door open. "Hey." he smiled.

"Hey." smiled Asuka. She tried to get Axel to take another spoonful of his baby cereal. In their booster seats, Riku and Kairi were chewing on cold toast and banana slices. Reno came over and made a face at Axel, making the baby laugh.

At his seat at the table, pushed back a bit, Kaworu was feeding Angeal while Vincent rocked Tabris.

This was his home, his family, his life. Cloud smiled, glad to be home.