Warning: There's sex...

Chapter III: What Would You Do?

Kurotsuchi is dead. Metaphorically speaking anyway. I'm not gonna kill him, but that doesn't mean I won't retaliate for what he did. He fucking knows who I am. He's on my roster, just like Szayel. And if he thinks it's fucking hilarious to try to sabotage my relationship with Ichigo, then his ass is grass, and I'm the motherfucking lawnmower. I would kick the bastard's ass right now, but he's gone and now Pinky's here (without the brain). I seriously don't want to be here right now. I have entirely too much shit to deal with when it comes to F6 business, but I have to keep up appearances. So I'll do what I've been doing as of late: stay for half my shift and then bail.

As for Ichigo, I'm just gonna have to do what I can to keep him out of this. Sure I hate lying to him as much as he hates being lied to, but I just want to keep him safe. This is the only way I know how to protect him. It doesn't help that he's friends with that nosy ass Abarai. He's dating Kuchiki, who knows who I am because of the clan's affiliation with his family. I guess that's why he was so avidly against me and Ichigo being together, but whatever. Maybe he can tell me what to do when he pulls that lampole out of his ass. But that doesn't matter; what I do is gonna come out eventually, and truthfully, I'd rather Ichigo hear it from me than from someone else.

"Jaegerjaquez!" I hear behind me as I walk down the hallway toward the surgical ward. I turn around languidly.

"Shunsui?" I ask, incredulously. The man nods and shakes my hand. "How the fuck you been, man?"

"Still as foul-mouthed as ever. I'm good now that you've saved my daughter's life. Thanks a lot, man." he says. Oh, so that was his kid. Hmm.

"No problem." I say. He looks at me disbelievingly. Does he think I'm going to try to make him pay me back? "What?"

"I'm just waiting for a date. When do you want me to have it? I can do my best, but..." I put my hand up to get him to stop rattling off that nonsense.

"Look man, don't worry about it. This has nothing to do with the clan; I did it because I wanted to, and I used my own money. You don't need to even think like that, alright? In fact, I'm disappointed that an old friend would think I'd be so heartless." I say, with a smile. Shunsui still doesn't look like he believes me, but he smiles nonetheless.

"Thanks, man."

"I'll see you around, yeah?"

"Yeah." With that, Shunsui turns and walks back in the direction of recovery.

Guess you'd like to know the deal there, huh? Well, Shunsui used to be a part of the clan. Something akin to an errand boy, but much more life-threatening. Him and this other guy, Kensei, would go on runs to collect from businesses owned by F6 and from people who owed us money. We were pretty close until I decided to go to America; he was like a big brother that I was actually fond of at the time. He left the clan once I left for America. You could say I'm jealous that he was able to do that, he did the only thing I've ever wanted to do. I could see why he wanted to; he's only about four years older than me, so he was about seventeen at the time. Who wants to be stuck looking over their shoulder for the rest of their life, wondering when someone is coming to bust a cap in their ass? Not me, but some aren't as fortunate as others.

I wonder if Shunsui's family knows what he used to do. Probably not. At least if I was him I wouldn't tell them. He's not affiliated with the clan anymore, so there's no need to tell anyone that he was. That's how I see it anyway.

I finally make it to my office and I sink down in my chair. Damn, I'm tired as fuck. No need to try to relax though. Szayel still hasn't had his chance to chew me out about losing that patient. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm still not entirely sure which patient it was. Oh well, I'll hear it from Szayel soon enough.

I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. Just as I do, my phone vibrates. Why do I even bother? I pull it out of my pocket. Nnoi of course.


"Did you get my texts?" he asks. I run a hand over my face and sigh.

"Yeah, man. Isn't that why you insisted I have two cell phones?" I kick my feet up onto my desk and balance the phone between my head and shoulder. "Now explain to me why the fuck I need that much."

"Because that's how much Urahara's asking for." Nnoi responds as if he's not talking about a ridiculous amount of money. "Look, we've had our techs on this and it's not working. You know Urahara is the only person capable of this and so does he."

"Shit." I curse. It's not like I don't have thirty-five mil to spare, but it's the principle. That old fuck is price gouging, and he knows it. "Fine. Have Hanatarou pull it from the Cayman account, transfer it and then give it to Shiro. Tell Shiro to drop it, and if he so much as skims one fucking yen off the top, I'll skin his pasty ass my damn self."

