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Chapter I: What If I Wanted to Break?

Operating on someone's brain is like diffusing a bomb. You strike one nerve wrong, and they're dead. Just like your shit gets blown up if you cut the red wire instead of the blue one, or some shit like that. Whatever. I'm not on the fucking bomb squad, but you get what I'm saying, right? Good.

I'm a neurosurgeon. The best neurosurgeon in Japan to be exact. I graduated number one in my class from an American university called Yale. Ever heard of it? Duh, I know you have. I've won every medical award possible, including the Nobel Prize in medicine. And I'm only thirty-four years old.

I started medical school when I was thirteen. You got it. I'm a fucking genius. IQ of one hundred and ninety-two. My senior thesis was published in Neurosurgery when I was eighteen. I finished school fourteen years later at twenty-seven and moved back to Japan to work in Tokyo. That's where I met Ichigo Kurosaki, the love of my life.

He was doing his residency in cardiovascular surgery. We met when he ran into me while he was rushing around running errands for the prickhole of a head cardiovascular surgeon, Byakuya Kuchiki. He immediately started sputtering apologies, but I just smiled. Told him he was cute. The blush that he got was priceless, and slightly disturbing. How the hell someone could turn that shade of red is still a mystery to me.

We had our first date a week later. I took him to a restaurant that I frequented since the owner, Ulquiorra Cifer, was a really good friend of mine. I reserved the whole place for us and we spent the night getting to know each other, and once it was time for me to take Ichigo home, I was smitten. He was genuinely amazing, and I loved everything about him. He was smart, funny, and fucking gorgeous; everything I wanted and more.

He was a few years younger than me, and some of the senior residents didn't approve of our relationship, but I wouldn't want to lie to you and say I gave a flying fuck. You know, cause I didn't. What we had was between us, and I'd be damned if I let someone tell me what the fuck to do. I made the calls. I made the rules. I was the one who was in charge of my fucking life, and if I wanted something, I got it. Simple as that.

But for all the good I do for people as a surgeon, I have just as much awful shit that I do too. I'm not the person that Ichigo or anyone else thinks I am.

My name is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, M.D., Ph.D, also known as Sexta. And I'm the leader of F6, an infamous yakuza clan.

I take it you're surprised to learn this information. Well, keep it to yourself. I don't want to risk Ichigo finding out. He's kind of prudish for a twenty-nine year old, and I don't think he'd take the news very well.

You probably want to know how I ended up as the leader of a yakuza clan. Eh, I got time I guess. Let me spin you a little tale.

It started with my father. He was a dipshit idiot and I fucking hated him with the intensity of a thousand white suns. He was a douchebag of epic proportions who abused my mother and me. And he was the original leader of F6, the original Sexta.

I grew up on our estate in Kyoto with my adoptive brother, Nnoitra. We didn't really interact much until we hit middle school, but after that we were really close. Both of us protecting our mother from our father. I was surrounded by security most of the time, and I didn't really get out much. I spent most of my time in my suite reading. Guess that's how I got to be so smart. I'd read anything, fiction, nonfiction, encyclopedias, scientific journals. Yeah, I didn't really have much else to do, so don't fucking judge me. I got really interested in neuroscience when I was eight, so I put all my focus onto it, learning all I could about it.

The human brain really is an interesting organ. Just like the hard drive of a computer. The body can't function without the brain. The brain of a human is about three times the size of a chimpanzee's brain when measured using the encephalization quotient, which compensates for body size, even though it has basically the same functions and uses. This is probably due to the cerebral cortex, especially...oh damn, sorry. Talk about peanut gallery, huh?

Anyway, back to the story of my "rise to power".

So by the time I was ten, my father was trying to train me to take over for him one day. I was already trained in many forms of martial arts, including kendo and jujutsu, but it wasn't about self-defense or protecting others. He was teaching me to kill.

He would force me to spar with his minions, which he called his Fracción, until I was too exhausted to move. It was like that everyday. I once asked him why it had to be me, when Nnoitra was older and obviously enjoyed fighting more than I did. He slapped me across the face, telling me never to question him. I didn't anymore, although one of his Fracción, a tall man by the name of Shawlong, told me why it had to be me. It was because I was his biological son, his true flesh and blood. I'd never wished to be born into a different family before that day. But after that, it was all I ever wished for.

