Just in time for a wedding


Ava Brett

Chapter One

His name is what now?


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Author Note

I should be banned from a computer… in fact I should be banned from a pen and paper or any form of writing material because when I have them this happens.

Little ideas pop into my head and jump around, distracting me and demanding attention from me. There's no off switch, the only way to shut it up is to write the thing it wants me to write. It could be that this is my muse and yet if that's the case my muse reminds me of my eldest. They both have the exact same ability to hold onto my attention and hold it… it's disappointed. I always hoped my muse would look like Jensen Ackles giving me a come hither look but yep clearly not… I think I need a new muse

Anyway here is yet another offering which I had no intention of putting up but I guess that since it's written now there is little to no point in not putting it up…

*Glares at muse*

Where is your off switch?

Overall Summary

All Dean wants to do is enjoy his two week holiday, get his best man speech right at his brother's wedding and keep that same brother sane before his head explodes from the stress. However it appears that the bride's brother Castiel has other plans for him…

Chapter Summary

Dean and Sam talk on the phone…

Overall Romance

Castiel Novak/Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester/Anna Milton

Chapter Romance

Mentions of Sam Winchester/Anna Milton

"You're going to be on time tomorrow right?" Sam demanded, his voice sounding concerned over the bad phone connection. The sound was enough to make Dean roll his eyes as he held out his hand for the form he needed to sign to complete the delivery. Sam ability to call at the worst possible time hadn't changed even with the distance between them. Dean was sure he must have had some sort of radar implanted in his brain.

He handed the clipboard back to the delivery man and mouthed a thank you before turning his attention back to the call when he realised Sam was speaking to him again, his voice rising in his agitation.

"Dean are you still there? Dean?"

"I'm here Sammy" Dean responded. "I'm just working okay, I've told you before that calling me during the day isn't the best time for me to talk, in fact its kinda the worst time" Dean pointed out.

"I know, I know" Sam said with a sigh. "It's just I called you last night like twice and you didn't answer your phone so I started getting worried and then-"

"Yeah I get it, your mother hen instinct kicked in" Dean teased lightly "Try and remember which one of us is the older brother here Sam, worrying like an overprotective jerk is my job, yours is to be an annoying brat. Don't start mixing our job roles up or it gets confusing."

Dean glanced around the large garage he owned making sure that everything looked like it was running smoothly before he walked across the floor towards the office at the back of the shop. Slipping through the door he closed it behind him and spoke.

"And for the record I'm offended by the slur you've just made on my character. When have I ever been late for anything? What makes you think I'm gonna start now with my own brother's wedding, especially when I'm best man and have a killer speech prepared"

"Every time I think of what you're gonna say in your speech it makes me wonder why I asked you to be best man" Sam answered. Dean grinned when he heard the sound of suppressed amusement in his brother's voice.

"Because I'm your brother and probably your best friend and you knew I would kick your ass if you had picked someone other then me" Dean pointed out.

"When you say it like that it makes me sound so pathetic" Sam said, Dean could picture his brother shaking his head with a pained look across his face.

"You are pathetic Sammy" he answered instantly. "Anyway I am arriving tomorrow as instructed on the plane which you instructed me to get and you had better be there to pick me up Sam"

"About that" Sam said sounding nervous. "I've got to go for a last minute food tasting with Anna and the only appointment they could give us was three when your plane is landing."

"What?" Dean demanded sounding outraged."You're going to a food testing without me? Couldn't you push it back by an hour so I can come with you?" he asked hopefully, Sam laughed.

"No Dean, if you went then you'd demolish everything before we even had a chance to try it ourselves. It's the food we've picked but the caterers want us to be sure that we're happy with what they've done with our request"

"Oh God" Dean groaned, collapsing in his chair behind his desk.. "We're gonna be eating crappy small snack things aren't we? Sam tell me there's at least gonna be some pie there?" he demanded, his eyes widening when a silence met his query. "Sam I swear to God if there's no pie at this wedding then I'll jump on the next plane home."

"Dean what do you take me for?" Sam asked with a laugh. "Of course I've got you pie. I made sure we had two; apple and cherry. Your favourites" Dean grinned.

"See and that right there is why you're an awesome brother" he proclaimed. "Text me the address of where we'll be at so I can get a taxi to the place from the airport."

"You're not getting a taxi" Sam scoffed. "You'd get distracted by something shiny on the way and be late to the dinner the Novak/Milton family are throwing in your honour, apparently they are all really keen to meet the brother I and I quote "Don't shut up about"

"Ah Sammy sounds like you've missed me" Dean teased, his grin growing at the thought that Sam had been talking about him.

"Shut up" Sam replied "Anyway Anna's brother Castiel has agreed to pick you up from the airport. He'll probably be there half an hour early. The dude is always early for everything."

"Wait… Anna's brother is called Castiel? What kind of name is Castiel?" Dean demanded with a snigger as he tilted his head back on his chair, his eyes fixed on the ceiling above him.

"It's a religious name or something, if you think that one is amusing then wait until you hear some of the other names" Sam confided. "I got to go Dean; we're being summoned into court again. I-"his voice faltered for a moment. "I'm really glad you're gonna be here to have my back"

Dean frowned slightly at the tone in Sam's voice before he spoke, his voice unusually serious for him.

"Always Sam" he coughed feeling awkward. "Now get loss before this chick flick moment makes me hurl" He grinned at the sound of Sam laughter

"Later Jerk"

"See ya Bitch" Dean responded instantly before he closed the phone and looked at it thoughtfully.

It was definitely going to be an interesting two weeks that was for sure.

Author Note

I guess the new chapter will be up at the weekend, it will just slot into the writing rota I have going on

Hope you enjoyed

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