Kate and Leopold 1 (Review)

Our last adventure was when Leopold had seen this guy in his world he had never known in his life.
When he follows him he finds himself in this strange mans world. The mans name was Stuart.Leopold thought he had been
dreaming as he saw the new and modern New York City. As he walked the street of New York he had found the bridge..... he was
amazed that it had finished after all those years. After days he had grown to love Kate..... Kate just thought he was a weirdo
that thought he was from the past. Before it was time to leave back home Leopold had had an arguement with Kate and she was mad
at him.
He wanted to say sorry before he left but there was no time at all. He had to go home before midnight. Kate had found out he was
really from the past and was meant to be with him. She ran,ran,and ran until she got to the bridge and jumped off. She had gone
back to the past wiht Leopold and he had said her name and they were married.

Kate and Leopold 2

Now Back to Kate and Leopold. With 2 children (two girls)..... Katherine(3) and Emily(5). Kate had been thinking about
her boyfriend Stuart and brother Charlie. Missing them so much. As well her husband Leopold has busy as usually. Then, all off a sudden
she sees a strange man outside her bedroom window. He is coming up to her door as she hears the door bell ringing. She goes to open
the door and the man is covering his face. She asks "Who are you?" No answer. She gets terrified as the stranger raises his head and she
sees it is her long lost ex- boyfriend Stuart. She was in shock as she asked him to come in. She asked "How did you get here?" He had answered
the portal had opened again. She hugged him in such happiness also saying she was just thinking about them.

While she was packing her bags Leopold walks into the room. Leopold asked "What are you doing?"
Kate answered " I'm going to go visit my brother in the year 2002 and taking the children." Leave, you can't leave" yelled Leopold.
"Why not,huh?" asked Kate. Leopold grabs her and says "I'm going with you." As they left the children asked Mother and Father where we were going.
As they ran they answered going to visit your Uncle Charlie.They went to the bridge and met up with Stuart. He had brong extra goggles for the children.
As they drag the children up the the jumping spot. Kicking and
screaming they jump of the bridge with the kids.

Kids looking at their house as they fall sreaming. Kate thinking how her brother looks after all these years.
Leopold waiting to see the bridge done again. Kids have another thinking are they gonna die after this experirence. Stuart
wondering if Charlie really took care of his dog while he was gone.

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