Charlotte was greeted by Cooper when she opened the front door to her house after a long day at work. He silently smiled at her and gave her a large hug, kissing her neck and breathing her in. She grinned and relaxed into him, letting her head lean against his chest as her arms wrapped around him for comfort. She looked up at him and gave him a proper kiss. She'd had a long day and it was the best thing to come home to a loving husband in a warm home. Breaking the kiss, she stepped away from him and picked up the work bag she had dropped to give him a hug. "Let me put this away, how was your day?" She asked , sticking her work bag in her office by the front door. Before she could get an answer from Coop, she heard a stampede of little feet come running down the stairs. "No runnin' on the stairs girls" Charlotte called out, trying to be fierce, but her face breaking into a grin and bending down to catch hold of the three little girls who came running towards her.

"Momma!" She heard, multiplied by three little voices. Kneeling down, she gave each one of her girls a kiss, then stood up. "So, who was bad today?" She asked them, folding her arms, pretending to be cross. Caroline and Rachel pointed to Georgia, cheeky grins on their faces. "I was not!" The smallest of the triplets cried out in protest. She was constantly getting picked on by her two sisters. Despite being older than her triplet sisters by several months, she was still the smallest and less developed one of the three, resulting in her being the scapegoat in several situations. Charlotte smiled at Georgia and picked her up, placing her on her hip. "I know sweetie. You're momma's good girl" She whispered into her daughter's ear, stroking her curly brown hair. Kissing Georgia's cheek, she put her back on the ground. "You three go wash up for dinner, i'm gunna go see my boy. " She told them, passing Cooper and quickly kissing his cheek. Their three year olds quickly made a fuss and Charlotte turned around quickly. "I bet daddy can go wash his hands before you three can." She said to them, which made all three of them race off to beat Cooper, who stood there, smirking at his wife. "One day, you're going to learn to not use me as a bribe." He told her, shaking his head, not really minding. Charlotte took a step back, off the stairs she had begun to climb. She put her arms around Coopers neck and brought his lips down to hers, placing a soft kiss on him. "Go keep them busy so i can spend some time with Mason and i'll treat you tonight." She whispered at him, kissing him once again. "Is that a bribe you like?" She asked, walking up the stairs, leaving Cooper with an open mouth and a wandering imagination.

Twelve year old Mason was sitting at his computer desk doing homework when Charlotte entered, he flicked her a smile and then turned back to the screen, trying to concentrate on the word document in front of him. Charlotte ran her hand through his hair and sat down next to him. "God your sisters wear me out and i saw them for three minutes." She joked, taking a peek at the work he was doing. Mason half laughed, half breathed out and then fell silent again. Charlotte leant her head on her hand, resting on his table. "What's up Mase?" She asked him, twisting his office chair round so it faced her. "Hey, mister, talk to me." She told him. Mason sighed and brought his feet up so he was sitting cross-legged. "It's my science, it's too hard, and Ben said if i didn't find it easy, i couldn't be a doctor like you and dad." Charlotte sat there, a little stunned. She'd known that Mason was interested by the idea of becoming a doctor like his parents, but he'd not been very vocal about the idea in a very long time. "Mason, i could sit here and tell you that you're the smartest kid in the world and that you're naturally smart, but that wouldn't help. You know you're clever, i know you're clever. But becoming a doctor is hard, and there are very few doctors who found the study to become a doctor, easy. In fact, it's really hard. But you'll get there, if you're serious about it. And the fact that you're sitting up here, working on it when you could be playing video games, or at your friends house, tells me you're serious. Now, do you want me to explain anything?"