I graduated from high school when I was twelve and decided that I wanted to go to medical school. You won't believe the fucking fight I had to put up to be allowed to go to America for university. Literally. I had to defeat each member of my father's Fracción, plus Nnoitra, and my father himself. Something about me proving that I had what it took to leave and not forget where I came from. What the fuck ever. That made no damn sense to me, but I did it. It was worth it to be able to become a neurosurgeon. I defeated them all, but not without taking a few injuries. I still have a rather large scar going from the top of my chest to the bottom from my fight with Nnoi. But like I said, it was all worth it.

I went to America, but not without security. Of course my father had his goons follow me. I was okay with it since one of them was Shawlong. But the rest got a roundhouse kick to the face almost everyday for pissing me off one way or another, making me look fucking weak by following me around all the time. Fucking boobs.

Anyway, I got the call when I was twenty-two. My father had been killed in an altercation with a rival clan. Big fucking surprise. I flew back to Japan for the funeral, but I didn't stay. Like I was going to give up med school for that shit. You must've lost your scalp.

So I stayed in America until my neurological residency was done and then I moved back to Tokyo. Needless to say the clan was unhappy with me for "abandoning" them. What the fuck ever. I didn't ask to be their leader. I didn't ask to be born. But I guess they were all too stupid to comprehend that. Nnoi was the only one who seemed to get it. Of course he wanted to take over and I was more than willing to let him, but the clan wasn't having it. So I was bled in as their official leader at twenty-seven.

That probably doesn't make sense to you, so I'll explain. The way a leader is sworn in in F6 is by the Blood Promise. It's a short ritual in which the prospective leader's wrist or hand is cut open and the rest of the clan drinks a small amount of his blood, promising to remain loyal to the aforementioned leader because his blood is now flowing through their veins and all that noise. Kind of vampiric, right? Well we're not vampires, and I didn't make that rule. I actually was quite avidly against it, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I also had to get a tattoo, but I'd rather not even talk about that.

So after those things, I took over F6. Let's say changes were made. Number one. Fuck the illegal shit. I had ways to quadruple our revenue without even touching an illegal substance. It's called investment. I know, right? I'd never heard of it beforehand either (just so you know, I'm rolling my eyes). By my second year as Sexta, F6 owned half of Tokyo, and without distributing a single ounce of an illegal substance.

Number two. Don't kill motherfuckers who owe you money. I never understood that method. If you kill the SOB, how the hell will you get your money? So I don't kill people who borrow money from F6. I just make them wish they were dead if they don't pay it back within the allotted time. Believe me, a motherfucker will pay you back really fast if you break his hand, burn him with acid, or shoot him in the leg with a nailgun.

Number three. Legalize the bitches. Yeah, you know damn well what I'm talking about. Brothels. F6 owned at least four in Tokyo alone. Businessmen, attorneys, athletes, musicians. They all came flocking to F6 brothels because I only hired the best. And I collected all the revenue from their seedy rendezvous. Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Besides assassination, at least.

So I've been leading F6 for seven years now. Five of those seven years, I've been with Ichigo. He has no idea who I really am or what I really do. Of course I still perform surgery and conduct research at the hospital, but that's during the day. I have the director of the hospital, Szayelaporro Granz, in my back pocket so that Ichigo almost always works the night shift and I can conduct my business without him finding out. I know if he does, he'll try to find a way to make me stop, and won't understand why I can't. He's always been really...what's the word? Chivalrous? Yeah, I'll go with that. His name can be vaguely translated as 'one who protects' and he takes that shit seriously. I still call him 'strawberry' though, just to piss him off.

Another reason for me keeping my other life a secret is that I don't want Ichigo to get involved. This might sound mushy or whatever, but he means the world to me. If I ever lost him...

"Boss, we gotta take care of some business downtown." one of my Fracción, Di Roy says.

"Alright." Well, I guess that means I'll have to finish the story later. Or you can just watch it play out yourself. Whatever. I got business to take care of.

This is the fucking business I was interrupted for? Seriously? Is there not a single intelligent person in this fucking clan? Oh yeah, there is. Me.

"And what the fuck is this faggotry?" I ask in annoyance. I look at the severely beaten man in front of me. He kind of looks like a bruised banana. I chuckle a bit at that thought.

"He tried to get off without paying Harribel." Di Roy says. I nod as if I'm pondering the thought. Harribel. Yeah, that's a nice one. Quite expensive. Well worth it though, if you ask me. If I didn't have Ichigo, I'd make her my personal bitch. But back to the matter at hand.

An hour with Harribel comes to about two hundred fifty thousand yen. That's a little over two thousand US dollars. Could I stand to lose that? Probably. Will I? Hell to the no.

