A/N: Xellos to Zelgadis- whoo, shounen ai! You know you want it, guys. ^- ~

"The Cute Wild Beast"

Even when you're afraid of me

I know I'll be

Able to make you smile

In a little while

I'd like to kiss you

Just once and undo

All the bad things

And unhappy endings

So let me change

And rearrange

You lonely life

And wicked strife

Did I ever mention that

I love you when you talk like that

Hey, you know that pain is pain

Wash it down with rain

And forget why

You used to cry

Sing it out, or speak

If your singing's weak

And don't expect it'll all go away

Just because you say:

"I'm not like that you know

I can't put up with all the show."

Well, I haven't asked for fireworks

I know Prince Charming can be a jerk

What do you care in the end?

Or are you really more than just a friend?

I can see it when you blush

So stop hiding your crush

Hey, here I am, look at me

See whatever you wanna see

And if I seduce you, you better submit

I've seen the shoe; I know it fits

And I'm tired of my games this time

So I'll find a better rhyme

And you can sing it out, or speak

If your singing's weak

I'll dazzle you with my wit

If you'll just laugh a bit

And get it straight

I'm first-rate

And there are a lot of people who

Would want me too

So you'd better watch your back

And don't make tracks

When somebody

Comes onto me

You know I want you, so

You can't just go

Nobody's better than you for me

You're the point of my reality

So brace yourself, my more-than-friend

Or we'll both be alone in the end of the end

And that isn't a choice

So if I could steal your voice

I'd say that you loved me

And you'd call me crazy

But you'd believe it while you were freaking

Since it's your own voice that is speaking

So sing it out- or you can speak

If your singing's weak

And laugh a bit

I'll dazzle 'em with my wit

The two of us can be together for eternity

And you know I do mean that literally

So admit to yourself at least

You've fallen in love with the cute wild beast

Maybe you're worth the wait

But give it to me straight

Are you gonna get over yourself or not?

I can't wait forever, so it's one last shot

Love me or hate me, I don't mind

Just gimme a reason not to leave you behind.

* ende *