"Yes sir, oh Captain, my captain!" Nnoi says, sarcastically. I roll my eyes and hang up the phone.

Just as I suspected, Szayel is pissed about the patient. Turns out it was a young man that I'd operated on. I removed a malignant tumor from his brain. The operation was completely successful and he was fine for the first few days afterwards. Then, he had an aneurysm. Well, shit, didn't see that coming at all.

"And you just leave without so much as finding out which patient you lost? What is wrong with you, Jaegerjaquez?" Szayel screeches. I don't think I fucking like the tone he's taking with me. Nope, I don't like it at all.

"Shut your goddamned mouth before I shut it permanently." I growl. Szayel stops mid-rant and glares at me. "This is the first patient I've lost in my entire career. Seven years of operating on peoples' brains and one of them dies. Just one. Don't think you can try to make it seem like I ain't doing my goddamned job. I do this job better than anybody in this country. The reason I left is because someone was stealing my money, the money I use to pay you and every other motherfucker who works here. So you better bring your ass down from your shoulders and recognize who the fuck you're talking to. Your name may have director in front of it, but that's only because I put it there. I run this bitch, and I run your ass too. Got it?"

Szayel doesn't have too much to say now. He knows his place. He better be glad I'm so lenient or he'd be fucking hanging from the flagpole out front as an example to future motherfuckers who think they want to try to piss me off.

"My apologies, Sexta." he grumbles. I just tsk before leaving the office. Stupid pink-haired fuck.

This is my hospital. The clan owns it, and it's just one of the things I inherited as Sexta. I chose Szayel to be the director because he's a genius like me. I have him beat about twenty points IQ wise, but he's still a good doctor and an excellent researcher. He's won awards for his research on the still present effects of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He's good, but he's got the one more time to get butt-hurt with me, and I'm gonna break my foot off in his scrawny ass.

Kurotsuchi is a different story. I didn't really like him but he was the only applicant with enough experience to be co-director. Don't get me wrong, he's a genius too, but he's a cunt. I try not to deal with him too much, which is why he's on the night shift. Unfortunately, that leaves Ichigo privy to his creepy antics. God, I hate that guy, I really do. I need to formulate some kind of punishment for his infraction, but what can I do? He doesn't have any family past his daughter, Nemu, who happens to be one of my nurses. He doesn't give a shit about her though, so it wouldn't affect him if I killed her. I can't kill him though, because even though he's a creepy bastard whom everyone hates, people would still notice if he suddenly went missing. I think I'll have my techs dig up some dirt on him. He's probably some kind of rapist or something anyway.

I have been thoroughly pissed off for the day. I swear the next person to look at me wrong is getting a left hook to the jaw.

My phone vibrates and I pull it out of my pocket before scowling at the name on the screen.

"Shiro, I swear to some deity that I will fucking murder you in your sleep if you try to weasel out of this drop." I growl into the phone. Shiro just cackles in the Shiro way.

"I'll be there, Grimm. I'm just giving ya a fair warning." he says, suddenly serious.

"Warning about what?"

"Word on the street is Aizen is moving in on F6 territory. I hope you're preparing for war, because it could come to that." I shake my head.

"Not likely. I'll end this shit before it starts. All I need is for you to get your pasty ass to Hueco Mundo." I say.

"This is more serious than ya think, Grimm. You've always had a habit of thinking you're smarter than shit, and most of the time you're right. But this ain't about brains, man. This is yakuza. There's no room to underestimate your opponent."

I know Shiro's right. It's one of the reasons he's my top advisor. I'm a genius but when it comes down to it, I don't really care about the "gang" aspect of this association. I guess I could get more involved in the physical side, but I don't want to. I believe all battles can be won with your brain instead of your gun. Maybe that's why I underestimate my opponents, because I'm the smartest person in the country. I guess it'd be stupid to bring a brain to a gun fight though.

"I hear you, Shiro. Just do what I say, alright?" I hear Shiro sigh.

"Fine. I'll make the drop and meet you and Nnoi at HQ." he says.

