A/N: Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this entire adventure. I'm planning a sequel, so hope to see you there. For now ... well you knew the boys had to have a little time to themselves (thank goodness for the privacy of cryo-sleep) . . . if you are not into slash I suggest you skip this one.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction using characters from the Pitch Black universe. I do not claim any ownership over them or the world of PB/TCoR. This work is solely for entertainment purposes and is not considered canon (not by a long shot).

A small ship flew through space heading to the Sol shipping lanes. Inside were four people: an older man, perhaps a religious cleric, sat beside a girl whose hair had been recently shorn. In two other seats slept a man with a smooth shaved head and hard, muscular body while across from him sat another male with dark hair shaved close on top but left in long braids over one shoulder - equally as strong in appearance. Had anyone been monitoring the vital sign readouts, they would have noticed that the two men appeared to be sharing life signs. Heart rate, breathing, and mental functions were displayed in tandem. They might have also noticed that the two men shared a faint smile ghosting around their lips. They might have heard the softest of groans from one or the other. Fortunately, no one was conscious on the emergency ship to take notice and it went unmarked.

Vaako's mouth crashed against Riddick's. He moaned as his lover's tongue explored him and then allowed him to repay the gesture. Vaako's hands moved restlessly on Riddick's back, clutching and tugging at the shirt that kept him from kissing the dusky skin. Riddick chuckled.

'Easy, beautiful ... got all the time in the world ...'

Vaako began to kiss his way along Riddick's jaw, pausing to bite his earlobe. Riddick hissed in pleasure. Vaako looked at his lover with a grin. 'So we do, but I want you now, Riddick.'

Vaako found his head forced back by a sharp tug on his braids. Riddick bent his head to Vaako's throat and gave several sharp nips along the ridges leading to his Adam's apple. Riddick's tongue traced the bruised line back up to Vaako's chin. Vaako inhaled deeply as Riddick followed the path again, biting harder this time.

Riddick growled softly as he kissed the hollow of Vaako's throat. 'Been too long, beautiful. Just gonna have to take my time and remind myself of how you taste ...'

Vaako willingly gave in and let Riddick pull his shirt off. Riddick followed that by pulling his own off and making a rumbling sound of pleasure as Vaako's hands began to trail over his chest, tracing the many scars there. Riddick did the same briefly, smiling as his fingers drifted over a circular scar on Vaako's shoulder, just in the crook where it met his neck. Riddick bent his head to the mark and ran his tongue along the small raised patches of skin where teeth had pierced the skin. He felt Vaako shudder.

'Who do you belong to, beautiful?' Riddick murmured against his lover's neck.

'...you...' Vaako whispered, enjoying the feel of Riddick's tongue and breath over the mark.

'Can't hear you.' Riddick said, biting down firmly without breaking skin.

Vaako jerked under Riddick's mouth and uttered a soft groan. 'You ... only you ...' Vaako gasped.

Riddick hummed in agreement and pushed Vaako back and onto the bed. He felt Vaako's hands on his belt and he quickly took hold of Vaako's as well. After some impatient fighting with buckles, they were able to remove their pants and lay beside one another, naked.

'Beautiful,' Riddick murmured, claiming Vaako's mouth in a deep kiss that lasted until they had to break for air.

Vaako said nothing as he felt Riddick's lips on his chin and then neck again. His own hands drifted down to the small of Riddick's back and stroked there gently, dipping occasionally against the top of Riddick's cleft. Riddick arched against Vaako when he did so, rumbling his pleasure deep in his chest. Vaako gasped when Riddick's teeth found a nipple and pulled.

'...gods I want you...' Vaako moaned.

'Gotta be patient, beautiful ... I ain't done tasting yet...'

Riddick slid down Vaako's body, licking and nipping as he went. Vaako shuddered as he felt Riddick's tongue drifting along his abdomen and then sliding into his navel. A soft fluttering emerged in his lower stomach and his own arousal became even more apparent. Riddick chuckled and Vaako shuddered again at the sound.

'Never been with anyone like you, beautiful," Riddick murmured. His head lay against Vaako's hip and his hand was gently stroking Vaako's cock.

Vaako struggled to stay coherent against the feather-light assault. '…I … I c-could - fuck that feels good - could say the same about you, Riddick …' Vaako stammered.

Riddick ran his tongue up Vaako's erection and then blew lightly against it. Vaako arched his back with a deep groan. Riddick growled softly and lay his head back down. He resumed stroking.

'You with me, Vaako?'

'…uhn … y-yes … yes, Riddick … always … always …' Vaako was having a hard time focusing on the conversation.

'Always is a long time,' Riddick whispered, as his hand slid farther down to cup Vaako. His strong fingers stroked there with the same light touch and Vaako was in danger of losing control.

'…not … not long … enough …" Vaako ground out.

A second later, Vaako exhaled with a soft sound of protest when Riddick withdrew his hand and moved back up to face Vaako directly. Vaako stared into his lover's eyes dazedly as Riddick moved over him, rubbing his erection against Vaako's as he held himself up on his fists. Looking down at Vaako, Riddick's eyes seemed uncertain.

'You mean that?' Riddick demanded.

Vaako was again fighting distraction as his cock and Riddick's brushed against one another. He tried to ignore the question and move his hand down between them, but Riddick suddenly grabbed both his wrists and pinned him on the bed. The muscles stood out on Riddick's arms as he held Vaako's hands motionless.

'Riddick …'

'Answer me, Vaako.'

Vaako's attention was now entirely on Riddick's face. Riddick could hide every emotion he ever felt but Vaako knew that he was struggling with something he couldn't bury easily. During their trials on the planet, both of them were forced to face emotions they were very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with – Vaako realized Riddick was still trying to come to terms with that.

