Author: HatefulRodeo

Title: Of Unexpected Deliveries and Doorsteps

Notes: I'M BACK! It occured to me that we have not heard from Lucius' POV so we will in this chapter. Also, Severus will be heard as well. It is a bit short but it is a necessary chapter to segue into the heart of the fic. Enjoy Lovelies!

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Cursing his luck Harry about faced and shuffled disappointedly toward his Common Room. He'd try to get into the Chamber later tonight or early tomorrow; for right now he would speak to Salazar when he got into his four-poster bed. He had so many questions to ask the Founder and he also wondered if the painted man had any cue about his heir's deeds in this time.

However, Harry would never get to ask his questions, or make his way to the Chamber, that night. As soon as he entered the Common Room a shock of pure agony shot through his body originating from the scar on his forehead. Harry screamed in pain as he made to scratch at the bleeding, inflamed cicatrix, trying to make it stop.

He was mindless as he writhed on the ground, not noticing the fearful expression on Draco's hovering face as Blaise pulled him into a hug or the pain the flittered across his dad's pale face when he stormed into the Common Room followed by an upset Theo and saw his beloved son in such agony; all Harry knew was he was in horrible pain and he needed it to stop now.

It finally did when he felt a strong Sleeping Spell hit him, allowing him to slip into darkness and blessed relief.

~*~*~*Chapter 16~*~*~*

Lucius sat behind his large desk inside his study at Malfoy Manor; another business meeting had ended in success. Truly, sometimes he wondered why things seemed to go so right for him but then that little voice in his head he'd dubbed his Slytherin side would pipe up to silence his wayward thoughts. Who cared on the why or the how of the matter, as long as Lucius' wealth and influenced continued to amass he would be quite fine to leave life's little mysteries aside.

And right now life was good, well as good as life could be when you had a possibly homicidal Dark Lord regenerating. But that was the only truly dark spot in the tapestry of his life. Draco was happy, disgustingly so, with his newfound relations with the Zabini heir and Lucius pondered if he and Severus were ever this maudlin during their Hogwarts' years...

Probably not; he and Severus were two very closed individuals while Draco and Blaise, to some extent, were raised in a comfortable, loving bubble. His father had introduced him to life's hard lessons early. Not to mention the untimely death of his lovely mother; all of these things led Lucius to be wary and suspicious of all who approached. He knew they wanted his influence, his favor and he would rather die than be someone's meal ticket or stepping stone to fame.

But then a little half-blood raven haired boy had caught his attention at Hogwarts; first when the poor child was sorted into his house and then when the boy, Lucius now knew his name to be Severus Snape, appeared to have no interest in buttering him up and believe him Lucius gave the intriguing boy all the openings he would need to attempt to manipulate him to his advantage.

No, even then Severus got by on his own merits and razor sharp wit; something that had not changed to this day. Yes, the man he adored was more likely to ask for the Malfoy Lord's help but not unless whatever he sought after was unattainable to him on his own; Harry's adoption was a perfect example. He loved that it was him that the formidable dark man would come to for assistance; not many would ever see Severus Snape asking for help and Lucius knew he was lucky to be where he was.

Severus was loyal to him and their family first and always. Anyone else could go hang for all the dark man cared. Once upon a time their Lord would have been included in his lover's inner circle but the man's lost sanity and his slaughter of Severus' former best friend had crushed any illusions they both had to Voldemort's state of mind and his continuing capabilities in leading the Death Eaters.

But now their former Lord was regaining his sanity if Harry's Basilisk was to be believed and Lucius didn't know where to start with that little nugget of information. True, the family of four all decided to sit tight and go with the flow of things but Lucius was not used to sitting idly by and letting things happen.

Lifting his sleeve he looked down at the slowly darkening Mark on his forearm and stroked the skin lightly. He knew that the Dark Lord was not long in his quest to be reborn; the Dark Mark's continual deepening in color was only proof of that. Staring at the magical tattoo gave the blonde man a small flicker of hope; hope that he thought once dead.

Could things really turn around? Could they right the magical ship and finally begin the repairing of their broken world? Harry understood the state of affairs far earlier than most ever would and it made Lucius proud that his boy, blood or not, was willing and ready to take a stand. Soon he would bring his boys to a Wizengamot meeting and let them see the stagnation and corruption for themselves.

He had no doubt that Harry would not stand idly by and listen to the politicians blowing out empty air and chatter idly with no results being put forward. No, his little Slytherindor would take a proud stance and shoot them down for being cowards; little blind sheep being led around by the nose for a more powerful beings amusement and gain. Dumbledore of course would have a minor stroke if this happened and would no doubt try to bring Harry back under his thumb.

This would not be allowed to happen. Lucius would not let his and Severus son be taken by that old coot. No, soon he would bring their little family back to France and blood adopt Harry once and for all. He'd batted around the idea for years but since there was never any pressing need he'd shooed it away. Now, they would need any advantage they could get when it came to keeping custody of Harry.

