Allen sat nervously on the infirmary bed as Komui and the matron got everything ready for the ultrasound. Kanda sat in the seat beside her with his eyes closed and his expression content but far from sleeping.

She was glad he had come even though he was still recovering from his injures that had long since vanished. What relieved her more was that despite the child not really being his, Kanda was willing to keep that façade.

His presence, though some might find intimidating, Allen had found that she was relying heavily on it. Just knowing that someone knew, no matter how humiliating it was, brought temporarily comfort to Allen.

'You need to relax, Allen, it'll be all right,' the matron soothed her as Allen blinked out of her thoughts. She hadn't realized how tense she was as the matron gently laid her back against the pillow.

'This might feel a little cold and uncomfortable but it is important that we check the progress of the little one,' Komui seemed to have that certain look to his eye that made Allen a little fearful of the scientist. The matron seemed to catch on and promptly cuffed the Head Supervisor over the head.

'That is not helping Supervisor,' the head nurse told him off sternly as Kanda's eyes opened and gazed at Komui with a frown.

'Just get on with it and no funny business Komui,' the samurai growled as Komui jittered queasily but turned around to switch on the display screen. The matron shook her head disapprovingly and pulled up Allen's loose white shirt to reveal her swollen stomach.

'As Komui said, this will feel cold at first but you'll get use to it,' the woman said firmly as she produced a small tube and squeeze a generous dollop of clear gel onto Allen's belly.

Allen shivered at the coolness as Komui pressed down the probe and smoothed it across her skin. She could feel slight pressure when Komui pushed the probe along.

'And there we go…' Allen glanced up at the monitor. The blearing collection of black and white, showed depth as Allen frowned at it trying to see what Komui was looking at.

Then she saw it.

There was a small hand then the curve of an elbow and before Allen knew it, she could clearly see the small baby growing within her. It's minuscule heart beating frantically in its tiny chest.

Just seeing it twitching and shift inside her seemed to bring a smile to her lips.

A warm hand wrapped around her hand and Allen turned to see Kanda looking at the screen. His face showed little interest by it was his eyes that seemed to show his fascination.

'Any interest in the gender?' Komui asked her as Allen looked back at the monitor and shook her head.

'Not really,' the Head Supervisor raised his eyebrows but didn't say anything more as he moved the probe around to the left side of her stomach before frowning. It wasn't an obvious decline of the eyebrow but Allen still saw it.

'What's wrong Komui?' Allen couldn't help but ask worryingly as Komui squinted at the screen and moved the probe up towards her chest.

'What do you make of this matron?' Komui asked the head nurse while ignoring Allen's anxiety. She watched as the woman leaned closer to the screen.

'Is something wrong?' Allen tried again and this time the matron turned to her with a reassuring smile before taking the probe from Komui.

'There is nothing to worry about, but it would seem that you have twins,' the matron stated as she moved the probe to get a better view of the second baby. Allen's mind went blank.

Twins? She had only expected one but now there was going to be two…

'It would seem this little one is struggling…' Komui broke into her thoughts as Allen blinked at the Head Supervisor then at the monitor. The second child seemed normal enough to her but then again, she wasn't a medical practitioner.

The second baby was somewhat smaller than the first, its tiny heart pounding in its chest. Even so, Allen was having trouble seeing what Komui and the matron were.

'I don't understand,' Allen whispered as the matron sighed and placed the probe next to the monitor.

'The larger of the pair is taking most, if not all the nutrients and inevitably starving its twin,' the woman explained as Allen sat there mortified.

'With what you've been through, it's a miracle that it's still alive,' Allen couldn't help but grimace at the last part. It wasn't like she had wanted this… No, Allen shook her head, she had made the decision to keep them and she was going to uphold it.

'We'll keep you here for the time being Allen, to monitor the little one's progress,' Komui seemed to comfort her. Allen glanced away from the Supervisor and remained focused on the screen.

Worry couldn't help but plague her thoughts as she watched the small one jolt and wriggle in the gray matter displayed on the screen. She turned to Kanda, who seemed to offer a ghost of a smile. It was the best he could do since smiling was still new to him and Komui and the matron were still hanging around in the same room. But Allen found it comforting to say the least.

'Just rest Allen,' the matron walked back to her after switching off the monitor and then the machine. Allen nodded as the gel was cleaned from her rounded belly and she lay back against the pillow. The older woman and Komui then left the room.

'I have something I need to do, moyashi,' Allen blinked as Kanda slowly stood up and went to leave. She lunged forward, catching the hem of his sleeve and stared up at him with pleading eyes.

'Please don't, at least not yet,' Kanda sighed in defeat and sat back down.

'Fine baka moyashi,' once again that rare smile touched his lips but quickly disappeared when Komui entered the room. The supervisor raised his eyebrows and didn't say anything as he retrieved a file and left.

'Thank you Kanda…' Allen whispered as she closed her eyes.


Once again Allen found that she was standing in the strange grey mist. She couldn't help but be suspicious of her surrounding; Allen just hoped that the Fourteenth wouldn't show up like he did last time.

But no matter how hard she strained her eyes and ears, the grey fog hung around her like a shroud. The Fourteenth didn't seem to show up either much to her relief. Then the same blue lights floated out of the mist.

However, Allen couldn't help but notice that one of the lights was smaller and struggled to catch up to the other. Tilting her head to the side, she continued to watch them as they flew about her.

The larger of the two lights kept flying circles around the other light before they both disappeared again, leaving Allen once again alone. But she couldn't help but wonder if this truly was a dream.


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