"Yeah." I hang up the phone and toss it on my desk before leaning back in my chair and closing my eyes.

It's just a stream of endless nonsense. First the missing revenue, then one of my bitches gets knocked up by one of the clients and I have to lie to Ichigo about it. I should just dismiss her ass, but Inoue is actually pretty popular at Seireitei. She's not as popular as Rangiku or her sister Haineko, but she has regulars that shell out the one hundred thousand yen for an hour with her. She's got this really ditzy, innocent thing going on and I guess they're into that. Whatever, I don't care as long as I'm making money. Currently I'm not making money, because I'm not going to let her interact with clients while she's knocked up. That's just fucking gross. The only logical solution is for her to get rid of it. I mean, what would you do if you were in my position?

Now I have to shell out thirty-five mil to get some old fucker to trace a virus that stole money from me because my techs couldn't do it. I don't really have a problem with Urahara and he's good at what he does, but he's a bit of a cunt. He has a habit of hitting on me when I go to have him do a job and that shit is just fucking creepy. I swear he's like a thousand years old. Ew. That's why I'm sending Shiro to make the drop. Also the place where he wants to meet is a three hour drive and I can't go there, wait for him to finish, and get back to make it home on time.

Mom is getting worse too. I got a call from Retsu earlier today saying that she's not eating. She goes through periods like that. Usually Retsu can get her to eat some soup or rice and she'll be fine, but she won't even eat that. As if enough shit isn't fucked up, this has to happen too. Maybe it's karma. Nah. I don't believe in that nonsense.

I don't know if I've ever said this before, but Nnoitra gets on my damn nerves. He and Shiro sincerely piss me off.

"Grimm, we're just askin' ya to meet with her, that's all." Shiro says. We're at HQ and they've ambushed me. Now the weapons specialist is in my office and him and Nnoi are trying to make me get a gun. I don't want a gun. I've never needed one before now; is that not what I have bodyguards for? Plus, I can take care of myself. Even if I did want a gun, I'd be perfectly capable of making that decision on my own. "C'mon, she ain't gonna wait all day."

"Fuck. I'm gonna mount both of your asses above my fireplace." I growl. Nnoi and Shiro laugh.

"You don't have a fireplace." Nnoi says.

"I'll buy one." I step into my office and am met with a sultry feminine chuckle. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. "Let's get this shit over with."

"Hello to you too, Grimmjow." Yoruichi says, mirth dancing in her sparkling golden eyes. I sigh.

Yoruichi Shihoin, the bane of my fucking existence. Nah, it's not that serious, but she is annoying as fuck. Mostly because she tries to tell me what to do, and everyone knows how I feel about that. And it also pisses me off because she's right most of the time. She's been the weapons specialist for F6 for as long as I can remember. She's got to be at least fifty, but damn if she doesn't look good. Seriously, I think it's fraud for her to be so damn good-looking at her age, but that's a story for another day. The woman is a genius when it comes to weapons; guns, swords, explosives. Doesn't matter what it is, if you can use it to kill someone, she knows about it.

"Hello, Yoruichi. Show me what you got." I say.

"But, Grimmjow, my dear, what would your boyfriend think?" she teases. I groan in frustration as she laughs. "I'm kidding. Let's get started."

She clears my desk and slams three silver briefcases onto it. She pops each one of them open and gestures for me to look at them. I raise an eyebrow.

"These all American?" I ask. She nods.

"Smith & Wesson, per Shiro's request. Your choice between the .500 Magnum, the .44 Special, and the SW1911. I also brought a few Beretta, but if you're looking for aesthetics, I'd go for the Special."

"Who fucking cares about aesthetics?" I grumble.

"You're such a baby. I got M&P15s too, but those aren't optional. Nnoi says you're to keep two of those in your car at all times." she says. I glare.

"That's fucking illegal. You know I don't do illegal." Yoruichi shrugs.

"You do now, sweetheart."


"Fine. I'll take the 1911, thank you. How much do I owe you?" Yoruichi brings a delicate finger to her chin and ponders.

"Hmm, since your birthday's in a few days, I'll give you a discount. Twenty-five mil." she says. The fuck? I shake my head. Yoruichi doesn't do negotiations, so there's no use arguing.

