So here is my first Castle Story, hope everyone likes it and leaves me love. Enjoy-Cassandra


"You're afraid that if you look into your mother's death that you'll go back down that rabbit hole and lose yourself again. But it's different this time. We have good leads. We have strong leads. And you won't have to do it alone. We can do it together." Castle said with his puppy dog eyes, turned on me full force.

I sit on my throne made of oak and birch, the framework of this chair is sturdy, durable, it doesn't waver in the face of villainous activities.

The cushion is velvet green

On which I perch without care

I hold in my inner self, longing for the man responsible who took away my choice, my future and my loving parent to walk through those precinct doors. Everyday

My subjects are humble

Ryan and Esposito are the best partners I could ask for on my team, but there is someone else. Castle. The Richard Castle, the own that helped me through the painfully agonizing months after my Mothers murder.

And are there for me when I trip and fall

He thinks the "Always" in our banter is just cute partner lingo however it's more than that. He is there even when I am off the job; Morning, Noon and Night with a warm cup of coffee in his grasp.

The looking glass has no appeal

For I know how my destiny will play out

I either end up nailing the bastard who took my mom and consequently my options of a normal life or I'll end up at the wrong end of a loaded weapon, gasping for my last breath. Castle

The white rabbit continues to yammer 'I'm late, I'm late, and I'm late'

The Cheshire cat never gives a straight answer,

Just hints and clues on where to go next

All the years, and all the dead ends never get me anywhere but to the end of a bottle, and a nest of used tissue and chocolate wrappers.

The red queen shows her temper, until her roses

Are painted bloody red

The jealousy monster is green, and said to the evilest of evil however I think that the red monster is the queen, she is the monster of revenge. The monster that gnaws at your mind until the only thing conceivable and left to keep you from going insane is revenge.

I followed this path which led to you …

Castle, it Always somehow leads to Richard Castle. Everywhere I turn, every avenue and every pothole has led to him.

The end of the rabbit hole,

Into reality where my own wonderland awaits.

So with Castle by my side, I know I won't go down the rabbit hole and if I do I know I won't be alone.