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To trust

Or to not trust.

That, is the ultimate question.

For when I ask you,

Would you do it?

For someone you barely know,

But feel like you've known them since forever?

It was supposed to be a quiet day, what with not having Yamamoto around that much anymore, was what Tsuna had immediately assumed as she entered the school territory. The day had started out quietly. There were birds chirping out of her bedroom window, and her alarm clock had merely vibrated instead of releasing that annoying beeping sound. She hadn't seen Reborn yet, which was surprising since the infant hit man would always be in the dining room, patiently waiting for his espresso while he sat on a booster chair with Leon underneath his palms. Her mother had spoken in a soft voice, like she always had, which never failed to warm up Tsuna's heart. The silence was nice, since it gave her a lot of time to think about her past actions.

But she would be lying if she said she didn't miss the noise.

Well, not exactly the noise itself, but the sound of something familiar that would ring her ears and bring comfort to soothe her tense figure. She would never admit it to anybody else, but she did miss Gokudera's voice greeting her in the morning, followed by Kyoko's bright chirps and Hana's seemingly uncaring mutters. She missed the sound of her friends rambling about random subjects as they walked to their school; Gokudera would be sharing an argument with Hana, whereas she and Kyoko would laugh at their respective best friends. And then, when they would arrive at school, Yamamoto would be at the entrance, waiting for them since he usually went there early to have morning practice. And once Gokudera had caught sight of the baseball player, he would immediately drop off his argument with Hana and begin berating his much cheerier counterpart.

And since Tsuna and the rest of the girls were already used to the two's one-sided lover's spat, they would only shake their heads in either exasperation or amusement depending on their mood for the day. And then, after that, they would enter class as a group and begin sharing homework (or in Yamamoto's case, copy of)

So, when Tsuna and arrived past the school's entrance gate, she didn't know if whether or she should be grateful or displeased that the silence would disappear. And for what reason? Because once she lifted her head up, her eyes had immediately held the equally brown gaze of the baseball captain's.

Perhaps she should curse her big mouth for spouting out how utterly boring it had been to start the day. Inner did say she should keep her mouth shut, before Karma decided to be a bitch and prove her otherwise.

With the calmness she'd mastered for years, Tsuna shifted her eyes to look at the people who stood beside Yamamoto's fellow club captain, and she internally gulped when she realised that the entire baseball club was standing right there in front of her.

'I call rape!' Inner had wildly exclaimed, cackling madly, and Tsuna had to silence her to avoid any giggles from escaping her mouth. 'Fine, whatever, but if it did happen, I have the right to say I. Told. You. So!' Inner demanded making her outer counterpart sigh internally and agree, having no other options to choose from if she wanted her inner counterpart to just shut her mouth.

"Da-Sawada." The taller boy bit out, his voice impossibly mimicking a polite seethe and Tsuna just had to internally applaud him because even she couldn't do that. What talent.

"Yes...?" Tsuna trailed off, tilting her head as she gave him the best bored gaze she could muster. Because despite the lack of fun in her life at this very moment, she wasn't stupid enough to indulge herself with any baseball member aside from Yamamoto Takeshi, who she still had to talk to.


That sounded wrong.

"Souka. Souka Hajiren," he snapped as he folded his arms before his broad chest.

Tsuna stared at him, wondering what she should do next. "Well," she offered, "It's nice to meet you, Souka-senpai. Are you, by any chance, Yamamoto-kun's club captain?" she asked curiously. After all, being polite too pissed off the first one who was trying his hardest to be polite as well.

Ah, mind games. Tsuna loved them, if they were only used on other people, however.

"Yes, I am, Sawada, and you would do well to remember it." He said, his eyes narrowing sharply on her. Tsuna didn't twitch underneath his venomous glare, having already been the target of several others at the same time for years. Instead, the brunette girl peeked around him to stare at the opened doors of the school building and her brown eyes immediately lightened up once she caught sight of Hana standing in the front looking as grumpy as ever; with crossed arms and tapping foot and all.

Tsuna perked up once Hana's eyes connected with hers, and she merely waved at the other girl once the blackette had tilted her head in acknowledgement. Turning her head up to peer up at her upperclassman, she stated, "Well, it was nice talking to you, senpai, but I think my friend's calling me." She pointed at Hana, and couldn't help the smirk that played on her lips once she saw all of them tense up.

Kurokawa Hana's reputation for scariest female in the entire school was really handy when dealing with bullies or scaring away the people she didn't like.

"Well, see ya!" She waved at all of them and proceeded to walk around her senior, but before she could boldly walk past the older boy, another chest had blocked her. Staring blankly at the white cloth in front of her face, she tilted her head up to stare at the wall of a man in front of her. Then, having realised what had just happened, she furrowed her eyebrows and pursed her lips in irritation.