You can't let motherfuckers get away with shit. Not even small shit like this. Because once you do, they think they got you wrapped around their little finger and they try to get more from you. So this idiot is about to learn his lesson Sexta style.

I remove my jacket and give it to Di Roy. It's Armani, and very expensive and I refuse to allow it to be soiled by the blood of some random moron.

"What's your name, imbecile?" I ask as I don my favorite set of brass knuckles. He doesn't answer me as quickly as I want him to, and so he gets punished for it. I tsk as he spits about four of his teeth onto the floor. "I do not have all day, sir. Your name please?"

"Kariya. Jin Kariya." he says, as blood seeps from his mouth. Why does that name sound so familiar?

"You own Jokaisho Research Institute, don't you?" I ask. Kariya nods. "Well, well, well. Who knew such a distinguished researcher had a taste for brown sugar?"

Di Roy and two of my other Fracción, Yammy and Aaroniero, erupt with laughter. It ceases when I raise my hand.

"You're an intelligent man, Kariya. You can understand why I'm unhappy right now, can't you?" I ask. Kariya frowns.

"Fuck you." he says. I crack a smirk that I'm sure looks positively feral.

"No thanks. You're not really my type, and I don't bottom for anybody." With that, I punch him again, satisfied with the sounds the bones in his nose make as they crack. He curses and I continue to smirk. "It seems you don't want to cooperate, Kariya. Di Roy here really did you a favor by calling me. My brother, Nnoitra, wouldn't be half as generous as I am."

His eyes widen at the mention of Nnoi's name. An expected response. Nnoi isn't as low key as I am. He's about as loud, torturous, and sadistic as they come. He's called Quinto, because he's my right hand. He's rather creepy looking in my opinion since he's about seven feet tall and skinnier than a Russian supermodel. He kind of reminds me of a cross between a pirate and a preying mantis. The pirate analogy comes from the eyepatch that he wears to cover his left eye; ever seen that movie Kill Bill? Well, our father really liked it and decided to test one of the moves on Nnoi when he was eleven.

There's a reason for Nnoi's sadistic nature. Being adopted into the clan, he's never felt truly accepted, like he always has to prove his strength. He's always fighting, even to this day. I don't think he'll ever understand that he's the only person I truly trust. Besides Ichigo of course.

But back to the matter at hand. I've grown bored with this activity. I am a genius, but I have a short attention span when it comes to fucking nonsense. I remove the brass knuckles and hand them to Aaroniero.

"Dispose of him, Yammy. But not before you get the title to his business. My research on spina bifida could benefit from such prestigious resources."

"Yes, Sexta." I hear Yammy cracking his knuckles as Di Roy escorts me from the room. Kariya should have cooperated.

I look at the vintage Rolex on my wrist. Shit. Ichigo has the night off tonight and I'm fucking late thanks to this tomfoolery. Oh well. I'll just have to make up something.

"Home, Nakeem." I instruct my driver. No use keeping Ichigo waiting any longer.

I open the door to my penthouse and smile. Ichigo made dinner. Haha, he's such a wife. He hates it when I say that though.

"Welcome home, Grimm." he says. He smiles at me, though it doesn't seem right. Something's wrong.

"Alright, tell me what's wrong." I order, as I sit down at the table. Ichigo stays silent as he sets my dinner in front of me. I follow his actions with my eyes. "I'm just gonna keep asking until you tell me."

"Fine. There's a little girl in my ward. Her name is Ururu. She's got a defect, but Granz moved her to the bottom of the waiting list because her family doesn't have insurance anymore. I can't do anything else for her. Without a transplant, she'll be dead by next week."

I watch Ichigo as he speaks, and it makes me want to fucking murder Szayel. To know that Ichigo, my Ichigo, is so upset because of the faggotry of that pink-haired idiot pisses me off to no end.

"I'll take care of it." I say, without hesitation. Ichigo looks at me like I've gone bat-shit crazy. "Don't give me that look. She needs a heart and I have money. Don't worry about it Ichi. I'll talk to Granz tomorrow."

He smiles again and this time it's genuine. That's what I like to see. I love everything about Ichigo, but it's his smile that I treasure the most. Not very many people get to see it, since most of the time he's scowling. But when he graces you with that smile of his once in a blue moon, you're captured instantly. Being the reason behind his smile is enough to keep me happy for a lifetime.

"You don't have to do that, Grimm." he says. I roll my eyes.

"Give it a rest, Ichigo. I've already made up my mind, so you better prepare yourself to give that girl her new heart."

Ichigo continues to smile as he walks towards me. He wraps his arms around my shoulders from behind and kisses my cheek.