The blonde didn't think his little raven haired son would mind too much. Merlin knew he was their son so why not make it permanent? All the boy would gain was the right to use the Malfoy name and maybe his appearance would alter slightly but other than that nothing would change for Harry.

A win win situation if Lucius ever saw one. Next weekend he would seek permission from the meddlesome Headmaster to allow Severus and their sons to leave Hogwarts, citing familial obligations as the reason. Any more reasoning was unneeded and would not be given no matter how much Dumbledore tried to sway him, guilt him or in his own way threaten him.

A slight wheeze alerted Lucius that his study door was being opened and before the blonde could even react a beam of red light slammed into his chest, leaving him frozen in place. His silver eyes widened minutely, the only part of his now frozen body he could move, as he saw a red eyed Quirrell entering his room. "Ah Lucius, my slipper friend, how have you been?"

Of course the Malfoy Lord could not answer him and his Lord knew it. While he may not be able to react his eyes were working just fine and he could see that those gleaming ruby eyes had not one hint of insanity lurking in them. Also his movements were smooth, almost graceful; this was not the raving madman he once was.

Lucius would not have believed it if he had not seen it for himself. However, could this flight from insanity be due to Quirrell's presence? His Lord's now once again smooth baritone broke him away from his thoughts; "I see you have many questions but alas I have no time for a social chat with you. We can engage in conversation later, dear Lucius."

"For right now I have many things to say and little time. First you have something that belongs to me. Yes, now where is it?" Quirrell's arms rose and in their grasp sat a very distinct white wand; the once reviled Dark wizard in his Quirrell suit just simply stood quietly, sending out wave after wave of pulsing Dark magic, until his red eyes focused in on one of Lucius very well warded bookcases. Quickly the man crossed the room and withdrew a simple black leather diary.

"You have kept it safe, Lucius, even all these years later you have kept my treasure guarded and whole. I may have not rewarded you in the past but rest assured I will remedy that." Lucius just gulped in pure relief that he never ditched the little book at Borgin's; no doubt he would have not seen another day if that was the case. Silver eyes were still focused on his Lord and the blonde waited for the man to speak again.

The thoughtful expression cleared from the other man's borrowed face as he slipped the book into his robe pocket; "You are probably wondering how I came to be here? How I circumvented your wards? Easily actually; Abraxas granted me passage many years ago before you were even born and he never told you nor did he rescind the permission for me to enter these grounds."

"Quite the stroke of good luck if I must say." With a smirk that did not look quite at home on Quirrell's soft features the Dark Lord continued; 'Now that I have this diary back I can undergo my rebirth; tonight I will cease to be but mere spirit and shade. This night I will rise again, my friend and I will be what I first foresaw myself as. I will be a leader for our cause, a true leader for those like us to rally behind."

"No more killing or torture. These things will be unneeded distractions and will not gain us any support in this new white washed world. The only being drawn to that kind of thing will hurt us more than help us in the end. Also, Harry Potter and your family will not be harmed. I meant my words to the Basilisk and I mean them now."

"I would be a fool to stand against you all. Harry has the support of the Wizarding world while you have the Ministry in your pocket; yes between the two of you and not to mention Severus' vicious wand and considerable intellect, I would be dead before I even tried to take my first step. Besides I have rethought my previous actions and found the fault does not lie with anyone but myself; I could have ignored the prophecy but I did not."

"Instead I charged forward recklessly and brought about my own demise. It is quite a disgusting thing to remember but alas truth is truth Lucius. Now I must go and prepare myself for the coming ritual. The spell will where off in time; I cannot have you meddling too soon. Until next we meet my slippery friend." With that the man turned and made to exit the room but before he left completely he turned and smiled, those red eyes gleaming; "Send my regards to your family, dear Lucius."

And with those parting words the Dark Lord left Lucius to his rioting thoughts. So it was true! Their Lord was truly coming back from Bedlam; well that was what it seemed but Lucius would wait until after the man got another body and if the madness kicked back up he and Severus would end the man before he could start another reign of terror.

But that little hope was burning even brighter and for once Lucius didn't even try to quash it. There was truly hope for them in the near future. It was a happy thought and Lucius could not wait to go to Hogwarts and tell his lover and sons all about this happy encounter. For now he would sit and wait for the bloody spell to ease; why could one not call for a elf without speaking first?

~*~*~*POV Change~*~*~*

Severus was scared and he was not afraid to admit it one bit! His son, his boy, was writhing in agony on the Common Room floor and nothing he could do was stopping it. Harry's scar was bleeding freely and looked inflamed as the boy tried to claw it off his young face. Deciding this had to stop Severus cast a Sleeping Charm on his boy and quickly scooped him up and left the Common Room with a command that this was not to be spoken of.