"Could you move." She didn't ask for it this time, because this was really starting to tick her off. Nobody got in the way of getting to her friends, even if this guy was supposedly another 'friend' of Yamamoto. "You're blocking my way." Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the boy, that she could completely identify as Hashime Tora of Class 3-B, a former bully of hers and who always seemed to mysteriously lose most of his things in his locker.

"No can do, Sawada," Hashime grinned mockingly at her, even going so far as to push her shoulder. Tsuna didn't even budge, having had enough training with Reborn to stand her ground even if others were pushing her, both literally and figuratively.

"We have something we want to talk about with you," another boy, a second year this time, Tsuna noted, said with a serious frown.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, giving them all the 'I'm waiting' look. "Well?" she said. "Start talking."

All the boys exchanged glances, and Tsuna merely tapped her foot as she waited for them as patiently as possible. She twirled her left side bangs and mused as she inspected its growing length. Perhaps she should ask Mama to cut it for her again? Her mother was quite adept with scissors and just loved styling her hair, so why not?

She looked up when she heard Souka call for her attention. Giving them a curious look, she tilted her head, eyes still positioned into the glare her deceased grandmother had taught her to ward off boys once she'd grow older. "Are you going to talk or what?"

Souka growled, and Tsuna figured that he wasn't a very tolerable or patient person, or maybe he just didn't like her at all. Figures. She was stealing Yamamoto from them, but at least her friend was having a better time with her and her friends than them.

"Not here," he snapped before he grabbed her elbow, quite roughly might she add. Immediately, Tsuna tensed up, prepared to pull away, but another baseball cub member had managed to sneak behind her and grab her shoulders to push her forward. Having unsuspected the sudden push, Tsuna stumbled forward before catching her equilibrium.

The boys to her sides snickered, amused at her little tumble.

"He's still the Dame-Tsuna we know," one of them whispered to the other which earned him a snort of agreement.

Tsuna rolled her eyes again but couldn't help the feeling of embarrassment well up in the pits of her stomach. Her dame persona really was something she wasn't very proud of...

Eventually, the baseball club (excluding Yamamoto) herded her into the building, each member taking up a spot around her to prevent her from escaping. Just as they entered the school building, Tsuna turned her head to look at Hana who was staring right back at her.

It seemed like time had stopped at that very moment as the two stared at one another, before they ripped their gazes away from the other, looking as if nothing had happened in the first place.

Satisfied, and slightly anxious of what would happen, Tsuna followed the baseball club members to wherever they were bringing her to.

He had been running as fast as his long legs could handle. People that were peacefully strolling through the streets had craned their necks to catch a peek of the blur that passed by them, each one of them wondering who it was and what made them run so fast that they had managed to kick up a powerful breeze in their wake.

It was only when he arrived past the school gates with several minutes left to spare did Yamamoto stop running. He breathed in deeply before he placed his hands on his knees, beads of sweat trailing down his temple to drip down his chin. He hadn't run so fast in a distance from Namimori's bridge way to school for so long; in fact, the last time he'd even managed for run in something identical to that was when he was back in Tokyo for the Sports Meet a month or two ago.

He panted harshly for a few more minutes before he breathed in deeply, silently counting to ten in his head, before releasing the long breath of air that had trapped in his lungs. He straightened up and rolled his head a bit, to get the neck cramps out of there and soothe his erratically beating heart just a bit. He rolled his shoulders and winced once he heard the tendons snap into place and he sighed in relief once the temporary muscle strain in his back disappeared.

He wiped his sweaty forehead with a palm and looked around, his amber eyes dazedly searching for that one boy he needed to find. He needed to talk to Tsuna right now, straighten things out between the two of them, because God knows what would happen to Yamamoto if he'd lose a friend like Tsuna.

A friend like that was irreplaceable, as his father had bidded to him when he left the house.

He blinked a little to clear the misty haze of tiredness that occupied his mind, and felt a little frantic and impatient as his head snapped around to find the black leather cap that only one student would dare wear in Namimori without any fear of the consequences the Disciplinary Committee would cause.

He walked through the front courtyard, making sure his steps were as quick as his finger tapping impatiently against the school bag that he'd on his right shoulder. He passed through the lockers, making sure to inspect each row to find Tsuna first, before he made his way through the hallways of the first floor to get to his classroom.

Tsuna should be there by now if he wasn't waiting by the school's gate, which Yamamoto doubted he would after what had happened yesterday. And if Tsuna wasn't, then Yamamoto could drop his bag off on his desk to ease a single burden for his search for one Sawada Tsunayuki.

