'They did it', that is the thought that ran through the minds of the seven demigods. The war was finally over and now they were free to get on with their lives and after so much pain…be happy.

These were the thoughts that ran through the minds of the people in the Argo II. Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper, Jason, coach Hedge, and Nico were all talking animatedly about everything that they would do now, they were happy and nothing would take that happiness away. Just two people were sitting in the corner cuddling, just enjoying each other's warm. Those two people were Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase. They were sitting there together looking into each other's eyes just happy to be together

Suddenly a bright light covered the room. When the room died there stood a package of books with a note on top of it.

"It is for you Annabeth" said Percy jokingly, "you are the only one who likes to read here" he said sending her a crooked smile.

"shut up seaweed brain" she said as she picked up the note. "it says"

Dear Demigods:

We are happy to tell you that from now on there are no more prophesies that will affect any of you. So we thought that just to make sure you never forget what you have done to help everybody, you should have a permanent reminder of it. Therefore we gave the muses the order to create books about you all the books are in the books but mind you, you are only going to be able to read the book that you should.

Sincerely 'the fates'

"just books" coach Hedge said in a bored voice"I thought it was something fun, problably a hidra trying to eat us..." then he left living an awkward silence.

"So... let me get this straight" said a confused looking Leo after a long pause "the fates have sent us books about ourselves to read them"

"Seems like it" said Annabeth "guess they want us to know the adventures we had when we weren't together"

"But we have told each other about that already" said Hazel

"Not everyone Hazel" said Nico looking straight to Percy and Annabeth, who shifted uncomfortably " I guess neither of you knows exactly what happen in the first Titan war and the firs great prophesy…" everyone eyed Percy and Annabeth now. It was true whenever they tried to know more about that time or their past in general they'll just change the topic.

"Nico… you know that times are just…" Percy let the sentence hanging and looked down "either way the books will tell…" he said gloomy and sighed. "Well who wants to read?" he answered in a more cheerful way.

"I guess I'll go first said Annabeth "I VAPORIZE MY PRE-ALGEBRA TEACHER…"