After a mission goes terribly wrong, Allen's life within the Order takes a drastic turn for the worse, she must hide secrets now with the help of a certain stoic samurai, ones that could ruin the remaining trust the Order has for her! FemAllen, Yullen and one-sided Poker pair (for now)

Contains molest and strong intimate scenarios, also rated M for Kanda's language (What else really?)

Yo guys, I'm back with yet another story for you guys to read… more over, I'm soon to finish some of my current stories so it may take a while for an update on this one but this will definitely be continued! =D

WARNING: the following scene is rape… please read at your own risk!


Everything was wrong.

Finders had claimed that there was a possibility that innocence was somewhere in this town. But if there was, it had long been destroyed as the place was now teeming with akuma. It had been a trap since Kanda and her had stepped into the secluded village in the mountains.

The finder that had accompanied them was long dead and Allen had lost sight of Kanda in the mere moments of when the akuma descended upon them. It was a fight for survival as Allen fought her way through the mass of akuma destroying those who got near her.

But now she lay pinned under the man she had least expected to see in such a place.

'Well shojo, fancy meeting you here among the carnage,' Allen froze as she gazed into molten gold eyes staring at her greedily. Allen tried to move but her efforts were futile as the man above her chuckled.

'I wouldn't move shojo, I've temporarily damaged your nerves so you won't be moving anytime soon,' his grip on her left hand tighten as Allen flinched from the excruciating pain.

'Why are you doing this Tyki?' Allen grew scared as the Noah traced his hand down towards her waist. He didn't look pleased as she saw a strong emotion flash within his eyes.

'Why? Because I saw you with another man, Allen, am I not enough for you?' Allen gasped as the hand slipped under her shirt and began to roam freely.

'No…' Allen wanted to call for Kanda, just for him to be here to stop this but Tyki seem to know. Her desperation was clearly etched into her face because he pressed his lips against hers to silence her.

Allen wanted to struggle and push this man away but her innocence was being subdued and her movements were limited. The only thing that betrayed her true emotions was the tear that gathered and fell from the corners of her eyes.

'Hush shojo, I'll make you enjoy it,' Tyki's voice was husky and low as he brushed the white hair that stuck to her forehead. It gave him a better view of the pentagram that scarred the left side of her porcelain face.

'Bastard!' Allen felt Tyki wrap his arms around her waist and quickly retreated a few steps back as the longhaired samurai arrive with impeccable timing.

'Kanda…' Allen tried to call to him but the Noah pressed his hand against her throat and restricted her airflow. Kanda's dark sapphire eyes glared with murderous intent as the Noah fondled Allen.

Her breath hitched as his fingers wondered down from her throat and brushed across her breast while Kanda struggled to keep his composure in such a situation.

'Let her go Noah, or you'll fucking pay!' Kanda snarled as he held mugen in front of him, ready to attack. Allen felt the Noah's chest vibrate as another laugh escaped his lips, the warm breath brushing past her ear.

'Or what, samurai? I can easily use her as a shield in her vulnerable state,' Tyki sneered darkly as Allen felt a wet muscle prod into her ear sending shivers down her spine.

'No…' Allen whimpered as she pleaded for the Noah to stop. The Noah seemed to find amusement in her pathetic state and proceeded to slip his hand under her pant belt.

'Son of a Bitch!' Kanda lunged but like the Noah had said, he used Allen as a shield and Kanda was forced to retreat back to where he was before. Kanda hissed profanities at the bastard while trying to find a way to get Allen away from the perverted Noah.

'My, my, such language in front of a young lady,' Allen sobbed and the tears flowed relentlessly as Tyki licked them away causing Kanda to snarl again. She could feel the man's fingers moving dangerously lower and caressing things he shouldn't. It made her feel dirty and helpless.

'Don't cry shojo,' Tyki whispered into her ear as he continued to play with her. Allen's face darkened with embarrassment and her breathing became heavy. She didn't want her body to respond in this way as she sent a pleading look at Kanda.

Allen wanted him to stop this from happening, to stop Tyki.

'Please… Kanda…' Tyki growled as he heard the samurai's name leave her lips and his grip on her tightened. Kanda gripped his katana till his knuckles were white and lunged again. Allen heard an irritated sigh slip from the Noah's lips as he ducked past the exorcist's sword and phased his arm through Kanda's body.

'Fuck…' Allen watched the samurai crumple to the ground hissing in both pain and anger. Tyki just clucked his tongue as he turned and gave Allen a better view of Kanda.

'At least you won't be interfering for a while samurai, even if you are a Second it will take you longer to heal a spine missing several bone fragments,' Allen's eyes widened as something dropped from the Noah's hand and clattered against the ground.

It glistened red and white against the pale moon and Allen felt her blood run cold. What she was staring at were the bones from within Kanda's body.

'Now where was I? Oh yes I remember,' Allen felt the Noah's hand resumed running over her body as he laid her down on a slab of broken concrete. She saw his eyes flicker over to Kanda whom watched with disbelieving eyes and pure hatred.

But her thoughts were quickly drawn away to the sound of ripping fabric as Tyki tore her already damaged jacket open with one hand. He then began to slowly pop the buttons of her shirt while kissing away her tears.

'Easy shojo, I'll make sure you enjoy this as much as I will,' Tyki moaned into her ear as she felt his hand ghost across her now exposed pearly skin.

'Stop… please,' Allen begged as she felt the hand move lower and she whimpered. Tyki just grunted as he kissed along her neck and chest. Her eyes met Kanda as he tried to move but failed because he had yet to heal the missing bones in his spine.

He cursed as he gazed back at her knowing he could only watch as the Noah had his way with Allen. His teeth gritted as he continued to batter curses into the man's back.

Allen drew her eyes away as Tyki tugged at her pants ripping the clothing from her legs leaving her cold and exposed. Her cheeks heated up but she couldn't move to close her legs or cover herself. She could only let her tears fall.

Tyki caressed her cheek gently before fumbling with his belt to open his pants. Allen's eyes widened as he opened her pale legs and settled comfortably between them. She knew this was bad as the Noah lined himself to her and thrust into her without warning.

A scream of pain escaped her lips as she felt Tyki move within her without allowing her time to adjust. It was excruciating at first but it soon felt horrible good that Allen bit her lip from expressing this. She didn't want to give the Noah the satisfaction that she was enjoying it.

Allen tasted something coppery soak into her mouth and she realized it was blood. She had bitten her lip too hard that it drew blood. But what else she to do as Tyki continued to thrust harder into her.

She then heard Tyki's breathing become haggard as she noticed that his thrusts were soon becoming uncontrollable. It didn't take long as she felt heat pool deep within her and she just cried harder not knowing what else to do.

'Now that wasn't so bad, was it shojo?' Tyki panted as Allen tried to avoid his golden gaze but his hand held her chin in place. She could feel her heart tighten in her chest as she continued to weep without giving the Noah an answer.

But it would seem that the Noah wasn't looking for an answer as he fixed himself and left her lying on the ground. He then tore his eyes from Allen and back to Kanda whom hid his eyes in a curtain of dark blue hair.

'I'll fucking kill you, you fucking bastard!' Kanda shouted angrily at the Noah, his body twitching now but it was still too early to fully move yet. Tyki just grinned as if accepting the challenge but gave a small wave as he turned to leave.

'Maybe next time samurai, oh and shojo… you really look breath taking under the light of the moon,' Kanda growled as Tyki laughed and disappeared into the shadows leaving them alone.

Allen just closed her eyes and tried to believe that this was all a bad dream.


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