And once Yamamoto slid the door classroom door open, he would be lying if he said he wasn't disappointed to not find his brown-haired friend in there. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, his golden-brown eyes straying to the floor for a moment, anxiety flickering within them like a burning flame.

He made his way to his desk, forcing himself smile half-heartedly at the exuberant greetings that his classmates (those who barely know you, something eerie whispered in his mind to which he ignored like always) had sent him. He slung the string of his school bag on his chair and turned around, fully prepared to hunt down the brunette his mind had been on since yesterday.

Yamamoto blinked, stepping back to prevent himself from colliding with the much smaller body blocking his path. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked down, and immediately recognised the person blocking his path once he caught sight of black hair that was naturally curly.

This time, he smiled full-heartedly, his eyes brightening up a bit at the sight of Hanastanding in front of him, her arms crossed over her chest and one of her feet tapping impatiently against the wooden floor.

"Woah! Sorry! Didn't you see you there, Kurokawa-san!" Yamamoto exclaimed.

Hana narrowed her beady black eyes at him inquisitively, and Yamamoto couldn't help but reflexively shrink back underneath her intense gaze. She was much scarier than Gokudera, after all, what with being female and all.

"Tsk, not even a single good morning from you," She reproached disdainfully and Yamamoto's lips twitched as he sweat dropped.

"Um..." He started unsurely. "Good morning, Kurokawa-san!" He greeted, forcing his lips to widen up and prevent himself from looking anything but joyous.

Hana started at him for a moment longer, even going so far as to squint one of her eyes to inspect him better.

Yamamoto took a cautious step back, holding his hands up in the universal sign of peace. "Ugh, yeah. Anyways, Kurokawa-san, I really have something I need to do, so could-" He was interrupted by an index finger being placed a few inches right in front of his mouth.

Yamamoto stared at the finger, not knowing what he should do in a situation like this.

And just Yamamoto had been silenced, everyone else in the classroom had the words stuck in their throat die out once they caught sight of the peculiar scene of one Yamamoto Takeshi being silenced by one Kurokawa Hana. Everyone was staring at the duo in interest.

Having realised the lack of silence that usually occupied the entire room, Hana snapped her head to glare intimidatingly at a red-haired girl who had paused mid-way in her talk to stare at them. "And what are you looking at?" Hana snarked, her lips forming into a scary scowl as her eyes darkened.

Almost immediately, the girl and everyone else snapped their heads away and resumed whatever activity they had been doing earlier.

Satisfied that they weren't the center of attention anymore, Hana turned back to Yamamoto who had began to sweat nervously. She stared up at him, but to Yamamoto it felt like he was being stared down at, and squinted her eyes at him suspiciously. "You're looking for him, aren't you?" she asked, her voice lower than before, and judging by the accusing stares she sent to the classmates huddling a little closer than before Yamamoto could see why.

Surprised by this, Yamamoto blinked, but before he could answer Hana had intervened, immediately silencing whatever Yamamoto was about to say.

"So something did happen between the two of you!" She muttered lowly. Yamamoto expected her to look at him with blaming eyes, but when Hana had furrowed her eyebrows together with clear worry shinning within the dark depths of her eyes, Yamamoto knew something was definitely wrong. "Did...Did it have something to do with your baseball team?" she whispered to him, and she pursed her lips once she saw the look of surprise on his face that perfectly confirmed her suspicions.

"Crap," she mumbled.

Yamamoto tensed up at that, the eerie voice in the back of his mind growing silent all of a sudden, and he didn't have a feeling of why was he feeling so alarmed but that he should be alarmed. "What happened?" he asked, his dark eyebrows drawing together in confusion, and he vaguely wondered why was he suddenly feeling so serious right now.

All of a sudden, Hana wrapped her nimble fingers around his collar, and before he knew it he had been yanked forward by the smaller girl. Their faces were so close that their right cheeks were almost touching, and from the viewpoint of the other side of the room it would like the two were kissing. Silence erupted from their classroom, everyone staring at them in shock.

Perched high on a branch from a tree, Reborn stared through green-tinted binoculars, feeling the fingers gripping the device slackening from shock.

"That..." he began, pulling his eyes away from the binoculars and blinking in surprise at the sight of Yamamoto and Kurokawa in lip action. "...That was unexpected," he admitted, slightly embarrassed that he hadn't thought of this event ever occurring.

From Yamamoto's perspective, his position with Hana was a very uncomfortable one for him. For starters, this was his first time being so close to the girl (any girl, in fact); second, it was unnerving to have the scariest girl in Namimori holding your collar with her hand oh so close to your neck; lastly, he could practically feel the dark and evil aura that rolled off of the girl in threatening waves that he was sure only he could feel, and that in itself could make anybody else have the crap be scared out of them.

