Clove happily grinned and logged onto facebook, grinning when she saw a new post on it.

It was from ThieveryFoodz.

"Clove, awesome party."

KnifePower! quickly replied.


The_Sparkly_Warkly_Glimmer_Shimmer_Pants posted a comment.

"You know, I picked up this notebook at Clove's house. Had some story written in it."

KnifePower! typed,

"One with a black cover?"

The_Spakrly_Warkly_Glimmer_Shimmer_Pants said,


KnifePower! posted,

"That's my diary."

At this comment, Cato-Greato logged on.

"I want to read an entry!"

The_Sparkly_Warkly_Glimmer_Shimmer_Pants responded.

"Okay.'s a little dark...

'It hurts to lose. To live in a world that lacks color and imagination. I never did find the strength. Atleast, I don't think I did. I remember the blood stains, yes, and then the taste of poison curling onto my taste buds. Yes, now I remember.

Weeks ago my brother and I got into a huge fight. No one in my family ever got along. We were hateful. I slit his throat, the wooden handle of the knife perfectly fitting in my shaky hands. I had a passion for that thing. I always did. Of course, after that, my one enemy became the rock that found it's way through my flesh and into my skull, shattering it. I remember screaming. Screaming is fun. It burns the throat into a fire that consumes you and slowly melts off your skin, pulling your hair into a sea of flames.

It seems as if the world went a mix of gray and red, swooshing together until a black blanket filled my head blocking my view from the world. My mind stopped producing thoughts when my heart stopped producing life. I was dead.

Killing isn't nearly as fun as dieing. You get to see and feel everything coming to an end. And then, just like that, a bitter poison landed on my taste buds signaling my sleep. Yes, death was quite entertaining.'

The end."

PeetaBread was the first to respond.


catness, im haffin nitemires agin!"

ILoveFinnick was too in shock to correct Peeta.

"Oh. My. Finnick Odair.

What the hell did I just read?!"

GaleIsNOTaSnail was also freaked out about Clove's writing.

"What inspired you to...write this?"

KnifePower! rolled her eyes.

"I DIED. What did you think I was going to write?

'Dear diary,


Seriously Gale. Common sense."

The_Sparkly_Warkly_Glimmer_Shimmer_Pants grinned.

"Okay, this entry is kind of funny.

'Today I saw Vitus Deadsalot. You know, the fourteen year old victor from District 2?

I love him. He has the COOLEST hair ev-ar.

It's like, blackish brown.

I asked him out.

But he said no.




After an awkward pause of silence, Glimmer posted,


That was from my diary."

MarvelouslyMarvelous posted,


TruthOdair logged on.

"Wait- who the hell is Vitus Deadsalot?"

MarvelouslyMarvelous posted,

"Her imaginary friend. She made up these fake victors and tried to date them. She basically married Vitus and claimed she was pregnant with his child. Plus, one time, she ran down the street in nothing but a tank top and underwear screaming,


She's an idiot some days. c:"

Leaping_Ninja logged on. She had been stalking the wall and there was no sign of Katniss.

"Ooooh we're embarrassing people!

Okay, who wants to hear about the time Thresh made out with a pole for twenty minutes?"

KnifePower! evilly grinned.

"I know I do."