"Goddamn, you and Urahara are in cahoots to suck me dry, aren't you?" I say, as I reach into my back pocket and retrieve the key to my desk's bottom drawer. Yoruichi chuckles as I unlock the drawer and pull up the small door leading to the hollowed out compartment at the bottom.

"Maybe." she says, coyly. I glare at her as I start dropping stacks of one million yen onto the desk. "How is your boyfriend by the way?"

"He's fine. Why?" I ask. Yoruichi shrugs as she tosses the twenty-five stacks into one of the suitcases.

"I don't know. I just always found it interesting that all it took to make the almighty Sexta settle down was a tight ass and orange hair." She laughs and I scowl.

"Get the fuck out." She continues to laugh as she takes two of the suitcases leaving the one containing the M&Ps behind.

"Touch-y." She sobers and turns to face me again. "Do what you can to keep him safe, alright? I'm actually pretty fond of him, even if we've never met."

"And why's that?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"It's like I said before...he made you settle down. Take care, Sexta."

The fuck is that supposed to mean?

I walk into the penthouse and sit down in the living room. I had Granz call Ichigo and give him the night off. It's been a shit day, and I need some alone time with my strawberry.

"Hey, Grimm." he says in his soft tenor as he sits down beside me. I put my arm around him, pulling him close. He laughs when I rub my nose across his smooth neck. "You're like a cat."

"I'm just being affectionate."

"Yes, like a cat." He moans softly as I run my tongue up his neck to his ear. The sound goes straight to my groin and I blow my breath on the slick trail I've created. He shudders and turns to face me. He smiles at me before he brings our lips together. He pins me with those eyes and I know he's going to ask me something that ruins my mood. "Why didn't you tell me about Nel?"

Wasn't expecting that one.

"Never came up, I guess."

"Retsu-san told me that her mother died, but what about her father?"

"He was never around to begin with. My cousin was pretty dumb when it came to picking guys, and with her luck, she ended up knocked up by the biggest prick of all. He left the day she started showing and never came back." Ichigo has that misty doe-eyed look of sympathy that makes my heart ache so I turn away as I continue. "Nel was in the car with her when the accident happened. That's how she got that scar across her nose. I don't know how she manages to stay so happy, but...I guess I'm glad. With all that's happened to her, it's just good to see that she's not fucked up."

"Yeah, that is good. Grimmy." I turn and glare at Ichigo's smug face and he erupts with laughter. "Your face is just too rich! I can't believe I've never thought of calling you that."

"Don't even think about it."

"No, no, I'm totally calling you that now."

"I'll kill you." Ichigo continues to laugh as he straddles my lap.

"Like you could ever do anything to hurt me." He wraps his arms around my neck and kisses me sensually. He tangles his fingers in my hair and deepens the kiss. Once he pulls away, he rests his forehead against mine. "Maybe she could come and stay with us sometime."

"Maybe pigs will fly someday." I retort, sarcastically. Ichigo scowls/pouts. He's so cute.

"You're such a jerk." We're quiet for a while as he rests his head on my shoulder.

Right now, I feel so content. I know I want to be with him forever. I've kind of known that since the day we met. Would it be right to ask him, though, with all that I'm keeping from him? Would he even say yes?

"Ichi?" He sits up and looks at me, waiting for me to continue. "Wanna get married?"

His eyes go comically large and he looks like he swallowed a bug. Then he smiles and hugs me tightly.



"Duh! Jeez, I thought you'd never ask, stupid." he says, punching me lightly in the chest. He kisses me again and this time when he pulls away, a goofy grin is pulling at his face. "I love you, Grimmy."

"I love you too, Ichi, but if you keep calling me that, I'm gonna take back my proposal."

"Okay fine. I love you, Grimmjow."

"I love you too, Ichigo."

"It's a simple trojan. That your techs couldn't figure that out surprises me." Urahara says. He watches his computer screen from underneath his stupid green striped hat. He pisses me off being all smug about it. "In fact, I'm surprised they didn't detect it before now."

"So can you trace it?" I ask, irritably. I did not leave Ichigo at home in my bed all hot and bothered to have some old fuck tell me shit I already know.