He gulped when he felt Hana's breath tickle his ear. (Unconsciously, he prayed to Kami that the girl wasn't going to whisper his death and how it would happen to him).

Fortunately for him, Hana did nothing threatening and instead whispered dangerously low to him. "Your club has him" Then abruptly pulled away, wearing a very satisfied, if not concerned, expression on her face as she folded her arms.

Yamamoto blinked, stunned for a moment, before Hana's words had properly processed itself into his brain. Something clicked inside of him, and he snapped his head from side to side to get rid of the daze that he had been stuck in.

"He's where?" Yamamoto spoke, unsure if what he'd heard was correct, and feeling a dark and icy feeling well up in the bottom pit of his guts once he saw Hana grimly frown and reply.

"He's with your club." She simply stated, before snapping her head at the door and gesturing towards it with a graceful sweep of her hand. "If I were you," she started slowly, her tone of voice similar to a warning sign. "I'd go, just to check up on him," she finished, her dark eyes boring into his amber ones.

Yamamoto stared back at her, for once not feeling the least bit threatened by the stern and icy glare on her face, before he nodded sharply and made his past her to head to towards the door.

Once he exited the room, he couldn't help but stop and turn his head, sending her a bright and dazzling grin that made several girls in the classroom blush brightly.

"Thanks, Kurokawa-san! I owe you one!" he exclaimed, scratching his cheek in a nervous gesture before sliding the door shut behind him.

He left a silent classroom in his wake.

But every other student in class aside from Hana was thinking,

'What just happened?'

Being slammed against a metal fence was most definitely not the most comfortable thing in the world, Tsuna thought as she winced from having been shoved into the only barrier between her and getting throw off the roof. Curiously, Tsuna looked behind her, and silently decided that she would try not to anger the baseball club members into pushing her off of the roof.

And then, Tsuna turned back, and she pursed her lips at the tall boys cornering her from every side. She mentally sighed, knowing oh too well that it was downright impossible to find an escape route with little to no options.

"What do you want from me?" Tsuna immediately asked, cutting straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. Her calm brown eyes met Souka's dark brown ones.

Souka didn't waste a minute, and he immediately answered, "Leave Yamamoto alone." He folded his arms and his glare seemed to intensify on her much smaller frame compared to his broad one.

Tsuna furrowed her eyebrows, her forehead wrinkling deeply from the action, and she frowned in disdain as she retorted, "And why should I? Yamamoto-kun seems to enjoy my company, so why should I?" She folded her arms as well, but she didn't narrow her eyes at him. She stared at him with a calculating gaze, trying to determine what exactly made Souza tick and what would slowly break him apart piece by piece.

Because nobody tells her what to do (aside from a few special people). Especially if they're telling her to stay away from a friend. And especially if said person, who is telling her to stay away from her friend, is the one responsible for her friend's self-consciousness.

"Yamamoto-kun?" Someone—Ookari Gin, of Class 2-D with a perfect attendance record since grade school and an average B-marker—stated, disbelief lacing his tone. "Did Dame-Tsuna just call Yamamoto—Yamamoto-kun?"

"He did," nodded Hashime Tora, for once not wearing that stupid and arrogant grin on his lips. He glanced from Tsuna to Souka, hesitation clearly painting his facial features as he rubbed his wrist—Tsuna assumed that was a common thing for him to do whenever he was nervous. But, she wondered, what could he be nervous about?—and looked down at his feet

Tsuna looked back at Souza, whose eyes were now resembling sharp daggers as he glowered at her with an intense hatred she definitely knew she didn't deserve one bit. Because, what was so bad with being friends with Yamamoto Takeshi?

"Just because," Souza snapped again, irritation swirling in the depths of his dark orbs. "Just stay away from Yamamoto, or else," he warned, a threat non-discretely hidden in his words.

"And if I don't?" Tsuna asked, tilting her head, and even daring to lift her chin up so that it would look like she was looking down at a pitiable excuse of an organic being. "Yamamoto-kun is my friend, so what reason do I have to stay away from him? It's not like I'm distracting him from anything. I always make sure that the time we spend together doesn't conflict his own personal schedule," she explained, drawling her tongue.

Because she really did. She would always double check the little time table posted on her desk which told her which time was Yamamoto available and not. And she always made sure he didn't have to have a hard time juggling his club activities with his friend activities—because what kind of friend would she be when she told him that she would try to help him, but in the end only added even more troubles and worries onto his ever-growing pile which we all call life?

A clenched fist banging on the metal fence just a few inches away from her head had snapped her out of her little reverie, and she focused her attention back on the outside world, where Souza had slammed his fist into the fence and was leaning oh so dangerously close to her face that she could almost feel his breath fanning her nose.