"How is it that we've been together for five years and you still amaze me everyday?" he asks. I scoff.

"Because I'm awesome. Duh."

"Hardy har har." Ichigo kisses my cheek again and returns to his side of the table. He sits down and those big brown eyes bore into my blue ones making me inwardly squirm. "Why are you so late anyway?"

Shit. I knew this was coming, but I didn't have time to think up an excuse. Let's see, what seems plausible for me to get home an hour and a half late?

"Had to meet Nnoi to visit my mother. Sorry, guess I forgot to tell you I was going to see her today." I add a shrug for emphasis. Ichigo doesn't look like he's buying it, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

"I've never met your mother and I've only seen Nnoi once. Why don't you want me around your family?" he asks. Goddammit. "Is it because I'm so much younger than you?"

I roll my eyes at this statement. I am not fucking old!

"No, Ichi. It's just that my family's complicated. Can we not talk about this right now?" I plead. Ichigo purses his lips but doesn't push it. I sigh and concentrate on my dinner. The silence that's descended upon us is disconcerting. "How are your sisters?"

"Yuzu is studying design in Paris and Karin is going to medical school in America. I thought I told you that already." he responds. He has, I just needed to break the silence. "Guess your memory just isn't what it used to be, huh old man?"

I give Ichigo a deadpan expression.

"Careful with that joke. It's an antique." I say, snidely. I immediately regret it as a grin cracks Ichigo's face.

"So are you." he says, erupting with laughter. Real mature. Guess I walked right into that one.

"Nice." I say in a bored tone. I sigh and finish my dinner before moving to the kitchen to wash the dishes. I tense when I feel his arms wrap around my waist. I'm not mad at him. I just want him to think I am so he'll feel guilty.

He slips his warm hands under my shirt and caresses my abdomen. I act like I'm not affected. He continues with his molestation and I continue washing the dishes; his hands slide to the buckle of my belt.

"Grimm..." he purrs my name seductively as he removes the belt. Oh he is so not getting off that easily. "C'mon, you can't be mad at me for that."

"Who said I was mad?" I tease, turning to face him. He scowls and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Not my fault you're a hundred years old." he mumbles petulantly. I shake my head and turn back towards the sink. Seriously, I am five years older than him! "Sorry, I'm just teasing, babe."

I don't respond as Ichigo kisses my neck softly. Alright, he's treading on thin ice. His hands return to the button of my slacks and he makes quick work of it. I continue with my unaffected façade, though I almost lose it when he starts to fondle my semi-hard member through the fabric of my boxers. Shit, now I'm hard.

"I think I'm too old to have sex in the kitchen." I say, surprised at how nonchalant I sound. Guess that's why I've never lost a poker game. Ichigo doesn't seem affected by my attitude as he grabs my shoulders and turns me to face him. He kisses my lips softly at first and then his tongue snakes out trying to deepen the kiss. I'm not having it though. He pulls away giving me a defiant glare.

"Are you really mad at me?" he asks. I just smirk, leaning against the sink.

"Seething." I say, evenly. Ichigo continues to glower and then he smirks too.

"Fine. I guess I'll just have to find some way to quell your raging fury." He reaches inside my boxers and my breath hitches when his warm hand encircles my length. "Happy now?"

"Not yet." I tease, kissing his lips. He lowers himself to his knees in front of me and gives a languid lick to my dick. I suck in a breath and grab a handful of that surprisingly insanely soft orange hair. "Fuck, Ichi..."

I try my best to keep from bucking into his mouth like a crazed animal, but the intensity of his hot, wet mouth surrounding me is insane. His tongue glides up the underside of my cock and he takes in more of it until I feel myself against the back of his throat. I growl lowly, as the sensations turn my brain to mush and I feel myself on the edge of release. The lewd slurping sounds he's making as he deep throats me aren't helping either. Well, this sucks. Maybe I am old.

I let out a noise, somewhere between a moan and a sigh as I cum in Ichigo's mouth. He swallows almost gracefully and returns to his full height kissing me softly.

"Well, I know you're happy now." he says, cheekily. Cute.

I step into Szayel's office, making certain to appear pissed the fuck off. Because I am. Szayel looks up at me over the top of his glasses as if I'm annoying him by walking in. The fucking cunt.

"Can I help you, Jaegerjaquez?" he asks. I narrow my gaze.

"I'm Sexta, right now, fuck-face." I growl. He takes the hint and lowers the haughtiness. "Where the fuck do you get off making Ichigo so upset by refusing treatment to a little girl because her family can't pay?"