"That's where I've come to a problem. The trace leads to somewhere in America, but I'm not sure how that's possible, unless Aizen has contacts in America. It could also mean that Aizen himself is in America. Though that's highly unlikely, it is a possibility."

Ugh, now he's just talking to himself.

"So should I send some guys to America or not?"

"It could be a wild goose chase, since the trace led to Who-Gives-A-Shit, North Carolina, but if you want to be thorough, you should."

I nod before standing to leave. Guess I'll send Aaroniero and Shuhei to handle it.

"Wait, Grimmjow." Urahara calls. I turn around and fix him with a stare that I hope conveys just how irritated I am. "If I were you, I'd lay low for a bit. Just as a precautionary measure. And tell your boyfriend to do the same."

I have to admit the rare look of seriousness on Urahara's face kind of freaks me out more than his usual creepy old guy leer.



"He's my fiancé now. Just asked him yesterday."

"Oh. Well all the more reason to keep him safe, right? Aizen doesn't seem like the type to play fair." Urahara says, a small smile on his face. I just stare at him incredulously.

"Yeah, I guess. See you around, Urahara."

I sigh as I'm guided by Ichigo through what I assume is a hallway. He was serious about this surprise shit.

"Ichi, you know I know about this already, right?" I say.

"And I said you better act like you're fucking surprised. Now shut the hell up and walk." I roll my eyes behind the blindfold.

"Yes dear." Ichigo scoffs and continues to push me forward. We walk for a few more minutes and then he stops me. I hear a door open and he pulls the blindfold off of my face. A collective call of "surprise" resounds throughout the hotel ballroom. I smile and turn to Ichigo. "You shouldn't have."

He makes an annoyed face and kisses me.

"Happy birthday, Grimm."

"Thanks, Ichi."

People crowd around us and I force myself to smile and look happy for Ichigo. Inside, I'm pissed as hell. Yoruichi, Urahara, Shiro, Nnoi, they want me to run, is that it? Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez does not run. But when Ichigo's safety is at stake, it makes me consider it. I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself if he got hurt because of this nonsense.

"Grimm? Grimm, you totally spaced just now. Are you okay?" Ichigo asks. I nod. He smiles and takes my hand in his.

"Hello, Grimmjow." a bored voice says. I turn around smiling at my pale friend.

"Hey, Ulqui. Didn't know you'd be here."

"I was invited by Ichigo. If you don't mind, could I speak to Grimmjow alone for a second?" Ulquiorra asks, directing his attention towards Ichigo.

"I don't mind. I need to find Renji and junk punch him anyway." Ichigo says. He kisses my cheek and walks off. I turn back towards Ulquiorra once he's gone.

"What is it?"

"The restaurant was visited by some very unsavory characters who tried to procure the deed. I told them that they were severely misinformed, and that I do not possess the deed. Is something going on that I should know about, Grimmjow?"

Shit. So Shiro wasn't making up that shit about Aizen moving in on my territory. Aizen must not be aware of the changes I've made to how F6 deals with the businesses we collect from. You see, extortion is illegal, and I don't do illegal. At least not where business is involved. If I see a business as lucrative, I buy it. My name is on the deed and I own it. However, I don't necessarily run that business, the person it originally belonged to does. Think of it in a sense of franchisement, like when you open up your own McDonald's. Essentially, you're like a general manager. Except the difference is, every month you have to pay me, the real owner, a certain quota to keep your job. So of course Ulquiorra doesn't have the deed to his restaurant. It's not his restaurant; it's mine.

"Nothing that won't be handled by this time next week, man." I say, nonchalantly. Ulquiorra doesn't seem convinced.

"Fine. If that is what you truly believe, I will not question your actions." he says. With that, he walks away. Ichigo returns a few minutes later, a scowl on his face.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Your brother brought a prostitute." he responds. I look towards the entrance and sure enough, Nnoi is there with none other than Rangiku. I roll my eyes. Of all the bitches he had to bring the one with the biggest mouth. I think Ichigo was just trying to insult her, but he doesn't know how right he is about the occupation he chose to do it with.

"How do you know she's a prostitute?" I ask, an amused expression on my face. Ichigo deadpans.

