Children was never on Bilbo's mind, it's not that he didn't like them he like Frodo but he just never wanted any of his down, he was happy being care free, doing what he wanted without worrying anybody or getting anyone angry. So why was he naked and pressed against the wall letting the King of the mounting kiss him while rub himself against the Hobbit and Bilbo begging Thorin to let him bear his children, every part of him agreed to this.

Thorin looked at him with a smile "You want to bear my children do you?" he asked his deep voice rumbling though Bilbo made him shiver,

"Yes." He said looking at him, Thorin pulled his trousers off in a quick movement and then left his Hobbit up and pushed into him making Bilbo scream, as he started pounding into him, Blibo's mind when blank as pleasure as the dwarf took him against the wall of Erebor

"Does my Hobbit Queen want to have my children." He asked as he thrust into Bilbo, he was enjoying the looks on the blonde being's face, his skin was shinning with a sweat his face was flushed and his hair was damp and sticking to his head. Bilbo moaned and arched his back as he held onto Thorin's neck

"Y…Yes I want to have your children!" he cried out as he felt Thorin's cock hit Bilbo's sweet spot.

"I think we can we work on that." He growled as he bite the Hobbit's neck making him scream as he came between his and Thorin's stomach, Bilbo shivered and quaked as the dwarf kept moving into his Hobbit making sure that Bilbo will not forget in a hurry who he belongs to and by the tattoo he got the poor Hobbit to have around his ankles that move up inside his leg curves over his thighs and up the sides of his body over his shoulder blades and down his arm and warped around his wrist.

Again Bilbo screaming cumming again and this time Thorin came inside his Hobbit, Bilbo whimpered as he held onto Thorin to afraid that he let go he would fall, Thorin smiled as he pulled themselves away from the wall and padded over to the bed and laid the Hobbit onto the green sheets as he pulled himself free, Bilbo whimpered at the emptiness, he reached out and pulled Thorin into the bed with him and they held each other as the dwarf rubbing his hand over Bilbo's stomach.

Sure enough 3 months later Bilbo was confirmed to be pregnant, Thorin wanted to be back flips while Bilbo wanted to go back to puking into the toilet, from that day on he was spoiled rotten by everyone especially by the company. 6 month passed and Thorin was proud as ever as he watched the growing life with in his Queen, he smiled whenever the thought crossed his mind, he loved to sit with Bilbo and make him smile as he whispered things in his head and rubbed his baby bump "Do you know that I never wanted children until I met you." Bilbo said, Thorin looked at him and smiled

"Glad I changed your mind." He told him

"Ummm so am I." He grinned "Oooooh." He hissed and rubbed his bump

"What's wrong?" Thorin asked moving close to him and placed a hand on the bump

"They kicked." He smiled as he placed his hand over Thorin's hand

"They?" he asked

"What do you think this is just one, with this big bump, Thorin you need to listen to the healers more." Bilbo chuckled as he kissed him on the cheek

"My Halfling you keep amazing me."