"I don't have time for this, Sexta." Szayel says with a twinge of smartass. I resist the urge to wrap my hands around his scrawny ass neck. I lean over the desk and tower above him.

"Fucking make time, you ass. Put the girl at the top of the damn list and I won't skin you alive." I growl. Szayel sneers at me, but turns towards his computer. His fingers fly across the keyboard and after a second, he hits the enter key with more force than necessary. He turns the monitor towards me with attitude.

"There, Tsumugiya Ururu is set for surgery three days from now. Happy now, Sexta?" I smile wryly.

"Now, was that so hard, Director Granz?" Szayel scowls and returns his attention to the paperwork littering his desk.

"Get out of my office, Jaegerjaquez." he says. I flash a million dollar smile and turn to leave.

"A pleasure doing business with you as always. Oh, by the way; talk to me like that again, and you'll be fishing those glasses out of your tight little anus." I hear Szayel gulp audibly before I leave the office. Once I'm a good ways down the hallway, I take out my phone and call Ichi.

"Grimm, aren't you supposed to be working?" Ichigo asks as a greeting. I chuckle a little at his tone. He's so cute when he's worried about me. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, Ichi. I just wanted to give you the good news early."

"What is it?"

"I just got done talking to Granz and the little girl you were worried about has been moved to the top of the waiting list. She's scheduled for surgery in three days." I hear Ichigo gasp and his smile is evident in his voice as he responds.

"Wow, you weren't kidding, were you? Thanks so much, Grimm. This will mean a lot to her family, and it really means the world to me."

"I'd do anything for you, Ichi." I say. I know he's blushing on the other end.

"I love you." he says, softly. I smile as I take a file from one of the nurses.

"I love you too, Ichi." I'm about to speak again before a tone signaling an incoming call goes off. I look at my phone and frown. This must be something serious for this monkey to be calling my personal phone. "Ichi, I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Are you sure everything's alright, Grimm?"

"Yeah. Bye." I switch lines before he responds. I'll make it up to him later; this is business. I duck into my office before speaking again. "To what do I owe the honor, Shirosaki?"

I hear a scoff from the other end before Shiro's gravely voice comes through the speaker. He doesn't sound happy.

"We got a problem, Sexta." He only calls me that when shit is serious. "I had Hanatarou go through the statements and shit is not looking right." I am immediately interested.

"Shit like what?" I ask.

"Shit like there's about thirty-two thousand missing from the revenue of Seireitei." he responds. The fuck?

Seireitei is F6's most popular brothel. It's in the downtown area of Tokyo and houses some of our finest merchandise, including a one Rangiku who brings in about a million yen a week alone. Needless to say it's pretty important when it comes to revenue. Thirty-two thousand might not seem like a lot, but that's not the point. The point is someone's stealing my fucking money. Whoever has the fucking balls to steal from me better be prepared to lose them.

"I'm sending Nnoi over right now and I'll be there as soon as I can find someone to cover for me." I say.

"Alright, but you better hurry the fuck up because Seireitei isn't the only thing missing revenue."

I hang up the phone and resist the urge to throw it. How the hell did I not notice this shit? Someone's stealing my money right under my nose, and I didn't even notice. I dial Nnoi's number and fume as I wait for him to answer.

"Something the problem, Blue Panther?" he asks, snarkily. I don't have time for his bullshit right now so I ignore the hated nickname.

"I need you at headquarters in the accounting department. Someone's stealing my fucking money." I say, irritably. Nnoi makes a tsk sound.

"I'm there." He hangs up and I prepare to leave my office when there's a light knock on my door.

"What?" I call out. The door opens and one of the nurses, Nemu I think that's her name, comes in.

"Doctor Jaegerjaquez, one of your patients has flatlined." she says, quietly. My eyes widen. Seven years as a surgeon and I've never lost a patient. "Doctor Ishida has been trying to revive him, but I'm afraid..."

"Well, that's too bad. Tell Ishida to give the TOD. I have some other business to attend to." I say, shortly. I push her out of the office and shut the door behind me.

"But Doctor, you have to..."

"I don't have time to deal with this right now. I have more pressing matters. Tell Granz I'm out for the day."

"Yes sir." Nemu says. She bows slightly before scurrying off in the opposite direction.

I don't have time to sulk over losing a patient right now. That'll have wait until I'm at home and Ichi's there. I'll never break down unless it's in front of him. No one is allowed to see my pain; they'll mistake my pain for weakness, and I cannot be seen as weak. I am a god among men, and gods have no room for weaknesses.