"She's willingly hanging onto Nnoitra." I erupt with laughter. It appears that Ichigo isn't fond of Nnoi. I don't really blame him though. The beanpole didn't really make the best first impression on him. Nnoi makes his way toward us and Ichigo scoffs before walking away.

"What's wrong with your bitch, bro?"

"Don't call him that. And you're what's wrong with him. He doesn't like you, probably because you're a fucking idiot. What the fuck did you bring her here for?" I ask, gesturing towards the strawberry blonde. Rangiku pouts.

"I needed a date. Don't worry, you can put her on my tab." Nnoi says. Ugh, he disgusts me.

"Whatever. Just make sure she doesn't get out of hand."

"Yeah, yeah. Bitch, get me a drink." Rangiku walks off after nodding. "You talk to Urahara?"

"Yeah. Says it traced to somewhere in America. Little shit town in North Carolina that no one cares about. I'm going to send Shuhei and Aaroniero to check it out. In the meantime, me and Ichigo are going to Spain."

"Good idea. I was thinking about telling you to lay low for a bit. I don't need you getting fucked up by some cockroach like Aizen." Rangiku returns with a flute of champagne and gives it to Nnoi.

"You think I fucking need you to protect me? First the guns, then this. I don't need to 'lay low'. Me and Ichi are going to Spain because I want to marry him and I can't do that here. The day Aizen fucks me up is the day a fucking pterodactyl tears your head off."

"Bro, you need to learn to remain calm. I'm just concerned for you, not just as Sexta, but as Big Head, my little brother." Nnoi says. I roll my eyes at the nickname he gave me when we were young.

"Whatever. Call me that again, and you can consult a bullet from my 1911." Nnoi laughs as I walk away to find Ichigo. He's standing talking to Abarai and Kuchiki. Ew. I don't have a problem with Abarai, really, but Kuchiki pisses me the fuck off with his superior ass attitude. I approach them trying to reign in my expression of distaste.

"Happy birthday, Jaegerjaquez." Abarai says. I nod as gratitude, not trusting myself to speak without sounding like a douche. Kuchiki fixes me with a critical gaze. I stare right back, two seconds from socking the prick in the mouth. Ichigo looks at his phone before grabbing my hand.

"C'mon, I have two big surprises for you." he says, half dragging me towards the entrance. Once we're there, I jump as two twin girls rush me and hug me tightly.

"Grimm-nii!" they say simultaneously. I recognize them as Ichigo's younger sisters and I hug them back.

"Good to see you two." The girls pull away from me and I ruffle their hair.

"It's great to see you too, Grimm-nii. Ichi-nii told us you're getting married. I'm so happy for you." Yuzu gushes. Karin nods.



"Ichi-nii, is Suì-Fēng here? I want to show her all the pictures I took in Paris." Yuzu says. Ichigo nods.

"Just put Grimm's gift on the table with the others. Suì-Fēng is near the back." The girls wave at me again before leaving to find Suì-Fēng. Ichigo turns to me. "I was going to wait to give you your gift, but it kind of needs to get out."

"What?" I ask. Ichigo just smiles and holds up a finger before disappearing behind the gift table. He comes back with a large black box wrapped in a huge sky blue bow. He sits the box down on a nearby table and I untie the bow. I hear a soft meow as I pull the top off of the box. My face breaks into a smile as I pick my "gift" up from out of the box. Big crystal blue eyes stare at me and small black paws swat at my hand. The kitten wriggles around a bit more before deeming me worthy and settling down in my arms. She lets out a soft purr as I scratch behind her black ears. "You got me a cat."

"Yeah. Her name's Shiin."

"She's so awesome, Ichi. Thanks." I lean over and kiss him. He takes the initiative to deepen the kiss, slipping his warm tongue into my mouth before pulling away and fixing me with a heated gaze.

"The rest of your gift comes tonight." A lecherous grin of epic proportions spreads across my face. Happy birthday to me. Ichigo winks at me before he walks off. My mood is neither increased nor decreased by Shiro's sudden appearance.

"What do you want, white boy?" I ask, lazily continuing to stroke my cat's ears. I just know he's going to make lewd comment about Ichigo. Doesn't matter how many times I kick his ass for it, he never learns.

"Aizen took Las Noches."

"The fuck? He stole my brothel?"

