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John, it's Cold Outside

John. -SH

John, please open the door. -SH

John. It's snowing. Please let me in. -SH

John, it's cold outside. -SH

Maybe you should ask your new favorite person to let you in. -JW

What? -SH

Don't play dumb with me. I read all about it on your laptop. -JW

Oh. -SH

You're mad at me because you read something about someone that you know nothing about? -SH

John. You're an idiot. Let me in. -SH

John. Let me explain. -SH

Go explain it to your new favorite person. - JW

How far did you read exactly? Because as I recall at the bottom of that document there is a particular name which in a fit of rage you decided to stop reading the document therefore lending you an inability to understand the situation and who it is about. John. Go read the end of the document. -JW

Ten minutes later the door was opened and John was ignoring Sherlock with tinted cheeks. They walked to the kitchen together, Sherlock wanting warm tea after standing in the cold for almost thirty minutes. John wondered why he hadn't just let himself in, then again he thought better than to wonder about Sherlock.

"Did you read it?" Sherlock asked, sipping his tea. John said nothing. He didn't look at Sherlock. He didn't acknowledge his question. He just stared off into space, thinking of a way that he could talk to Sherlock without feeling totally incompetent and embarrassed.

"Of course you did. I don't understand your embarrassment. I thought my affection towards you was no secret." John walked out of the room, and walked to his bedroom. He picked his phone up from off his bed, and began to text Sherlock back. Sherlock heard the small ping from his phone and picked it out of his pocket, smiling at the text.

I didn't know it was that deep.


It's always been that deep. -SH

Sherlock... -JW

You weren't supposed to read it John. -SH

I'm glad I did. -JW

Sherlock smiled lovingly at the text and placed his phone on the counter along with his now empty cup. He rushed to John's room, stopping in the doorway when he saw his doctor's slightly red face.


John looked towards the ground as Sherlock came closer to him. He sat on the bed, and looked down at the ground with John. The silence was unsettling. He looked at John's hand, and grabbed it, loving how it felt in his. John's head shot up at this move, and he stared into Sherlock's blue eyes. They were filled with an emotion John had never seen before, and he couldn't bare to look away incase he'd never see it again.


"Yes, Sherlock?"

"Will you close your eyes for me?" John complied with his flatmate's request, and soon he found soft lips on his, and a deft hand on his face. He didn't move much, because the kiss was over quicker than he would have liked.

"Was... Was that okay?" Sherlock asked. John's eyes were still closed.

"Yeah. That was fine. Great." John opened his eyes, took a quick glance at Sherlock, then pressed their lips together for another kiss. John had felt bad for leaving Sherlock in the cold. He promised himself that he would always keep Sherlock warm.

"Sherlock? Will you stay here for the night?" John asked when they pulled away for the second time. A light smiled graced Sherlock's lips, and he kissed the doctor's cheek.

"Anything for you, John."

That night, the men lie in the bed, staring at each other, too happy to fall asleep. Sherlock's arm was over John's waist, and John's fingers played in Sherlock's curls. Kisses would be passed between the two every few minutes, but no words were exchanged. John had never felt more comfortable in his life. No woman had made him feel like Sherlock made him feel. Sherlock felt just as comfortable. Soon both the boys drifted off to sleep, staying in each other's arms.

The next morning Sherlock woke up to an empty bed, his bed. It wasn't John's. John had never been there. It was a dream. Yet it had felt real. More real then he could ever imagine. Sherlock stood up, looked around his room, then began to change. He had to head to the hospital to check on a body that had recently come in. Molly had texted him about it, and he was extrememly excited to experiment on it.

Sherlock had headed to the hospital, on the way meeting an old collegue from University. He had told him how he was looking for a flat, and how he didn't know anyone who would want to share it with him. Then after lunch time he ended up bringing in a man, who let Sherlock borrow his phone. He was completely astonished to find it was the John from his dreams. He fought the urge to tell him about this, because he often scared people off, and John was a potential flatmate.

No. John was going to be his flatmate. He was going to make sure of that. His dreams weren't going to go to waste.

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