I walk into the accounting department of F6 headquarters and I'm greeted by the sound of bones cracking under pressure. A cackle that is disconcerting to lesser men resounds through the room and I know Shiro has found the culprit responsible for the missing revenue.

I guess you'd like to know about Shiro. He's not that hard to explain. He's a creepy looking albino with black and gold eyes. The weird thing is he'd be really attractive if he wasn't a dangerous sociopath. Oh hell yes, Shiro is insane and if I ever found myself on the other end of his wrath, I'd probably kill myself before I let him get near me. Shiro's been my friend for almost as long as Nnoi, except unlike with Nnoi, I actually liked Shiro from the moment we met. Most people didn't like him because of his strange appearance, but I have no room to talk when it comes to having a strange appearance. He's brash, cynical, sarcastic and an asshole, but so am I, so we get along well. Especially when there's business to be taken care of.

I watch Shiro land punch after punch to the face of some dude I've never seen before. Does he even work here?

"That's enough, Shiro. He has to be alive to answer our questions." I state evenly. The albino tsks before punching the other man one last time. I direct my gaze at Nnoi who's standing in the corner smoking a cigarette. "This the person who's been stealing my money?"

"No, but he works for the motherfucker who's stealing your money." Nnoi responds. I raise an eyebrow and return my attention to the severely pummeled man currently squirming under Shiro's gaze.

"What's your name?" I ask. The man scowls before spitting his blood in my direction. I side-step before it reaches me. "Shiro."

Shiro's creepy grin stretches across his face before he pulls a small vial out of his pocket. The man watches silently as Shiro twists the cap open revealing a small dropper. Ah, the Shirosaki Special. Shiro whistles as he fills the dropper with what can only be hydrochloric acid. Both Nnoi and I take a few steps back because we fucking know what's good for us.

"Ya got three seconds to state your name before you're permanently blinded with this HCl. It's not a very quick process. The acid will completely corrode your cornea and you'll feel each and every second of the pain. So, one..."

The man seems to be weighing his options as Shiro stares fondly at his beloved HCl. Fucking psychopath.


The man's eyes dart around the room and he starts to struggle against the binds holding him to the chair. Shiro's hand moves toward his face and he panics.

"Ggio! My name is Ggio Vega!" he yells. Shiro continues to hold the acid near his face. He looks over at me.

"What do ya say, Grimm? He did spit at ya?" I bring a finger to my chin in pensivity.

"A little on the hand wouldn't hurt I suppose. Well, not me anyways." I say, with a grin. Shiro cackles as Ggio screams in agony as the acid eats away at the skin of his hand. God, that smells. "Now, Ggio, I need your help."

I take a knee in front of the man who is biting his swollen bottom lip to hold back his cries. I shake my head.

"I need you to help me, help you. I don't want to see you in this kind of pain, but when you disrespect me, there are retributions. Now you and your boss have disrespected me. If you don't want to accept all of the retributions, you need to tell me right now who you work for."

For a moment, Ggio doesn't respond. He just stares at me with his one good ridiculously large golden eye. Then he opens his mouth and the name of his boss comes out.

"Sosuke Aizen."

Well, shit. Haven't heard that name in about ten years. He seemingly dropped off the face of the earth a while back after the confrontation that killed my father. I guess the irony of it all is that he used to be a part of F6. He was nearly my father's second-in-command until he betrayed the clan by claiming some of our territory as his own. I never understood why he wasn't killed on the spot, but I guess my father didn't see him as a threat. Well I do. He's an even bigger sociopath than Shiro, and he's definitely not on my side. I'm not afraid of him; I'm just not fucking stupid.

"I knew it!" Nnoi yells. I rise to my full height and pace.

"What do you want me to do, Sexta?" Shiro asks. I run a hand through my hair and stop pacing. "Ya gonna just let 'im go?"

I direct my attention at Ggio. Fear is evident in his eyes. Poor kid. He's so young. Only looks to be about nineteen or twenty at best. Tough luck.

"I have the information I need. Kill him." I say, and I leave the room with Nnoi in tow.

By the time I make it home, Ichigo's about to leave for his shift at the hospital. He's smiling when I walk in, but his smile fades when he looks at my face. I tried to hide my distress, but I should have known he'd see through it; I can't hide anything from Ichigo. I'm surprised he hasn't figured out my secret yet.

"Grimm, what's wrong?" he asks, helping me out of my jacket. Obviously I can't tell him everything. But he's not gonna let up if I say it's nothing. I make my way into the living room and sit down on the couch. Ichigo squats in front of me, his big brown eyes searching for answers.

