A/N 1) I wrote this drabble (100 words) about Amanda and Sarek, but it could apply equally well to Spock/Uhura or Spock Prime/Gaila (or any spunky female going after her favorite Vulcan!)

A/N 2) A challenge to any and all: Make a longer story out of this! Virtual hugs, chocolate and endless admiration to anyone who does! :)

Surprise (Drabble)

I've done it this time. He stands before me, nonplussed, thoughts racing behind unreadable eyes. For once, he's at a loss for words, and I know I'm in deep trouble. I wait, breathless, feeling like a truant schoolgirl awaiting judgment.

He finally speaks. "This… touching of mouths."

"Kissing?" I supply, offering up a name for my offense.

"Yes." He draws in a resolute breath.

I brace myself for the coming lecture. It is an unhygienic practice, it is not the Vulcan way; it's undoubtedly illogical and inappropriate.

"I should like for you to…" He meets my eyes, "…show me again."