Welcome to my first FanFiction project! This is a novelization of sorts of the original Road-Runner shorts in the late '40s to some today. I will do my best to remain as faithful as I can to the original cartoons, and keep the characters in character as best I can. This prologue is an intro to our stars and the basic premise. Please review and leave me feedback, and without further ado, enjoy!


I do not own any of the characters or plotline in this story. Those rights are reserved by Warner Bros. Entertainment. This story was written for entertainment purposes, not for monetary gain.

PROLOGUE - Out in the Desert

Ah, the desert. Hot, dry, dusty, arid, barren, whatever you want to call it. Covering the landscape is a plethora of sand dunes, cacti, strange rock formations, mesas, and the all-important roads. What people see is a wasteland devoid of life, color, and overall appeal. But what I see is wide-open spaces, room for free thinking, and the expanse to accomplish whatever your heart may desire. It should only be natural that I see this desert differently. After all, my home is here.

You see, I'm a coyote. Wile E. Coyote, if I may introduce myself. Some may call me famishus vulgaris ingeniusi, but either name will do. But one name I will never accept is "That one coyote who can't catch the Road-Runner". My life's devotion over these past few years is to catch a simple Road-Runner, or birdibus zippibus, whichever you prefer. Sometimes I don't understand why catching a Road-Runner would be so hard. It seemed so easy on paper!

I keep swearing to myself that someday a scheme will go my way, someday that blasted bird will fall for my traps, someday I will have that Road-Runner under a tureen! I do this because I know that as long as there is a Road-Runner in the desert, it is in my DNA to try and hunt it down, using whatever means necessary. I can't change this about me...

...because frankly, I don't have the money to change it.

DSFanatic2010 presents...


Based on the characters created by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese & the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons from Warner Bros. Pictures