'Say what you mean, mean what you say - isn't that what you told me once?' Vaako said softly. 'I want all the time I can have with you, Riddick. I don't know why … before I met you … I was … fine … with being alone.'

Riddick looked down at Vaako. He relaxed his grip and rolled over, pulling Vaako with him. Vaako settled his weight across Riddick, crossed his arms over the big man's chest and rested his chin there. Riddick lightly ran his fingers down Vaako's braids. Vaako was on uncertain ground - in all the time he'd been with Riddick, they'd never shared this much time introspectively with one another - they never even normally talked this much to anyone. He was uneasy about where it would lead.

'Need you like I need air, beautiful," Riddick mused, fingering the end of one braid. 'Never needed anyone or anything before …'

'I know,' Vaako replied.

'Don't know where this is goin', Vaako,' Riddick said. He met Vaako's eyes directly. 'Ain't exactly good for your health bein' with me.'

Vaako grinned. 'I cannot argue with that, Riddick.' His expression grew serious. 'It's my choice to stay with you. Nothing forced me.'

'Not even when we …'

'Not even that would keep me with you, Riddick.' Vaako said.

Riddick's eyes narrowed. 'You said that meant somethin' to your people …'

Vaako nodded, closing his eyes momentarily. 'It does, Riddick …I can't remember everything … but I know it doesn't happen to everyone. That it happened with a non-telepath … I didn't know that was even possible.' Vaako opened his eyes again. 'It meant something, Riddick. Do you want me to tell you that I'm in love with you?'

Riddick lay back with his eyes closed. Vaako moved to slide off Riddick but found himself held in place by two strong arms. Riddick chuckled. 'Love … hell; I don't even know what means …'

Riddick looked at him and Vaako sighed. 'We are what we are, Riddick. I can't promise you forever and neither can you. All I can give you is everything I am at this moment … and I do that willingly enough.'

'I seen your past, Vaako … you, with all your polishin' … what do you want with a slam-dweller like me?'

Vaako shook his head. 'You seem to forget where we met, Riddick. Polished or not, I've made my choices in life and they put me in that prison just as they did you. I'm no angel.'

'Not far from it.'

Vaako met Riddick's gaze. 'Why this sudden doubt, Riddick? You should be fucking me until I forget my name but instead ….what happened on that planet?'

Riddick suddenly jerked Vaako's head down to him in a kiss and at the same time he sent. Vaako tensed against Riddick's body as the memories flooded through him.

Vaako saw their recent past through Riddick's eyes … Johns taking him down with a stunner shoved against the base of his skull … Riddick's indecision to run or surrender - the anxious realization that there was no choice … the constant uncertainty with Johns - Riddick worried if this or that would set him off and hurt Vaako … Riddick's steadily growing sense of being trapped … wanting to rip and tear himself free of Johns - of Vaako debating cutting Vaako loose and running on the dark planet finally - Riddick's horror at Vaako's body being dragged up the canyon wall into the dark and feeling the link they shared go silent and empty.

Vaako gasped when Riddick pulled out of the sending. He stared down at Riddick in shock and more than a little dismay. He'd known it had been torture for his lover … he'd had no clue that Riddick had been so close to breaking over it. He was speechless.

'Told ya …you're better off clear of me," Riddick said, his voice barely a whisper.

In response, Vaako sent his own confession. Riddick's neck muscles stood out as he fought through Vaako's mental barrage - fear over bonding with a total stranger … confusion over why he submitted to him so easily … hating that submission some days … wishing Riddick would just leave … wanting to leave Riddick … hatinghatinghating Johns for making him the weak one … despair at watching Riddick brought to bay time and again … fear that Riddick WOULD leave … screaming in terror as he was buried under a thousand teeth and claws trying to open him and spill him out onto the ground steaming and dying …wanting nothing more than to feel Riddick's mind in his one last time but knowing he couldn't.

Riddick's eyes snapped open as Vaako released him. Then he snarled – an animal sound that penetrated Vaako's consciousness like a knife and kept going, piercing him and tearing him open just as he'd been afraid the creatures would do on that dark world. Vaako's head pulled up as Riddick stabbed into his mind …. he was lost in the sudden tidal wave of Riddick and didn't even notice when he was rolled over onto his back. All he could feel was Riddick, overwhelming his very core … he couldn't even bring himself to fight back … realized he didn't want to … Vaako groaned in complete abandon as Riddick thrust into him without any preamble. The pain was sharp and incredible and he welcomed it … welcomed Riddick into him.

Vaako couldn't hear anything other than Riddick's throat vibrating with snarls and growls as he thrust powerfully into his lover. His body hummed with the energy of their joining even as his mind opened completely, allowing Riddick to take him in a deeper way than just physically. Wrapping his legs around Riddick, he arched his back and exposed his throat … he gasped as his lover did exactly what he wanted and closed his teeth over Vaako's windpipe. There was no pain this time; it was just a firm hold that kept Vaako in place while Riddick claimed him viciously. Vaako lost his tenuous grip on coherency and made nonsensical sounds as his climax built and finally burst in his body and brain. He only vaguely registered Riddick's climax a moment later but he heard his own name being harshly whispered again and again.

As Vaako and Riddick spiraled down, they both knew instinctively that their relationship was never going to be an easily understood one. It wasn't tender love such as sonnets were written about, but it communicated the same message. They belonged to and with each other. Always.

The small ship continued through space with its four passengers. Two of them - men who looked like they were well familiar with a violent life - sat in their respective jump seats lost in the almost-there haze of cryo-sleep. Their medical signs independently reflected strong metabolisms held in check. An uninformed observer, however, might have noticed the look of contentment that graced each visage. Perhaps not ... after all, what could two obviously powerful, violent men have to be content about?