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Little Taste of Toxin

She is his toxic, his poison of choice. While some people prefer tonics and alcohols as their drug of choice, he has her. She has been his preference of sin since he was young; the sweetest little taste of death to ever grace his lips.

Her very essence stings and bites and corrodes at the core of his very soul (assuming he had one, of course), but he doesn't care. Her skin sets his aflame and her hateful gaze is like washing in acid – not matter how much you scrub you can't get rid of the scars it leaves behind.

Not that he'd want to.

In the beginning she had tasted like vanilla, all pure and light. Now he tastes only black cherries as he kisses her, a final gasp of life.

He has a taste too, he supposes. Before his mouth descends upon hers he briefly wonders what he tastes like to her, but all thoughts are quickly forgotten as the sweet, all consuming taste that is Usagi – the future Serenity, over takes him.

She is a poison that he can't seem to rid his bloodstream of. Perhaps there is an antidote, he thinks. But, would he want one if it was given to him?

If there was such a thing in the world would he accept his life saving antiserum or would he gladly partake in another dose of lovely, toxic poison? He think he knows the answer to that.

She is his toxic, his poison of choice.


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