Hello Dragonblade112 here, this is a new story I have going on because I have writer's block for my other stories, but I promise I will get them finished. So for now here is Forbidden Love, hope you enjoy.

Moonlight Valley, was the place where all mythical creatures reside, well, nearly all of them, the witches/wizards went to a school where they could learn to control their magic, whereas Fairies, Werewolves and Vampires went to their own special school. However there was one rule that the wizarding world had forbidden that applied to all the other creatures, and that was for a Wizard to never mate with another creature, even if they were their destined mate. However there were only two people from the Wizarding world who had broken that rule, one had fallen in love with a Vampire and the other fell in love with a Fairy. Unfortunately it was during a war and only one pair had survived, the other pair had died defending their son and was raised by his abusive Aunt and Uncle and their son.

(Present time the boy is 11 years old)

"Boy, get up and cook us some dinner" the Aunt ordered the boy who was in the attic in a secret compartment "NOW!" she slammed the door before going down stairs.

The boy's name was called Harry Potter; he was 11 years old and had been his relatives slave since he was 5 years old, no matter what he did it was never good enough for them, they gave little food even though it was mostly crumbs from their plate, when he didn't do as he was told his Uncle would beat him or use his belt on his back, he was lucky that he could still move let alone walk. He knew the truth about his parents and how they died as he had found his mum's diary in the attic when he was forced to sleep in there when he began doing their work. He knew he was different and knew he was a wizard, he was proved of that when he had received his letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardly, and he did what was called accidental magic whenever he was in danger from what he had read in his mum's diary. He also knew that someone called Dumbledore was not to be trusted as he had a habit of always getting what he wanted so he knew to be on his guard. He hid it from his relatives so they didn't know anything about it. His Aunt and Uncle lived in a big mansion but didn't have any servants as they were slowly going bankrupt, Harry had a feeling that it wasn't really their house because if they did then they wouldn't be going around like they owned the entire place and that the crest didn't suit their personality. He vowed that he would get rid of them when he was older.

One day there was a knock on the door (more like breaking the door down)

"Get the door boy" Petunia said from down the stairs.

"Yes Aunt Petunia" Harry said as he got out of the attic and proceeded to open the door, only to step back in shock as he saw a 11ft giant. "Can I help you?" he said trying to hold back a whimper that was trying to escape.

"You must be Harry Potter I presume?" he asked politely.

"You presume right"

"I am here to pick you up as I'm sure you got the letter yesterday, I am Rubeas Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts"

"You will not be going and as for you sir I suggest you leave now before I call the police" Vernon snarled as he heard the last bit of the conversation as he came down the stairs.

"Shut up Dursley you great prune" growled back Hagrid, Vernon shut up "well best get going then Harry, then you can come back here and will have to wait until it's time for you to leave for Hogwarts"

Harry just nodded and walked out the door and shut it behind him without looking back at his Aunt and Uncle, he knew if he did he would say something that could make his beatings more badly than they usually were.

"Alright then Harry, let's go"

"You're going to have to remember this place Harry, as it's the only place to take us to our destination"

"And what place is that Hagrid?" Harry asked with pure interest.

"You'll know when we're there" was all he said before going in with Harry following.

"Ah, Hagrid, the usual presume?" asked the barman behind the counter as he was Hagrid coming near him.

"No thanks, I'm on official Hogwarts business" he touched Harry's shoulder "just coming to get young Harry's supplies"

"Bless my soul" here it comes Harry thought "it's Harry Potter" the whole place turned silent.

Thought so Harry knew about his family being killed by Voldemort because he had heard some people talking about it when he was young, that was also how he learnt more of Dumbledore and not to trust him as he was the one who kept him in his abusive home, he then vowed that he wouldn't obey any of Dumbledore's orders and do stuff his way.

A few people came to him saying their names and how they were thrilled to meet him at last, he was then introduced to Professor Quirrell who was his Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts.

I'll have to be careful with this guy Harry thought as he followed Hagrid out of another door in the pub he looks like he's hiding something.

They both made it to the wall where Hagrid had tapped it with his umbrella, as it began moving out of their way to create an arch Hagrid said "welcome Harry, to Diagon Alley