"You're a nuisance to him," Souza snapped. "He's gotten worse in baseball—which was never a problem, before he met you," he said, gracing darkly and giving her a look that was no less different than disgust.

Tsuna felt something within her flare up in anger. She felt the bottle cap of her temper shudder and creak as it slowly unwounded itself, ready to be set lose to the entire world if she so wished. She wasn't angry. No. Not at all.

Because angry couldn't describe how downright furious and aggravated she was right now. She felt like digging her nails into Souza's face, ripping off the tanned skin of his cheeks and pulling every single fiber of muscle out of it until all that was left of them were empty and hollow cheekbones.

But most of all, she just wanted to tackle him to the ground, heft him up over her shoulder like he weighed absolutely nothing, and chuck him off the roof.

Because how dare he. Sure, she was fine with being called a nuisance to Yamamoto (because honestly, every human being would sometimes be a nuisance to another human being depending on the current situation), but telling her that it was her fault that Yamamoto's skills in baseball were getting worse?

There was just no fucking way she was going to let this one slide past her.

She calmly closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Once, twice, thrice. And then, with all that anger and hatred and that slimy feeling to humiliate, Tsuna promptly exploded.

"Me?! ME?! I'm the problem for why Yamamoto-kun's getting worse?!" She screeched at him, her sepia coloured orbs firmly placed into a scathing glare that could even burn water. Souza's angry expression faltered, and he backed away from her unsurely. "How could you ever stuff that fucking stupid idea in that tiny brain of yours that it's my fault?!" She brought her index finger up to harshly poke his chest. "I'm the one always stayed after to watch him practice. I'm the one who made sure he didn't get hurt while he worked his butt off to improve the entire team. I'm the one who made sure he had friends who looked after him. I'm the one who was there for him when he needed it most, unlike you jackasses!" She fisted a handful of his collar into her tiny hand, and harshly tugged him closer to his face.

Her brown eyes flashed threateningly, her lips positioned into a snarl with her teeth bared. A murderous sensation practically oozed off of her body that made the entire baseball club tremble underneath the gravity of her ire.

Tsuna bumped her forehead with Souza's, their brown eyes clashing with one another. One pair formed into a dagger-like glare that spoke volumes of how many ways it could kill you, while the other were wide and filled to the brim with fear and unsureness.

With a hiss, Tsuna whispered to him, "So don't you ever tell me that it's my fault Yamamoto-kun's been getting worse." And then, she shoved the taller boy away from her, making him crash into the ground on his butt.

Slowly her head from side to side to face the entire baseball team, Tsuna growled at them. "The nuisance here isn't me. You are the reason Yamamoto-kun's been getting worse," she told them. "Because while he's training to get better, what do you do? Any of you?! I watch him train everyday, and I barely see any of you join him, much less train with him, because all you knuckleheads do is laugh at him then hang out somewhere and waste your stupid excuses of lives even more," she snarled at them.

Tsuna ducked her head, squeezing her eyes shut to force away the tears. She clenched her fists, making sure her nails dug deeply in the skin of her palms, but not enough to draw blood, and only enough to give her enough sense to not throttle all these boys. "And how could you say that to Yamamoto-kun? Say that he's been getting worse, lie to him that it's his fault why the team's been getting worse, when in reality it's all your fault!" She cried at them, her entire body trembling. "You call yourself his friends, his teammates, but not once did I see you treat him like one!" She shouted at them, fury racking her entire body. "How...How could you make him feel so insecure of himself...Do you even know what he's been doing to himself?!" She snapped at them, and felt a sadistic kind of pleasure when she saw all of them flinch and look away in guilt and shame.

"You..." Tsuna started, looking like she could burst into tears any minute now. "How could you do such a thing to Yamamoto-kun, and then blame it all on someone else?" She whispered to them. "Yamamoto-kun is so, so nice and kind and refreshing to be around. He's always there to make you laugh, and will always be there to make you feel better for yourself...so how could you make him feel like such a horrible human being when in reality he's one of best things that could have ever happened to your life?" She wiped her eyes, and was a little happy to discover that she hadn't bursted into tears yet. "Because when I was with Yamamoto-kun...it felt exactly like that. Like he was one of the most amazing people I could have ever met. He made me smile, he made me feel happy, he made feel better for myself, and he made me feel as if I mattered to him," she whispered, her quiet message being carried by the wind to all the ears on the rooftop. "He made me, Dame-Tsuna, feel like I had the chance to become someone great, someone that mattered, someone that was important. And if he could make me feel like that...then why couldn't he make you guys feel it too?" She asked them, her glossy brown eyes looking at each member in the eye.

