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Sherlock was tired, but he couldn't sleep. There were too many things about the recent case that had gone unresolved. John sent him to bed though after having only two hours of sleep in the past three days. But Sherlock couldn't sleep, especially when he didn't need it. There were other things to do. He stood up from his bed, and putting his robe on, walked out to the living room. He saw his violin perched by the window, and walked over to it, picking it up and beginning to play.

It didn't do anything to calm his mind though, for some odd reason. It was what usually made him think, but it wasn't working right now. He thought of the other activity he usually did, but he hadn't done that since his faked suicide. He tried to play his violin once more, but it didn't suffice. He sighed, knowing he had to take his second best option to cure his boredom and the many cogs running in his brain.

He walked up the steps, slowly, but surely to his best friend's room. Once there, he opened the door and walked in, walking over to his flat mate's bed. John was shifting uncomfortably in his bed, tangled up in sheets and mumbling random words. Sherlock sat on the edge of his bed, quickly putting a hand on John's head. John felt Sherlock rubbing soft circles into his scalp, and calmed down from his nightmare.

"Mmm..." John mumbled, and Sherlock watched. His mind was starting to piece things together that his violin music could never help. He wondered why this hadn't been his first choice earlier, then he realized how odd it was actually watching someone sleep. He had only done it one other time, and when he had, John ended up waking up and wondering what Sherlock was doing in his room. He didn't say anything and left the room, both the boys forgetting about the incident.

Sherlock was ready to leave twenty minutes later, having his head clear of the mess that clogged it up. He stood up, but not two seconds of moving did a hand grab his wrist.

"Stay... Please." John mumbled, his sleepy eyes staring at Sherlock. Sherlock sat back down on the bed slowly, and placed his hand on John's head again, while John let go of the small wrist.

The two sat like that, Sherlock staring at John and John mumbling incoherent sentences. John had often tried to fall asleep, but he kept himself awake, knowing Sherlock would leave once his eyes closed. John remembered the one other time Sherlock had done this.

Sherlock had come back after three years, and left John completely angry with him. John decided against talking with him, until Sherlock had apologized whole heatedly, three weeks after his return. That night Sherlock came into John's room, hearing John yelling in his sleep. He placed his hand on John's head, rubbing circles and calming John down. He stayed for an hour until John woke up, and asked him what he was doing. He could've sworn Sherlock said something as he left, but he was too tired to remember. Now Sherlock was doing the same thing, and he thought to himself how calming it was to have Sherlock by his side.

At one point, Sherlock stood up, uncomfortable in his position and stretched for a quick minute. John thought he was leaving and ended up begging him to stay, until Sherlock kissed his cheek and laid him back down. John held his hand the rest of the time, not wanting to lose Sherlock. Ever since he came back he had been keeping a close eye on Sherlock.

At five a.m Sherlock had crawled into John's bed at his request, and the two stared at each other. Sherlock wondered when John had become okay with this this, but he figured that John was too tired to worry about it. He didn't mind though. He felt safe in John's proximity, and John loved that Sherlock was this close, not at all out of sight.

"Sherlock, sleep. Please. You need it," John whispered, three minutes before he fell asleep.

"Anything for you, John." Sherlock whispered and soon fell asleep, his mind finally resting.

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