"I told you not to underestimate your opponent." he states, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"How the fuck did he even get the deed?" Shiro shrugs.

"I think that's pretty obvious, Sexta."

Yeah it is. F6 has a rodent infestation.

I recline on the bed still inwardly seething. Shiro had the nerve to drop some shit like that and then just act like nothing was going on. I know that bastard did that shit on purpose. He could have waited until tomorrow, the pale ass idiot. The icing on the fucking-shit-birthday cake was Rangiku hitting on Ichigo. I promised I'd never hit a woman, but she was really pushing her luck. And to top it all off, I didn't even get my strawberry cake.

"What the fuck are you doing, Ichi?" I call. I hear a giggle from the bathroom. He's obviously doing something he thinks I'll like.

"Just wait a sec, Grimm." he calls back. I groan in frustration. When he told me earlier that the rest of my present would come tonight, I was expecting sex, and goddamnit after the day I've had, I best be getting my sex. "Close your eyes, Grimmjow."

I sigh before doing as I'm told. This better not be something stupid. And there better be sex. I feel him kneel on the bed between my legs.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now."

Holy shit. A sensual smirk graces Ichigo's angelic features as mischievousness lights up his eyes. His body glistens with what smells like strawberry scented body oil and his bright orange bangs cover his left eye. His eyes smolder as I continue my eye molestation, my eyes travelling down the toned abdomen to his member. It's covered in something that looks a lot like...

"Strawberry frosting?" I question out loud, raising an eyebrow. His smirk turns into a broad smile.

"Why don't you taste and see, Grimm?" he says. He shudders as I run my finger deliberately slowly up the underside of his confection covered cock. I bring my finger to my mouth and suck the frosting off of it as Ichigo watches.

"Yum." I say, and Ichigo laughs.

"You said you wanted strawberry cake."

Fuck. Yes.

I raise myself to my knees and kiss Ichigo's soft lips. His fingers drift through my hair as he deepens the kiss bringing our tongues together in a sensuous dance. Ichigo moans bodily into the kiss and I break away only to move to the tan skin of his long neck. My tongue runs sinfully down to the junction where his neck meets his shoulder and I bite down fleetingly. The body oil tingles on my tongue and I think it has the same effect on Ichigo's skin, because his breath becomes ragged when I repeat the action.

"Grimm, lower." he commands, breathlessly. I comply with a smirk and trail my tongue down to his nipple. I nip harshly at the pink bud before switching to the other one to give it the same treatment. I groan as Ichigo pulls at my pajama pants. "You're wearing too many clothes, babe."

I step off of the bed and lower my pants to the floor revealing my leaking appendage. Ichigo gnaws at his bottom lip as I climb back onto the bed. My mouth immediately returns to his heated skin, the tingling sensation of the oil increasing my arousal. I make sure my tongue touches every inch of his abdomen and Ichigo watches with intent as I make my way to my "birthday cake". Locking my eyes with his, I give the head of his dick one long lick, the taste of the frosting mixing with his precum for a heady delicious relish. A carnal groan pours from his lips and I feel my own arousal twitch in response. Another lick to the upside produces the sexiest mewling sound. Ichigo grips my hair, obviously wanting more. I'm going to enjoy myself a bit more first, so I ignore it and turn my attention to the underside giving it the same languid ministration.

"Grimm...please, more..." That's what I wanted to hear. I smirk up at him before taking him in halfway. He makes a noise somewhere between a whimper and a moan and bucks into my mouth slightly. I continue to pull his dick in, periodically pulling back to lick away the frosting. He stares down at me intently, and the look of pure lust in his eyes causes me to become painfully hard. I hollow my cheeks around him and then pull back, tonguing the slit. "Oh God..."

Once all the frosting is gone from his length I pull away from him. He pouts a little but doesn't protest. It's my birthday, afterall.

"Got any more of that oil?" I ask. Ichigo nods before climbing off the bed and going to the bathroom. He comes back with the small bottle and tries to give it to me. I shake my head. "I want you to do it yourself."