"Look me in the eye and tell me he never made you feel like that," she told them.

None of them looked her in the eye. None of them dared to speak. None of them dared to even move, because the shame and guilt that wracked their entire bodies made it almost impossible.

With a sigh that full of weariness, Tsuna told them with an eerily serene voice. "Go," she ordered them. "Go and think of what you've done, and if any of you have the balls to do so, then go attend practice later and apologise to Yamamoto-kun for everything you've made him feel like."

A tense silence filled the entire air over them, and no one moved for a moment.

A minute passed.

Slowly, and ever so slowly, a baseball member slowly moved towards the door that led back to the classrooms down below. He left the door wide open as he left.

Another moment passed, and slowly each and every member left the rooftop. The captain of the baseball club, Souza, hesitantly turned his head to face Tsuna, but the brunette was already looking away from them. Souza sighed deeply, then turned his head back and made his way down the steps.

Tsuna waited for a minute, listening to the sounds of their footsteps against the metal floors of the stairs. She waited until she couldn't hear a single thing aside form the harsh breeze that slammed into her face. Her gaze was transfixed on the scenery of the town of Namimori. She took a minute to inhale the beautiful sight of the town, her home, and then fell to her knees as if every energy she had inside of her had vanished.

Her entire body trembled as she breathed in deeply. Once, twice, thrice. She felt her heart hammering against her chest cavity, making her cheeks flush a dark crimson. Pressing her palms to her warm cheekbones, she silently marvelled at what she'd said.

'What...What exactly did I just say?' She thought, feeling a little embarrassingly horrified of her actions. 'This is exactly like that time I made Gokudera-kun into a loyal dog!' She couldn't find a better term to describe Gokudera. Because whenever he looked at her with adoring eyes or whenever she asked him to do something, a pair of doggy ears and a fluffy tail would appear on his body―making him look so, so kawaii that it took all of Tsuna's will power to resist hugging him to death. She still had her male persona and reputation to keep up, after all.

'You've just bullshitted your way through again, Yuki,' Inner chirped, the tone in her voice full of glee.

Tsuna sniffed derisively at her inner counterpart. 'I meant every word, excuse you!' She snapped. 'But I just can't believe I actually said it, much less to his teammates!' She internally panicked for a moment, before calming down once she realised something very important. 'Well...at least Yamamoto-kun didn't hear me, ne?'

There was a brief silence for a moment, both from the outer and inner world, and Tsuna felt a foreboding feeling well up in her stomach when her ears caught the sound of footsteps. She twisted her body to look behind her, and was awarded with the horrific sight of Yamamoto stepping into view from behind the door of the roof that swung inward.

She blinked, and felt her lips form into a surprised, "Oh..."

Inner cackled gleefully in her head. 'I just love karma sometimes. She always seems to do exactly what you don't want to happen,' she thought.

Tsuna crinkled her nose, the alarms in her head blaring out wildly and loudly. She felt her entire face flush an even darker and deeper shade of red.

"I..." Tsuna stumbled over her words for a few seconds. Her mouth closed and opened several times, her voice box failing to emit something other than stupid nonsense. Finally, after a long and awkward moment, she managed a simple, "Yamamoto-kun..."

Yamamoto gave her a smile―a shaky and unsure one filled with a lot of emotions mixed into that small gesture―and reluctantly brought his arm up in a hopefully casual way. "Yo," he said. "Good morning, huh?"

Tsuna couldn't help the snort that escaped her, and she smiled back at him wryly. "Yeah. Definitely a good morning."

And then, as it had been expected by the both of them, an awkward silence ensued. with neither one of them knowing what exactly to do next.

Finally, after a very long and wearysome moment, Yamamoto broke the silence as a gust of breeze floated by.

"You..." He started out unsurely, his amber, almost bronze, colored orbs trailing to look towards his left. Tsuna blinked, raising both of her eyebrows, showing that he'd captured her complete attention. (Which wasn't really hard, since he was the only other human being on the rooftop aside from her.) "Did you mean it?" He asked her.

Taken aback, Tsuna furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "Huh?" She questioned, tilting her head a bit.

"What you said," Yamamoto added. "Did you really mean what you said to them?" He detailed, trying his hardest to avoid her gaze on him.

Feeling the blood circulate towards her cheeks, Tsuna flushed lightly, pursing her lips to show how utterly embarrassed she currently was. "Oh. You heard," she stated.

"I did," Yamamoto confirmed with a small, sheepish smile, his cheeks flushing a bit.

Tsuna stood there for a few moments, weighing her options. Should she just play it cool? Tell him that she just told his fellow clubmates that so that they'd leave her alone? That she didn't mean any of her words, and possibly get out of this uncomfortable situation unscathed? Or should she just tell the truth? Tell him that everything she'd said was the truth? That she'd done everything in her power to help him? To avoid risking the chance of hurting him by lying to him, just as his so called friends had done?

