Part 19

Harry had no idea how long it took for him to calm down, he was too tried and was more concerened when he felt a hand stroking his head slowly and almost lovingly, Harry didn't want to move since it was the first time someone actually touched him in a caring way, not like his relitives.

The person however must have sensed he was awake as he asked "feeling better Harry?"

Harry didn't need eyes at the top of his head to know that it was Professor Snape, he couldn't believe that the man even wanted to go near him after what he had learned in the courtroom, after all who would want to talk or touch a boy who had been touched wrongly by a grown-up, he felt like he was going to hyperventilate and throw up at the some time.

Snape continued to stroke Harry's head and rubbed his back like he would with any of his Slytherin's when they spoke to him privatley, since Harry wasn't the only one abused although it was the first time he had encontered a child being raped orally, to be honest he was surprised that Harry was actually allowing him to initiate physical contact, not many kids would willingly do that, but having said that this was Harry Potter, when was anything normal around him?

Harry sighed and allowed Snape to continue, he wanted to savour it as much as he could before his teacher would kick him out.

"Do you think you're ready to go back to the common room?" Snape asked after a few mintutes of silence, this was unfortunatly a bad idea as Harry visibly flinched as if someone had smacked him "I wouldn't have minded you staying here Harry but if someone was to find out they might get the wrong idea" he quickly explained mentally hitting himself.

Harry took a moment to let it sink in, and blushed when he realised why they might get the wrong idea, a teacher taken advantage of an emotionaly unstable under 18 year old, if that didn't scream 'pervert' he didn't know what did.

"You're right" Harry mumbled as he got out of his teachers arms and stretched his back since it was stiff, he felt it crack in several places before hestood up "thank you again sir" he said politly.

"I'll take you to the common room" he was about to get up.

"No sir, I think that it might send the wrong idea don't you think?"

Snape felt like smacking himself "your right, the door behind you will lead to the corridor, you know the way back right?"

"I'm emtionally unstable not a stupid dunder head" Harry joked.

"I never said you were" Snape shot back seeing what was happening.

"Again sir, thank you" the words were filled with so much respect that Snape was almost blown away, Harry gave him one small wave before leaving Snape to his thoughts.

As Harry walked through the main corridor toward his Common Room he failed to notice the shadows following him, they weren't however sneaky when they tripped over their own feet but Harry was too late to defend himself when he was hit with spells faster than he could blink, causing him to get knocked into a wall and hitting his head hard in the process, he was thankful however that they were only stunning spells, otherwise he would have a hard time trying to get up and walk.

When the students realised that he wasn't moving or retaliating they quickly left before they could get spotted. When Harry was sure they left he carefully got up and walked to the Common Room as if nothing had happened.

"Harry, there you are, where were you? We've been looking everywhere for you are you okay?" Neville and Draco asked at the same time before they realised something had happened "who on earth did that to you?" Draco growled ready to curse who ever it was.

"I don't know, I got hit before I even had the chance to even identify them, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the Gryffindor's" since every single person from there would shoot daggers at him whenever they had the chance.

Something just clicked in Draco's brain "oh why didn't I see it before, remember when I warned you about those Gryffindor's that I over heard at breakfast"

Harry caught on "this must be what they were talking about" well at least he would be better prepared next time "but why wait now? They had planned this at the begining of the year"

"I think it's because me and Neville have aways been near you, they wouldn't risk attacking if there was someone else with you as an eye witness, this is the only time you have been on your own and since it's obvious that you were more emotional it was the perfect time to strike" Draco suggested, it did make sense.

"All right we have more homework to do and that is to practise shielding yourself when your back is turned, shall we do it before or after christmas?"

"A few lessons till christmas eve then we continue after new year" Neville suggested.

"I agree" Draco replied.

"Okay then, should we tell Professor Snape?" Neville asked.

"What's the point, Dumbledore would try to defend them and they would just continue after their detentions" Harry replied as he sat on a couch "besides I've just seen him if I went back to him someone might see me" he paused for a moment "Neville could you please leave since it's almost curfew, I need to talk to Draco alone"

Neville realised he was right "ok, see you guys tomorrow" he left.

The atmosphere was slightly tense until Harry decided to speak "before the trail did Professor Snape know I was being abused?" he said softly.

"He usually can, accecpt for me, he doesn't know I am being abused, after my dad punishes me my mum would clean up the wounds as much as she could then she would help me try not to flinch when someone touches me, worked like a charm" Draco chuckled "I was forced not to tell Severus because if I did then my dad would hurt him"

"But from what people have told me Professor Snape is a Master in DADA, heck rumors say that he even invented some spells of his own"

"That is true, but my dad is a little more experienced compared to my godfather, especially with Dark magic" he almost whispered the last part but Harry heard it.

"Can't you just get him arrested?"

Draco shook his head "if I did it would ruin the Malfoy reputation, and I don't think my dad has past the Lord title to me should anything happen to him"

Harry nodded in understanding before he thought of something "since I am Lord Potter-Gryffindor-Sytherin, aren't I in a way in charge of all the chairs in the Wizardingamot?"

Draco was slowly catching on "in away you are, and you can change who can be the new Minister since Fudge is a complete moron"

"Agreed" Harry snorted "I'll see if I can do anything for you Draco, in the mean time lets get some sleep, I'm hoping to tak to Sirius when he comes out of St. Mungo's"

"That may take a while, he's been in Azkaban a few after your parents died, he's lucky that he doesn't have any brain damage, in fact he's lucky that he can walk-ish" Draco reminded.

Harry had forgotten about that "I'll send him one letter then wait till christmas eve and see if he can come here to visit"

"Er Harry haven't you forgotten? You are the heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor and Neville is the heir of Hufflepuff your actions over rule the Headmaster's, meaning you could bring any one here and the Headmaster wouldn't be able to do anything"

"He can come on the holidays, otherwise I'm abusing my power" Harry sightly mumbled to himself, Draco heard but didn't comment.

With everything sorted and into place both Slytherin boys went into the dormitory, changed and fell into another peaceful dream.