Epilogue: The things to come

Champion of The Goddess…you have lost many things dear to your heart.

The world was covered in ash. The only sound coming from the dead world was the whistling of the dead wind.

Skeletons of various creatures covered the wasteland.

Only one living thing could be seen in the distance, trudging through the ash filled land.

Your mother, your adopted sister…and your own heart…all have been lost to the Discord that plagues your world. Yet you persist.

The young man wore a cloak made of bear pelts that covered his body as he forced his way through the ash, the hood of the cloak helped keep the wind from blasting ash into his eyes. As the man began to trudge his way up a tall ash dune, he stopped when he reached the top…and looked up at the dark sky, filled with black clouds and the occasional flash of crimson lightning.

Soon his eyes scanned the surrounding area.

Your people no longer age, your children are unable to age past their toddler years…

In distance…were the remains of an ancient village that had once been bustling with life. Long houses were now skeletal remains of when they used to provide cover for the people who lived in them. Near the remains of the village was a dried up lake…

The man looked back down at the ground, and continued trudging through the ash…

A rock suddenly lifted into the air…

You are strong…

Several rocks soon followed, lifting into the air a few feet. The man stopped, looking at the stones as they rose into the air.

The rocks hit the ground…and a loud shockwave flew passed the man, originating from the remains of the village. Soon, the entire ground of the village and the lake collapsed…creating a a seemingly endless pit in the ground.

The man remained quiet…and soon heard a roar originate from the pit.

The roar grew louder as a mile high creature flew out of the pit and hovered over it. The man looked up…and saw the mighty Arch-Dragon before him, made of ash and stone…it glared down at the man with sickly green eyes.

But what drives you?

Slowly, the man held out his left hand…revealing that it was clenched.

The man carefully unclenched his hand…and revealed a beaded necklace…his head bowed briefly.

The Arch-Dragon released another powerful roar…and another shockwave flew through the air, brushing passed the man…forcing his cloak off of him…revealing a pale skinned man with slightly long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

The man wore black jeans, a black tanktop and black vest with a golden dragoness insignia sewn onto the back. Across his left arm was a burn mark of a dragon that extended from his shoulder to his wrist. Strapped to his waist were two sheathed medium swords, each one having a golden jewel on the hilt.

His hand clenched tightly with the necklace still in his palm…

Slowly, the man looked up at the Arch-Dragon…his Dark brown eyes shifting to gold.

You have returned…Kackawan…

To Be continued:

The sequel will be posted by Native Avenger...and will feature the return of a certain Post apocalyptic Dragon. Stay tuned!

We will also be writing a Prequel named "The Legend of Oculos: Twilight of the Death Dragon". This prequel will also tie in with the sequel, and will feature important events that affect the events in the sequel.

It has been a fun run, thank you all for reading. See you next time!