~Bonus Chapter~

Having a firm hold on the wriggling child was the least of his worries. It was the persistent wails that were giving him a headache. How shojo had managed to calm the infant was beyond even his comprehension.

Children were never his forte; but here he was, the Noah of Pleasure, holding his own child with not a clue how to deal with it.

Tyki groaned as he finally reached the end of the corridor and entered a spacious room with a cheery fireplace. A Persian mat was spread across the floor with a simple leather armchair resting upon it.

Sitting in the chair, much to Tyki's chagrin was the Earl in his pompously large form. The First Apostle was staring at him with amusement alight in his golden eyes.

'Oh dear~ you make quite the useless father, Tyki-pon,' the Earl spoke out as he placed whatever he had been doing to the side and stood up from his chair. Tyki growled at the Earl for using that ridiculous nickname of his. Unfortunately, it seemed to make the child in his arms cry harder.

'You try it then,' the Third hissed with irritation. The Earl shook his head in disappointment and strolled up to Tyki.

'Now, now, Tyki-pon~ no need to get angry, it'll make the poor thing feel insecure~' Tyki rolled his eyes and passed his burden onto the Earl. The Earl took several steps from Tyki cradling the child close to him.

The change was almost instant, the infant's cries died down to a soft whimper, leaving Tyki a little bewildered.


'Honestly Tyki-pon~ I have to constantly deal with you children, that this little one is no different~'

As much as Tyki respected the Earl, the pet name still bothered him to no end. But before Tyki could remind the Earl not to use it, the door opened. In came the last person he wanted to see at a time like this.

'My, what a little gathering we have here~' a voice rang out, causing Tyki to groan aloud. Sheryl waltzed across the room with Road not too far behind with a skip to her step.

'Don't you have one of your political meetings Sheryl?' Tyki questioned as he ducked under his brother's widespread arms. Sheryl waved his hand with a sinister grin.

'That finished ages ago, but I heard the Earl sent you on a little…' Sheryl seemed to notice the child the Earl was holding.

'Aw~ who's the little cutie there?'

'That would be none of your business,' Tyki growled, hoping the Noah of Desire would get the drift and leave.

'But he's adorable~ this wouldn't happen to be Allen's little one~?' Road cooed as she stood on the tips of her toes to take a closer look. Tyki cringed; the eldest Noah didn't waste anytime in figuring it out. She was, after all, the one to first notice that Allen was pregnant.

Road noticed the slight movement and smiled darkly.

'How observant of you Road~ it is Allen's child, I just had Tyki go and fetch him,' The Earl hummed tunefully causing Tyki to shudder. Sheryl fell silent for a moment, a calculating gaze slowly made him seem serious.

'Wouldn't it have been better to leave him at the Order then, Earl?'

'Ah but that's where things get complicated, Sheryl~ this child is also Tyki's~,' Sheryl's eyes widen with surprise and Tyki surmised that Road didn't inform her adopted father of the development. Unfortunately, in his moment of distraction, Tyki was locked into one of Sheryl's constricting hugs and cursed.

'My little brother become a daddy without telling me~?' Sheryl trilled in delight but Tyki was anything but excited.

'Get off me!' Tyki eventually wrestled himself away from his mentally disturbed brother and straightened his shirt. Sheryl frowned at his behavior.

'Why? This is a joyous moment, is it not?' Sheryl contemplated, the furrow of his brow deepening ever so slightly.

'Let's just say the union was one-sided~' the Earl explained as Tyki turned his back to everyone present in the room. He really wasn't in the mood to see how the others were looking at him.

'Oh,' Sheryl seemed to say.

'Well, if Tyki doesn't want him~ can we keep him, daddy~?' He heard Road ask. Tyki stiffened at the hidden cunning within her voice.

'I don't see why not my darling Road~' Sheryl swooned.

'What…?' Tyki spun around to glare at his older brother.

'I think it's a wonderful idea, Tyki-pon~ if you're not going to play an active role in your son's life. You may as well be his uncle~' the Earl cut him off, giving him no room to argue. Tyki sighed in frustration, running his grey hands through his hair.

Sheryl ignored his little brother's tantrum and took hold of the small child.

'I wonder what his name is~?'


'Hmm~?' Sheryl hummed as he glanced at Tyki who didn't meet his eye.

'Shojo called him Neil,'


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