It was an annoying voice that chanted those words, "Hey, hey, wake up."

Oh whoever it is will be getting one hell of a beating. Or killing. It was well known that waking me would end with dire results.

I opened my eyes, only taking a second for if it was any longer, then my name would be misleading, seeing a small, curvy black haired girl standing before me. I would have attacked anyone in this situation, but at the sign of this enchantress, whose only reason for living seems to be sent down by the gods to taunt me, I didn't.

Unlike others, my eyes did not seem to breach through her soul. She was a living phantom in my mind, appearing out of nowhere while I could detect others in miles radius. And she was the only one who I wanted these cursed eyes to work on. Maybe this was the reason that caused me to follow her; being aside of her opens these new experiences and emotions that I never came to know unless if I saw it through someone else's eyes. It was a warm feeling that ignited the chamber of my heart.

"Come on, Hawky, I'm bored," she pouted with her lips curved outward. Hawky, a silly nickname that no other would dare try to use, let allow with me in the room unless if they wanted to feel the backside of my sword. Hawky felt like it was disgracing me and my honor, but when she called me it, it felt like a affectionate name.

I glanced a her, unable to move my eyes for she was too beautiful. I gasped, she jumped down and sat on my stomach, I was too lost in thought that I was unable to react before she sat down. Unable to see into her soul made I unable to predict her movements, which all seem to be random.

Grinding into my stomach, she threatened, "I'm not moving until you play with me." To bad for her since I loved her tough, her beauty, her voice, that I didn't care about this petty threat. But I still promised since I unable to resist her charm.

Luka lifted herself from me, and pulled out a pouch of chopsticks, I could already see where this was going. I looked around to make sure that no one was around to see this stupid display; it would ruin my whole reputation. Yet I couldn't detect anyone nearby.

She pulled me up to my feet and handed me the second set. She raised hers to her mouth, poking one end behind her lip and the other inside of her nose. She turned to me, I still had it in my hand; too immense in her. She swiped them out and took no time in doing the same to me, placing the chopstick just like she has done.

Her head lifted up and a fit of laughter echoed through the room. Yet I kept the sticks there, only wanting for her to show me her lovely smile and sweet laugh. Something that I wished I could keep to myself, even though she shared this with everyone who goes past and laughs at anything that shows interest. I wonder how she finds me interesting in the slight. Everyone cowers in fear, yet she would only roll and just smile and laugh.

She pulled my hands and started her usual jig, poking me some to do the same. Oh how the boys would love to see this; they would believe that they were dreaming. They wouldn't believe the stuff I do to impress Luka.

And she stopped, taking out her sticks and stared at me. I thought she was done, so I took them out too, yet she looked confused and then something clicked. What, I do not know, but she leaned in and kissed me, right on the lips. It was warm, soft feeling on my lips. I could only stand there, still in stock after the tender kiss. Luka smirked and walked out, leaving me frozen to the spot. I couldn't wrap my head around just what happened.

The enchantress kissed me and placed me fully underneath her spell. My eyes would never leave her figure for even a moment, my dreams were full of her everlasting beauty, and everything seemed to remind me of her. And she seems to know it, using the same spell, which I never gotten tired of, on me each and every morning. I even found myself enjoying being awaken up by this.

This has been reupdated, other than the grammar and word choice, this hasn't been changed from when it was first posted. I am going through my old stories, mostly oneshots, reupdating them so I can get back into writing. Thanks for everyone who has been here with me, from the first time this story was ever posted. Two years and six months.