"I lost a patient today. The first one I've ever lost." I say. That does bother me, but it's not what's pissing me off the most right now.

"I'm so sorry, Grimm. What happened?" he asks. Well shit if I know. I left before I could even find out which patient it was.

"I don't really know, but I guess I made a mistake. I don't really want to talk about it." I say, hoping Ichigo will get the point and let up. He does, and that's why I love him so damn much. He stands and runs his hand through my hair, letting it come to a stop on my cheek.

"I'll be here whenever you do want to talk about it." He leans down and kisses me gently. "I have to go. Granz called me and he seems pissed about something. I'll call you when I get my first break." I nod and watch him leave.

I am such a fucking liar. I lay my head back on the couch and close my eyes. I just remembered that I have to visit my mother for real tomorrow. I guess it'd be as good a time as any for Ichi to meet her. She'll be dead soon anyway.

My mother is Helena Jaegerjaquez. She's German and she was a supermodel before she met my father. He brought her back here to Japan when she was nineteen and they got married. Of course beforehand she had no idea he was yakuza, but when she found out, it was too late for her to go back. Plus, she was already in love with the bastard. I still don't understand how someone like my mother could love someone like my father; then again, I do. Aren't I just like my father? I'm basically the same person and Ichigo loves me. I don't know if he would still love me if he knew the real me, but one can hope.

Anyway, back to my mother. She's been sick for about eight years now. No doctors have been able to pinpoint an exact illness; it's always something different. Her immune system is shot to hell and so she catches every little thing from a cold to influenza. There's nothing that can be done about it so I don't stress it. I mean, I am sad or whatever, but there's nothing I can do except do my best to take care of her while she's still alive. My musings are interrupted by the sound of my phone vibrating.

"What?" I answer, irritably.

"Yo, got some good news and a lot of bad news." Nnoi says, nonchalantly. "Which would you like to hear first?"


"Alright, the bad news is, none of the techs can pinpoint an exact time that revenue started disappearing. It seems that there's some kind of program that's running that transfers money from our revenue into another account. And Zommari is dead. Guess Aizen wasn't too happy about us taking out his little sheep." I roll my eyes. Good fucking grief.

"Alright. What's the good news?"

"Good news is we got a hold on the program and no more revenue is being lost. They just haven't found a way to get the other revenue back."

"Well, tell them to get to work! I want fucking results by tomorrow!" I yell. I don't usually get loud with Nnoi, and I know it's not his fault, but all of this shit is pissing me the fuck off.

"Alright, chill, little bro. Techs're working on it as we speak. We still going to the estate tomorrow?" he asks.

"Yeah. I'm bringing Ichigo."

"I don't think mom can eat strawberries, Grimm." Nnoi cackles on the other end when I sigh.

"You know damn well who I'm talking about, you stick-figure looking motherfucker. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bitches better find my money."

"Yeah, yeah. King Kong ain't got nothin on you." He continues to laugh and I hang up. Idiot.

"Grimm, why did we drive to Kyoto?" Ichigo asks. God, he's like a fucking six-year-old bouncing in his seat as we speed down the freeway. It was cute at first, but this is a five hour drive. I wish he'd just drink his juice and take a nap.

"It's a surprise. That is an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing, and to tell you why we are driving to Kyoto would defeat the purpose of it being a surprise." I say, matter-of-factly. Ichigo isn't impressed.

"Bite me." he says, petulantly. I give him a lopsided grin and wiggle my eyebrows.

"Oh, I will later." He punches my arm and blushes. I laugh boisterously and take the final turn to get to the estate. I pull up at the gate and watch Ichigo's expression. Priceless.

"Welcome home, Jaegerjaquez-sama." The guard says. I nod and he opens the gate. I drive up the circular driveway and park in front of the stairs that lead to the front door. Ichigo seems to be stunned silent. He looks so cute all drop-jawed and buck-eyed.

I unbuckle my seatbelt and his and poke his shoulder playfully. He turns to me with his mouth still open.

"What is...? Who's...? Why are...? You..." he stammers. I laugh at his reaction.

"This is my family's estate, Ichi. You're going to meet my mother today." He looks mildly horrified and excited at the same time. I think he should have been an actor instead of a heart surgeon. I get out of the car and toss my keys to one of the butlers that's showed up. I walk to the trunk and pull out both my overnight bag and Ichigo's and then I open the passenger door for him. He crosses his arms over his chest. He looks good and pissed. "Oh, c'mon, Ichi, you're not mad are you?"

