Prologue: Awakening

A/N: This story is a collaboration between me and Native Avenger. The story takes place after the events of Dawn of the Dragon.

Credit goes to Native Avenger for making the Cover art.


"I love you."

Those three words...those three simple words are all I can remember. I couldn't see her...only heard her. Life before my waking up is all a blur to me.


The world slowly began to come back together after The Destroyer's long walk across the world. Malefor's plan had failed. His plan to destroy the world had been a partial success but soon fell apart after the world's current Purple dragon, Spyro, and his best friend, who he had feelings for, Cynder, saved the world by Spyro unleashed a Elemental Fury of combined elemental Mana which was strong enough to bring the world back together...

But as each piece of the world reassembled itself back into place, a cave hidden in a mountain somewhere in the forest valley of Avalar began to glow. For ten minutes the glow was intense but soon died down, revealing a formation of crystals which glowed a light gold color. In the center of the crystal, was the figure of a dragon, only in its teens, the dragon only appeared as a silhouette in the center of the crystals. It appeared curled up in a circle in the center of the crystal, its wings were wrapped around its body as if to blanket itself.

The Dragon was completely incased in the crystal. But a glow appeared around the dragon's chest...soon a crack appeared in the crystal around it.

The Awakening...had begun.


Light and Shadow

Life and Death

Harmony and Chaos

Yin and Yang

The elements of mortals...the elements they all share.

That was what my mother once told me, before I became what I am now.


The Dragoness rested on her stone throne, her eyes closed as she lightly tapped one of her claws on the marble floor of the dark chamber which was lit with only a few torches.

Her body was covered with purely dark scales with small green markings on her hips and wings and underbelly. On the end of her tail, was a long scythe blade.

The Dragoness was motionless, until she felt a small trimmer shake the chamber. The Dragoness' eyes suddenly snapped open, revealing a pair of piercing crimson eyes. Suddenly, the chamber began to shake even more as she began to stand. As she stood, her tail began to move, the blade on the end of her tail scratching the marble ground, white sparks kicking up into the air.

She arched her neck, took a deep breath and released roar which echoed throughout the chamber, and beyond.


They thought it was over when Malefor when they sealed his power away.

Oh…how wrong the Hatchlings are.

This is just the beginning.