A/N: Companion poem to "The Cute Wild Beast", because Xellas M asked for Zel's POV and I owe her an apology after subjecting the poor thing to the original version of "Absolutely, Positively, Utterly".

"Duet With the Cute Wild Beast"

Hey, check out the Cute Wild Beast

Who's never learned in the least

You can't smile all the time

Mourning misfortune is no crime

And I won't sing it out, or speak

'Cause my singing isn't weak

You know I don't wanna be

Anybody's reality

There's no reason I can find

For you not to leave me behind

You might have a magic touch

But eternity really is a bit much

So I'll keep my mouth shut

And watch you strut

Hey, here I am; this is me

I'm exactly the way I wanna be

You wanna dazzle me with your wit?

Well, I guess I can laugh a bit

And I'm tired of your games too

So maybe this time I'll dazzle you

And you can sing it out; you don't have to speak

I know damn well your singing isn't weak

You just go and pick out the song

I'll get my guitar and I'll play along

You know, I bet

We could sing a mean duet

We'd be an absolutely perfect pair

If you would only stay out of my hair

Try to understand my point of view

And why I do the things I do

We'd get along better that way

Or if you could only do what I say

I know I'm not the only one who

Has ever wanted you

That doesn't mean I have to admit a thing

And I sure as hell won't wear your ring

I don't mind being alone, you know

So despite all your show

I think you need the company

More than you need to be with me

Maybe someday I'll steal your voice

Then you won't have a choice

But to admit that you can be weak

If it's your voice that speaks

I'm scared of you sometimes

But your silly words and rhymes

Can always make me smile

So I'll swallow the bile

That says I hate you so much

But I'll still ignore your touch

I'm not stupid; I know how we both feel

That doesn't mean I want to deal

With all the differences we share

That wouldn't be fair

Maybe I love you, but what's that mean?

You're still you, and I'm still unseen

So you sing it out, or you might speak

Just because singing's meek

And did I ever tell you that

I love you when you smile like that?

I know that pain is always pain

I've seen you wash it down the drain

But you know growing up is tough

And everyone knows I'm not grown-up enough

Give me a chance to reflect on it

Then maybe I will admit

What I feel when you smile at me

We've still got an eternity

Whatever, so here I am, take a peek

Put it all together, I'm flavor of the week

If I love you, who cares?

I'm sure that you're aware

I have no need of a relationship

It's enough to have companionship

And I will sing it out; or I could speak

If my singing seems weak

And you can dazzle me with your wit

And maybe I'll laugh a bit

Get out my guitar and we could sing

And for a moment, you'd be everything.

* ende *