Tsuna was a lot of things. A liar, a thief, a cheater, a stalker, the heir to the most infamous mafia family in the whole world, etc; however, Tsuna had a heart. And that heart was telling her to tell Yamamoto the truth, because that heart of hers was just so tired of seeing Yamamoto's eyes filled with so much pain.

Tsuna didn't use friends. Tsuna used people within her reach; but what was hers—her mother, Reborn, Gokudera, Kyoko, Hana, and the people she was so fond of before—she took care of. She would protect them, watch over them, nurture them. They were hers, and she wouldn't allow anything (a familiar voice appeared in her head, whispering to her in haunting tones that made horrifying images that had already happen appear within her head, someone dangerous will come again to paint all your loved ones in the color red.) to hurt those she held close to her.

And lying to Yamamoto about something that had already greatly affected his emotional and mental state really wasn't going to help him.

Swallowing the imaginary lump in her throat and licking her suddenly dry lips, Tsuna said. "I meant every single word, Yamamoto-kun," she said, and her lips curled upwards into a teeny-tiny smile once his gaze finally snapped towards her. "Why would I lie about it?" She asked him, even though a tiny voice in her head laughed at the irony of her words, or maybe that was just her Inner. "You're my friend," she ended, flushing a little bit when his eyes widened at that simple statement, as if he hadn't believed those other times she'd told him that he was her friend. "And friends don't lie to each other," she added as an after thought, despite the fact that her Inner's laugh seemed to have transformed into full-blown cackles.

Before a second could pass, Yamamoto was suddenly in front of her, startling the living daylights out of her. With a muffled squeak, Tsuna stepped back, her entire posture tense and her legs twitching as she resisted the urge to bring them upwards and kick.

"And that?" Yamamoto asked, his dark eyes looking down at her and his facial expression the softest Tsuna has ever seen. "Did you mean that too?" He asked her, his orbs inspecting her entire face for any sort of hint that could tell him that she was lying to him.

Tsuna blinked up at him, momentarily stunned, before she snorted. "Of course I meant it, you idiot," she snapped, despite the way her smile grew into an amused one. "I meant it since the very beginning. Since the first day we actually met, I wanted to be friends with you because I could see that you needed one. What other reason should I have?" She asked him with a chortle.

"Me? Need a friend?" Yamamoto playfully asked, his dark eyes shinning with a little bit of mirth despite his twitching arms and the way his eyes seemed to gloss over.

Tsuna snorted and rolled her eyes. "Oh please. It was obvious you needed one—" She cut herself off by squeaking quite loudly when a pair of arms suddenly appeared around her and wrapped themselves around her petite body, bringing her against a hard and well-built chest.

(Inwardly, she groaned at her Inner's animalistic panting.)

"I know," Yamamoto interrupted her, making her glance up at him with doe brown orbs that were wide with surprise. The taller male looked down at her with a gentle sort of expression, his smile stretching into a wide grin. "And for that, I just wanna say thanks," he told her. "But I don't think a simple 'thanks' would be enough, ahaha," he laughed cheekily, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand while the other was resting contently on her back.

"I..." For the first time in a while, Tsuna was speechless. Nothing went into her train of thought. Her mouth suddenly dried up into a desert, and she had the odd feeling that she remotely resembled a gaping fish. And then, after a moment, Tsuna's entire face went beet red. "It's no problem," she mumbled almost silently, shifting from one foot to another and feeling incredibly conscious of the hand against her back. "That's what friends are for," she said, turning her gaze elsewhere so that she could stare at something less distracting.

'Choo! Choo! All aboard the hormone train~!' Her Inner sang gleefully, and Tsuna could feel the demonic grin on her counterpart.

'Shut the fuck up,' Tsuna mentally snapped back, which only made her Inner cackle even louder.

"Yeah, but I still feel as if I owe you something," Yamamoto admitted.

Suddenly, an incredibly brilliant idea appeared within Tsuna's brain, and she calculated the steps that she would need to take to accomplish such a goal. Knowing that what she would do wouldn't exactly be the right thing, considering that she had responsibilities as a student and all, Tsuna had the desire to do it, because what the hell, YOLO and etc.

"Then, if you want to do repay me, I have something I want to ask from you," Tsuna said, sounding all too innocent as she turned her eyes back to Yamamoto, making sure to widen them as much as possible and activate her fucking sparkles.

It worked. He completely fell for it once he saw how utterly adorable his friend looked right now. "Ask me for anything. I owe you that much," he told her.

