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Bella walked Into Alice's boutique a bagel in her hands and balancing two cups of coffee, "Here you go." She sat one of the cups down and looked over at her best friend. "Thanks Bells you're a life saver." Alice swivels past her grabbing the cup and taking a drink. "Ah the drink of gods, how have I survived this morning without you?"

"Ok Drama queen I have to get to work." Bella giggled.

"Bye, bye and don't forget to mail you that letter to Edward." Alice smirked. Bella turned around.

"How do even know if I wrote a letter." Bella asked arching her eyebrow."

"Its you of course you wrote now hurry off and mail it and off to work with you." She made a shooing motion with her hand and blowing a kiss at her friend's back.

"Freaking pixie." Bella mumbled and though there was a mail box right across from Alice's shop there was no way in hell that Bella was going to slip that letter in there, she'd never hear the end of it. So she walked down the streets of Forks, her coffee warming her hands she slipped the letter into the mailbox near the school, her fingers grazing over the name on the front. Making her way into the school she tossed her empty coffee cup and the wax paper from her bagel away, she set everything up for class and got ready for what she was sure would be a rather boring day.

As the last of her last class filed in and took their seats she looked around, "So did everyone look over their letters last night?"

A few mumbled "yes's "could be heard well Bella ignored Mike Newton who was slumped in the back of the room.

"Good has anyone started the actual writing of their letters I'll warn you they are due a week from today, I'm not expecting pages upon pages but I do want at least one page." After making that known she conducts the rest of class before heading home for the night. She starts to pack up her room bit by bit that night she figures if Charlie is really that hungry he can have takeout. She's just putting a pile of sweaters in a box when her phone chimes.

Alice: So did you send it?

Bella: Alice Cullen you are the nosiest person ever.

Alice: Yes but you love me anyway so did you send it?

Bella: Yes miss nosy I sent it.

Alice: great night.

Bella had to chuckle at her friend as she wondered how her quickly written letter would be beheld by Edward Cullen, What would he think about a strange women writing to him, had Alice ever mentioned her? Alice didn't say much about her brothers Alice was more of a me type of person but you couldn't help but lover her anyway. Bella hadn't even met the Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yet the only reason she'd met Alice was because of their coffee addiction. You see Alice used to have a coffee pot in her shop until it broke one day so Alice ran all over Forks trying to find coffee landing on Bella's doorstep and that was how they became friends and why Bella always brings Alice her daily dose of Caffeine.

"Bells what's for Dinner?" Charlie called up the stairs.

"Order a Pizza." She called back down, "I'm packing."

"Ok." She heard him shuffling around down stairs and assumed he was calling the local pizza joint.

Her mind drifted back to the letter and she had to shake her head, no she wouldn't think about it, it was just a letter a letter she was forced to send no thanks to Miss. Alice Cullen. She sighed and shoved more clothes into boxes then looked around her if she shoved any more clothes in those cardboard boxes she'd have nothing to wear in the next two weeks. She grabbed her PJ's and made her way to the bath room taking a shower she made it downstairs just in time for her father to open the door for the pizza delivery man.

She grabbed a slice and bent down to kiss his cheek, "I'm headed to bed I'll see you in the morning. She bite into the pizza and made her way back up to her room. She crawled into bed and flipped the light out thoughts about Edward Cullen floating around in her mind.

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