Author's Note: A little different this time. Usagi and the others go to the Future. They lose. Demando wins. There, now you are caught up.

Rating: K+


He has won. Mamoru, the man who never got to become King is dead. The Senshi are disposed of.

Yet, Usagi was different, however. Separated from her remaining friends she was taken to a lavish room decorated in ornate patterns and designs. Diamonds of all shades seemed to be a motif of the spacious room.

Shortly after her he arrived.

He wastes no time. "You have two choices," he speaks to her softly voice, evenly. "Accept what I offer you, or be forced to accept it."

Though she wouldn't entertain whatever he had to offer her she was compelled to ask just what it was he was extending to her.

With a flourish of his long bony hand he gestures to the room. "Well, to live in comfort. To live a life above the rest. To be treated like a Queen, the Queen you are." He smiles coolly. "Or will be, at least."

For a moment Usagi imaged such outlandish things. She imaged her stationed on a throne beside the Devil himself. A delicate tiara adorning her head. A small scepter in her hand.

But no, it should be she and Mamoru on the thrones together. Not this evil, vile man.

"It is an admirable proposal, is it not?" he wakes her from her day dream. "What is it you say?"

Though she wouldn't entertain the thought she asked hesitantly, voice barely above a whisper, "Why?"

Theories flew through Usagi's mind.

"Because it would please me to have the King's woman as my own," was his tort reply, unemotional as ever.

Usagi frowned. She would not entertain the offer. She would not entertain the offer. She would not -

With another elegant brandish of his hand Demando disappeared and in his stead stood Chiba Mamoru. "Mamo-chan?" she asks, knowing that it was an allusion but not caring for that moment in time.

"Yes, Usagi." He holds out his hand to her. It is large butt long, a natural pianist's hand. She accepts his hand without hesitation.

Leaning down to meet her ear with his mouth he breathes words in her ear that she had longed to hear for some time now. That he, Mamoru, loved her. That he never meant to hurt her when he left her. That he could give her everything she ever wanted and that all she had to do was stand by his side and be ruled by him. "The power you crave," his breath sends chills down her spin, "the power you love," his arms encase her body, "can be yours too."

Usagi tries to think. She really does, but, just as she does, his lips descend upon hers and everything but Mamoru, her beautiful cold as ice Mamoru, is wiped from her mind.

As she kisses him back she feels the power in his kiss, in his ever growing passionate caresses. It feels like a jolt of electricity was shooting through her, energizing her. It was an aphrodisiac of the deadliest kind.

"And what do you say?" Mamoru asks her huskily, yet his voice is even. How is that possible?

She hesitates, but only for a moment before with shaky breath, "Yes," she agrees in her haze. She wants to be with Mamoru again…she wants…

A curl of his hand goes completely unnoticed by her. The next thing she does knows is that she is wrapped in the arms of a cold, white haired man with indigo eyes instead of cool blue. With a triumphant smirk at her shock he pulls away slowly, letting this moment soak into his mind. "Look presentable, Serenity." He disdainfully fidgets with her torn Senshi uniform. "We are to have a feast for our victory," and with that he leaves her alone in the room with her thoughts.

Usagi crumbled to the floor. The gravity of what just happened washing over her.


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