"Okay," Tsuna nodded, feeling almost diabolic. "Did you bring your wallet then?" She asked him then.

"Yeah," Yamamoto slowly nodded, before realization washed over him. "Do you want my money?" He asked, sounding a little bit askance, because when he said that he would do anything she asked, he had taught that he would do something pertaining to his honor and pride, not his wealth. But...it wasn't as if money mattered to him, and if Tsuna wanted money from him, then he wouldn't mind it that much.

"Um..." Tsuna trailed off uncertainly. "Not exactly," she admitted. "I just want you to buy me something. Could you do that for me?" She asked him, and Yamamoto unsurely nodded his head.

"Fantastic," Tsuna spoke as a devilish grin appeared on her face. "Fantastic."

Not really knowing why, Yamamoto shuddered, feeling as if he should be scared about something.

There were times when Tsuna questioned her actions. Now, however, was most definitely not that time. Not when she was currently lapping up the deliciously sweet treat that she'd made Yamamoto buy for her once they'd escaped school grounds by climbing a tree and jumping over the tall fences that surrounded the building of Nami-chuu, evaded a couple of Disciplinary Committee members, and maybe borrowed a bike from this one covenience store to get to their destination faster.

If there was anything Tsuna enjoyed, it was skipping school. Even better, she was skipping school with ice cream that she didn't pay for.

"We're skipping classes, you know," Yamamoto said offhandedly, but he didn't seem all that concerned, especially when he was currently devouring his chocolate-flavored ice cream topped with sliced brownies and grinded walnuts.

"Mhhm," Tsuna hummed, enjoying her vanilla twirl topped with every goddamn topping in the ice cream parlor.

"My wallet's almost empty too, you know," Yamamoto said, patting his front pocket where he kept his wallet.


"You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't expect this to happen," Yamamoto said, laughing sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Tsuna stopped licking her ice cream to lick the corners of her lips, her light brown eyes flickering over to Yamamoto. "Well, when you told me that you would do anything for me, expect the unexpected," she said with a smirk.

Yamamoto laughed loudly. "My dad's going to kill me when he finds out that I skipped school."

Tsuna didn't say anything to that, having no thoughts come to her mind, and she continued to eat her ice cream with Yamamoto eating his in serene silence once again.

"Ne, Tsuna?" Yamamoto spoke up again once he was done eating his ice cream.

Tsuna shoved the last of her cone into her mouth, chewing gratefully. "Hm?"

"Thanks," Yamamoto said and, for the first time, Tsuna actually saw the happy-go-lucky boy look away from her while talking to her in such a sincere voice. Tsuna repressed the urge to either sigh of smile when she caught sigh of his red ears.

"It's no biggie, Yamamoto-kun," Tsuna replied. "After all, that's what good friends are for, ne?" She pushed.

A brief silence encompassed the air above them, but neither of them minded it, until Yamamoto broke it once again.

"Yeah," Yamamoto agreed, this time looking at her in the eye. "I guess that's what good friends are for, huh," he said, the corners of his lips curling upward into a soft yet extremely joyous smile. "And call me Takeshi," Yamamoto said, making Tsuna's eyes widen in surprise. "My father's the only one who calls me that these days...so, since we're good friends, you can use it too, if you want to that is," Yamamoto hurriedly said once he'd seen the blank expression that had taken over Tsuna's features.

This time, Tsuna actually did smile. And it was the biggest and brightest one she'd given in a very long time. "I'd like that very much, Takeshi-kun," she said, unashamed to beam brightly at her friend.

Yamamoto—no, Takeshi beamed back at her.

Suffice to say, today ended up pretty great in Tsuna's standards.

I would do it.

My heart may be all jumbled up,

And my brain tells me smarter things,

But I trust my heart;

Because it's better,

To do things the hard way,

Than the easy way,

Because it'll only makes victory taste so much sweeter.

The Rain, for all his sereneness and happiness, is still just the rain.
A representation of the heaven's tears and, sometimes, a representation of a man's deepest sorrows and regrets.
The Rain is much too young,
To know that he's not the only one who has to work hard to support Life itself,
But also that his job is to
help and not fan the flames.
But that's where the Sky comes in,
To show her Rain its wrongs and its rights,
And that not everything has to be left on top of his shoulders.

Oh-kaaaay. I guess Eri and I have a lot of things to apologize for and, apparently, I'm a promise breaker which I so shamefully admit I am ahaha. I don't have excuses, because REAL LIFE is not an excuse in my opinion. But, in my opinion, at least I updated, ne? Ahahaha. Well, I'm tired, and I'mma go to sleep now 'cause I have classes tomorrow and my chest's been hurting a lot haha. Wish me luck in living, guys! Adios!

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