The older raven knew his snakes would keep this quiet; Slytherin protected its own after all but at this point Severus could care less if Merlin heard about this as long as his son would be alright at the end of it. Draco, Blaise and Theo were right behind him as he weaved his way through the dungeon's halls and the elder male could not and would not send them away.

Draco, as Harry's brother, had every right to be here and Blaise would keep the high-strung blonde mostly calm while Theo was Harry's best and closest friend besides Draco; yes these three boys had a right to be in his rooms.

Coming to the entrance of his quarters he murmured the password; never more thankful that no portraits lined these corridors or the Headmaster would be down there in an instant so he could poke and meddle about with his child's very life and health. Once the door opened he rushed in and moved to his bedroom, laying the small raven haired boy on his bed Severus stepped back and observed his son.

Harry was twitching in discomfort but no longer looked to be in such unbearable agony. His lightning bolt scar still look inflamed but it seemed to be receding quickly; soon it would look as it always did if not for the blood marring it at the moment. With a wave of his wand four cozy chairs were conjured as he left the room and retrieved a pain potion, a bowl of warm water and a soft towel.

He could have asked for an elf but right now he needed to move, to be busy. He returned to his room and saw Theo sitting in one of the chairs while Draco was curled up on Blaise's lap, seeking comfort from the larger Italian boy. Severus had to smile at the scene; it seemed Draco just like Lucius recognized the one for them rather quickly and just like his father the smaller blonde had quickly gotten what he wanted.

Pushing those soft thoughts aside he crossed the room and sat on the bed, right next to his boy's head and wetted the towel so he could clean off Harry's crimson liquid that stained his son's handsome face. Soon the boy looked normal if a little pained but once the potion for the discomfort was spelled into his belly the younger raven eased completely and slipped into a true sleep.

Breathing a sigh of relief Severus calmed and relaxed. Now that the danger was somewhat passed he could think of all the reasons this had to happen. He should call for Lucius but he didn't want to leave his son or the three other young boys in his room. No, he wanted to watch over them besides his lover wouldn't be able to do much anyway; better to stay here where he may be needed.

The four of them sat there for a long while until Theo moved to sit on Harry's other side and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly but not tight enough to hurt his child. Severus was happy to know that his son had someone there for him even when Harry couldn't even see it.

Yes, Theodore Nott was a good kid and a good fit for his more impetuous son but he would leave it to them to figure it out, if they ever did. The sound of the floo flaring in his study alerted him to someone's arrival, most likely Lucius as not many had access to his rooms via floo, and when he saw his blonde lover Severus rose from the bed but stopped when he saw the fevered glint of happiness shining in those silver eyes before it dimmed to worry as he looked at the scene in front of him.

"What happened to Harry, Severus? What is wrong with our son?" Onyx eyes softened at the heartfelt, concerned question from his normally stoic love; "I do not know, Lucius. All I know is Harry went down to the Common Room and began convulsing in pain and trying rip the scar right off his forehead. I cast a simple spell on him so he could escape the pain."

"As for the why I do not know, Lucius. I am concerned for him. Nothing like this has ever happened and I don't know what to do..." Lucius moved forward and embraced him, giving support and comfort to Severus as only the blonde man could do. After a few moments they stepped apart and Lucius moved to caress Draco's hair before moving on to look upon Harry's peaceful visage.

Draco anxiety and fear seemed to deflate completely now that his father was here while Blaise tensed up in uncertainty, not knowing if the position he was in with Draco would be welcomed by the Malfoy Lord. Lucius seemed to feel the distress radiating from Zabini and turned cool grey eyes onto the Italian; "All is well, Mr. Zabini but rest assure you and I will be speaking about your intentions towards my son and heir. Agreed."

Draco merely rolled his eyes while Blaise gulped and nodded in lieu of speaking. Satisfied the elder Malfoy turned his eyes to Theo; "Are you well, young Nott?" The tall blonde eleven year old merely nodded, his face impassive but his blue eyes screamed that he was worried for his friend.

Severus moved to stand by Lucius' side, slipping his potion stained fingers into his lover's smooth hand. They remained quiet for a few moments until the happy glint reentered Lucius' eyes; "I have news and, now that I ponder it, a possible reason for Harry's experience tonight..." Severus listened as his partner detailed his experience with the reforming Dark Lord and felt relieved that they would not be hunted but unnerved that his former Master could affect his son so drastically without even meaning to.

This link would have to be studied even further now and maybe the Dark Lord should be alerted to its existence if he didn't realize it when he acquired a new body. Yes, the man would have to be made aware of it in time but for right now Severus wanted to make sure Harry was alright and further more okay with sharing the existence of the link he shared with his once nemesis.

There was so much to consider and so much happening that it almost made his head spin. However, they would get through it as they always did; together. With a sigh he went to sit on the bed, taking Harry's hand into his own and shifted only slightly so Lucius could sit behind him with his back resting against the headboard. Together the five of them sat vigil over their sixth member well into the night.

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