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Al walked down the platform his dad had just told him that Severus snape was the braves man he ever knew.

"Albus Severus you were named after Two headmasters of hogwarts, One of them was a syltherin, and though I Branded him a coward, he was, in fact, the bravest man I ever knew."

Al walked with a spring in his step after that. He sat in a Train car, and a blond boy walked in. "M-May I sit with you?" He asked. "Sure." Al said. "W-What's your name?" The Blonde asked. "Albus, but everyone calls me Al, what's yours?" "Scorpious, but everyone calls me Andy." "Nice to met you." Al stood up to shake his hand, and Andy accepted.

Harry watched through a window, and saw the past was not repeating. His fathers mistake about Severus was wrong, just like his about Draco. Now the cycle ended. And as his son glided away, and his daughter ran like Ginny had his first year, he rembered his words to his son.

"He was in fact, the bravest man I ever knew."

Harry never spoke more of the truth than at that moment.