Ichigo smiles and I lounge against the pillows. He turns so that his back is facing me but remains on his knees as he douses three of his fingers in the fragrant oil. He smirks at me over his shoulder and pushes the first of the three appendages into his tight entrance. I lick my lips, still tasting frosting and Ichigo. The latter lets out a soft mewl as he pushes in a second finger and begins to scissor them. It's almost too hot to be fair. He looks at me again as the third finger slides inside.

"How do you want it, Grimmjow? Would you like it like this?" he asks, before removing his hand and bracing himself on his hands and knees. But no, I don't want that.

"I want you to ride me." I continue to recline against the pillows as Ichigo makes his way towards me, still on his hands and knees. He straddles my waist before pulling me into a heated kiss. His tongue traces intricate patterns over every inch of my mouth before he pulls away.

"Mmmmm...you taste good." he says before he reaches down and grips my swollen erection, spreading the tingling oil across the surface. His face twists in slight discomfort as he guides me into his entrance. I'm mesmerized as I watch my dick disappear into that tight, wet heat.

"Shit..." I groan and force my eyes to stay open. I don't want to miss one second of this. Ichigo pauses in his actions to allow himself time to adjust. I restrain myself from thrusting upwards and wait for him to adjust also. Slowly, Ichigo lifts his hips up and brings them back down. Fuck, does it feel good. He repeats the action, this time with more force behind it. "Fuck, Ichi..."

"Happy birthday...to you..." he says, between movements. "Happy birthday...to you..."

"Oh, fucking cute..." I taunt, thrusting my hips upward. Ichigo moans wantonly and speeds up his actions.

"Happy...birthday dear...Grimmjow..." My name comes from his lips in a breathless near sigh as I meet his downward action with my own upward one. He braces himself on my chest with his hands and continues to increase his pace. "Happy...birthday...to...!"

Ichigo doesn't finish his little ditty as I hit his prostate with one of my thrusts. He cries out loudly and moves his hands to the headboard. Using it as leverage, he brings himself up until my dick is almost completely out of him; then, he drops back down. I bite my lip so hard, I think I'm drawing blood.

"Fuck!" The bed groans its disagreement with our actions, but that doesn't stop Ichigo from repeating what he'd done. This time, when he comes back down, I meet his hips with my own.

"Oh, fuck, Grimmjow! C'mon, baby, faster!" he yells. The headboard smacks against the wall as our movements increase in velocity. I grip Ichigo's hips as I drive upwards into that intoxicating heat. "Oh God, yes! Right there..."

The bed starts to buckle underneath us, and I'm sure it's going to give any second. I feel the heat pooling in my groin as Ichigo tightens around me. I reach up and wrap my hand around his turgid erection. He lets out a stream of curses, some that I haven't even heard of.

"I'm close, Ichi..." I grip his hips before flipping our positions so that he's underneath me. He wraps his arms around my neck as I pound into him ruthlessly. "So close..."

"Grimm...I'm gonna cum..." he warns before his body convulses and his seed spreads across his abdomen. I continue to thrust into him with a literally bed-breaking force as I lean down and run my tongue along his semen-coated abs. I look right into his eyes as I do it.

"Delicious..." Ichigo tightens around me forcing my release out of me. I let out curse after curse as I shoot my load into him, and ride out the last of my orgasm. I collapse on top of him and simultaneously, the bed collapses as well. "Shit!"

Ichigo laughs and wraps his arms around me. We stay in that position until our breathing returns to normal.

"We're gonna need a new bed." he says. I chuckle and kiss him softly.

"Best birthday ever."

I groan as I hear the sound of my phone vibrating against the nightstand. I glare at the phone and see Nnoi's name on the screen. Yeah, I'm going to ignore that. I turn over on my other side. The noise stops for a second before starting up again. Still ignoring. That is until I get a face full of pillow at the hands of a groggy Ichigo.

"Answer your stupid fucking phone, Grimmjow!" I groan again and turn back over, grabbing the phone from the nightstand.

"Alright, calm your tits!" It's fucking three in the morning. Somebody better be dying. I unlock the phone and press it to my ear before yelling, "What?!"

"Grimm, Retsu's been calling you. Mom's organs are shutting down. She's in a coma."

So, that's chapter three...I hope everyone likes it...I know the lemon's kind of weird, but...I just couldn't resist;)...also, I don't know a lot about guns, so...yeah...

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