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AE Part 18—Epilogue

Did he have to mention that I got perfect scores on my entrance exams? Gohan wondered in exasperation as he plopped down in the chair. Geez, so much for blending in.

Longily, he thought of his house in the mountains...the forest...being at home playing with seven-year-old Goten. The mutual adoration between the brothers would have melted even the hardest hearts.

The bubbly blonde girl next to him giggled. "Hi, I'm Erasa! Gohan, right?"

"Umm, yeah," he felt himself blush, and rubbed the back of his head in the classic Son gesture of embarrassment or nervousness.

"You know Videl, right?" the girl, Erasa, gestured towards the person sitting next to her.

"Uh, can't say that I do," Gohan replied truthfully, feeling put on the spot.

"You don't know Hercule Satan's daughter?" Erasa cried in disbelief. But she recovered quickly and began talking about how wonderful the great Hercule was. Gohan only half-listened, and leaned forward to look at the girl on the other side of Erasa.

Long, black hair in pigtails framed a slender face. Her eyes were a piercing azure-blue, huge in her face. Those eyes were sending him a questioning glare, loaded with suspicion.

The hair was different, but she looked familiar...somehow...somewhere...

Then it clicked.

It was the same feeling he'd had not too long ago when he'd looked in the mirror and thought that the face looking back at him was strangely familiar. And he'd realized why then, too.

Finally it made sense. Just like Piccolo had said it would. At last, he had all the answers.

He smiled and nodded towards her. "It's nice to meet you...Videl."

With that, Gohan turned his attention back towards the teacher.

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