Chapter 2

Kate and leopold find themselves in the apartment of Stuart. Kate kissing Leopold because she is so gladly to be alive.
Kids waking up happy to see their parents and still be alive after their little situation. Leopold went on and had a little vacatoin to see New
York City. Kate going to her old apartment to see Charlie. Children of course going with their mother as their father takes a tour. Before Leopold
left this time he takes some normal clothes. Back to kate entering her old home. She enters and it is such a mess. Kate thinking "That is what I get
leaving a guy to take of a home by himself." She looks in the room and finds her brother sleeping in the bed. Waking him up in such exitement she
hugs him so tight he couldn't breathe but got to say some words.

"Kate......I.....can't.....breathe!" In such a little voice but enough for her to hear.

"I'm sorry, but I've missed you so much" said Kate

As Charlie strains to say some words he says" Me too, but before you leave back home don't kill me of exitement." Hugging his sister(Kate).

(leaving the house and meeting with Leopold as he sees the New New York City)

As a girl passes with pink hair and boy with green, he thinks that he had been seeing things.

He asked "How did your hair get that way if I may ask?"

Kids leaving and looking at him like he is stupid.

Leopold going finding himself back to the bridge. As he puts his hands in his pocket he finds a $100. He wonders if he can use this
somewhere. As he passes so many stores one caught his eye. He had never seen anything like it. As he read the sign it said "Burger King." He entered the store.

Leopold asks: "Ummm..... what can i get here?"

Employee: " the sign" pointing at the sign above.

Leopold looking interested: " I'll have number 2. The Double Wopper?"

Employee: "Would you like a drink with that?"

Leopold: " OK? I'll have a Coke?" Looking confused.

(Leaving Leopold to his meal we find ourself back to Kete going to her job at the company. Thinking "Why did i ever leave this I miss it so much?")

Everyone stunned like statues as she enters.

Everyone says: "Hi, Kate."

As Kate left the building she met up with her husband.

Leopold:"This is where you worked before you came to leave with me. Right?"

Kate:"Yea, everyone was stunned to see me. And I met their new manager."

Leopold: "Oh."

Kate: "Well, let's get home to the children."

Leopold: "Sure, let's go."

On their trip home, Kate gave Leopold a trip on the way there. He seen where the twin towers used to be and very, very, very tall buildings. Seen the stores: Flower Shop, 99 cents Store, and they went and had lunch in McDonalds. He (Leopold) liked coke very much.

At the house the children running all over the place and giving unlce Charlie a new kind of feeling of kids. Kate and Leopold came to an even bigger mess than it was when they first came. Charlie lied out on the couch as the kids taking a nap in the room.....

Kate asked "What happened?"

At the same time that she asked that question Stuart entered the window and had some good news and bad news.

Charlie, Kate, Leopold: "What is the news?"

Stuart: "The good news is today is Monday."

Everyone:" Yea?"

Stuart: " The portal closes this friday at midnight. So what ever you want to do or meet you got to do quick because time go bye quick."

As we leave this Chapter 2. Wait till next time for their reactions in chapter three.

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