"Of course I'm mad! You didn't fucking tell me I was going to meet your mother! I look so stupid!" he yells once he's out of the car. I chuckle a bit at his overreaction; he does look a bit like a delinquent with his tight black skinny jeans, equally tight white v-neck shirt, unbuttoned black vest, and all black high top Converse. I think he doesn't realize he's almost thirty years old.

"Don't worry about it, Ichi. My mom doesn't care about stuff like that." I say, handing our bags to another butler that has appeared to escort us inside. I reach for his hand and he pouts as he takes mine. I shake my head as we ascend the stairs and go inside the mansion.

"Will your guest be staying in your suite, Jaegerjaquez-sama?" the butler asks. I nod and he bows before disappearing down the adjacent corridor. Ichigo lets go of my hand and crosses the foyer towards the large portrait of my family that's on the wall above the set of double doors that leads to my mother's suite. It's one of those cliché family portraits with my father sitting in an armchair and my mother and Nnoi standing on either side of him with me on the floor in front. The only person smiling is my mother.

"Those are your parents?" he asks. I cross the room to stand next to him.

"Yeah." I don't have much to say about this picture, but Ichigo has a lot of questions.

"How old were you?"


"What are your parents names?"

"Akihiko and Helena."

"Is Nnoitra adopted?"


"Why didn't you smile?"

"Because I wasn't happy."

"Oh." Silence descends upon us and I continue to stare at the picture. My mother might be smiling, but her eyes are dead. Just like they are now.

"Come on, I think Nnoi is here too." I say, taking his hand again. I push the doors open and we walk through. Ichigo stays quiet as I lead him towards my mother's room. Once we're in front of her door, I stop. I pick up two surgical masks from the box that's next to the door and hand one of them to Ichigo. "You have to put this on before you go in. And use some hand sanitizer too." Ichigo nods and does what I told him. Once we're ready, I give a quick knock and the door is opened by one of my mother's nurses, Retsu.

"Hello, Jaegerjaquez-sama and...guest." she says, giving Ichigo an incredulous look.

"Retsu, this is Ichigo, Ichi this is Retsu." I say. Retsu's disposition changes immediately and she shakes Ichigo's hand, smiling brightly.

"Oh, so you're the mysterious love of Jaegerjaquez-sama's life? Wow, you certainly are gorgeous." It's hidden by the mask but I can tell Ichigo is blushing. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." Ichigo responds. Retsu steps aside and we walk into the room. Nnoi steps from the bathroom and smiles at us with his creeper-status grin.

"'Sup, little bro? This the strawberry you said you were bringing?" he asks. Ichigo glares at him.

"That's not what my name means, jerk." he growls. I roll my eyes and sigh.

"Ichi, this dumbass is Nnoi. We're not really related." I say. Nnoi sneers and smacks me upside the head. He's lucky Ichigo is here or I'd kick his ass for that. The three of us round the corner and come to a stop in front of my mother's bed.

Two nurses are fussing over her and she looks at us and smiles. She waves the nurses away and gestures for us to come to her bedside. I take Ichigo's hand and we walk to her right side while Nnoi stands on the left.

"Hey mama." I say. She places her small hand on top of mine and Ichigo's. It's insanely cold. "Dies ist Ichigo."

"Nett sie endlich kennenzulernen." Ichigo says. I look at him in shock. I had no idea he spoke German. My mom smiles even brighter. I take it she likes him.

"She can't speak today, Jaegerjaquez-sama. She has laryngitis." Retsu says. I nod.

"That's okay. I just wanted her to meet Ichi. We'll come back to talk to her again later." I say. "Bis dann, mama." Mom nods her head and we leave her with Nnoi.

Ichigo is quiet during the whole walk to my suite which is on the other side of the mansion. He seems lost in his thoughts. I brush my shoulder against his.

"What's wrong, Ichi?"

"Your mom. She's so sick. Why didn't you tell me?" he asks. I sigh.

"I didn't want you to worry about me like you are now. I know she's really sick so I'm not worrying about it. I'm just going to spend all the time I can with her while she's still here. No use crying and getting all worked up about it." Ichigo stops walking and hugs me.

"You don't have to be strong on your own, Grimm. I'll always be here for you."

"Thanks, Ichi."

I hug him back tightly. I wonder if he'll still be there for me if he finds out what I really am. I don't know if I'd want him to stay. In truth, I don't want to be strong. I want to scream, to yell, to cry but I can't. I can't break down; I'm not allowed to. It's been embedded in me to never break down. I couldn't break even if I tried.

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