Hawkeye POV

"Hey, hey, wake up," chanted the annoying voice.

Oh whoever it is, will be getting one hell of a beating. People should know by now that waking me up from a nap doesn't end up good.

I looked up; it took my eyes just a second, if they took any longer than my name was wrong. There stood a small, curvy, black haired girl; Luka. I would attack anyone but her; she was like an enchantress sent down by the gods to tease me.

Unlike others, my eyes couldn't breach through her soul. And she was the only one I wanted these cursed eyes to work on. Maybe that was what caused me to follow her, being with her lets me have emotions I never know of; unless I see it on other's souls. It gives me this warm feeling, something I hadn't experience since I left my Mother's house.

"Come on Hawky, I'm bored," she pouted. Hawky, a nickname only she could use. Others would meet the backside of my sword; I would have found it a way of disgracing me and my honor. But when she calls me that, it's like a given name to show that she cares about me.

I just looked at her; I couldn't move my eyes for she was too beautiful. I gasped, she jumped down and sat on my stomach, I was too lost by her beauty that I didn't have time to react before she jumped down; her movements were random to me. I couldn't see her soul so I couldn't spot her next move.

She grinding into my stomach. "Hawky, I'm not moving till you'll play with me," she threated. Too bad for her since I loved her touch, her beauty, her voice that I didn't care. But I still promise since I wouldn't want my angel pouting at me for the whole day.

She got off of me and pulled out chopsticks, I already knew where this was going. I looked around to make sure no one would see this displayed; it would ruin my honor and name. I couldn't detect any movement around the room.

She pulled me up to my feet, she handed my set. She poked both chopsticks up her nose, putting the end in her mouth. She turned to me, I still had my in my hand; I was too busy watching her. She swiped them out of my hand and poked me through the nostrils, then she open my bottom lip and placed the ends there.

She looked at me and laughed, it didn't make me want to pull them out and tear her to shrews; I wanted her to show more of a smile, to laugh, only to me. But I couldn't do that, she always grins and laugh at anything she finds interesting. I wonder how she finds me interesting. Everyone would be in fear in front of me, but she would just smile and laugh.

She pulled my hands and started her jig; poking me to do it too. Oh how the boys would love this; they would think they were dreaming. They wouldn't believe the stuff I do to impress Luka.

She stopped, takes out the sticks and stared at me. I thought she was done so I took out the sticks too. She looked confused, and then her face changed. She leaned in and kissed me, right on the lips. It was warm, soft feeling on my lips. I stood there, still in shock after the kiss. Luka smirked and walked out the room, with me still in the same spot; frozen there. I couldn't wrap my head around what just happen.

The enchantress kissed me and put me fully underneath her spell. My eyes never leave her figure her a moment; my dreams full of her beauty; everything reminded me of her. And she seems to know it; she uses the same spell, which I never got tired of, on me each and every morning. I even found myself enjoying being awaken by this.